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Aegina is a beautiful Greek island in the Saronic Gulf, in Greece. As it is located in close distance to Athens, it serves as a nice weekend destination for Athenians. The island is perfect for a gateway from busy Athens and has a lot to offer to the visitors.
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Ferries to Aegina depart from Piraeus port in Athens. A ferry ticket to Aegina costs '8' 'EUR' (8 Euros) - '14' 'EUR' (14 Euros) for a standard seat. The ferry trip from Athens to Aegina lasts for 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on the ferry type. Aegina island is directly connected by ferry with Agistri, Poros and Methana.
Note that Aegina has 3 ports: Aegina town, Agia Marina and Souvala.

Ferry Schedules to Aegina


Ferries to Aegina operate all year round, as Aegina is a popular destination for weekend getaways. However, in the peak season, there are many ferries to Aegina from morning until the afternoon.


Ferry from Athens

Ferries from Athens to Aegina depart daily from Piraeus port in Athens. During the peak season (June to September) at least 12 ferries depart from Athens to Aegina, usually from 7.30 to 18.00.
How long is the ferry trip from Athens to Aegina? The ferry trip from Athens (Piraeus) to Aegina lasts for 40 minutes to 1 hour, depending on the ferry type.
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What types of ferries travel to/from Aegina?


The types of ferries that sail to Aegina are conventional ferries and high-speed ferries/dolphins. Conventional ferries are slower, while high-speed ferries are faster. The ferry companies that connect Athens with Aegina are Blue Star Ferries, Anes Lines, and Saronic Ferries.


Island hopping from Aegina


Aegina is the perfect base for island-hopping in the Saronic. The most popular island-hopping routes from Aegina are from Aegina to Poros, from Aegina to Agistri, and from Aegina to Methana.

Travel tips


Travel tips to organize your travel:

  • Tickets for conventional ferries are cheaper than tickets for high speed/ catamaran ferries. If you’re traveling on a budget, we suggest opting for a conventional ferry.
  • The best way to plan your trip from Athens to Aegina is to book your ferry tickets in advance, as Greek ferries may be fully booked, especially in July and August. This also applies to ferry tickets from Aegina to Athens.
  • If you’re planning to island-hop at the Saronic Gulf, Aegina is an ideal island-hopping base, thanks to its proximity to other Saronic islands.




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Aegina is a beautiful Greek island in the Saronic Gulf. As it is located in close distance to Athens, it serves as a nice weekend destination.

Aegina has bright sunshine almost all year round. Its blue sea water, the mountains covered with pine trees, the long beaches and picturesque villages in the countryside create a nice atmosphere for nature lovers. The carriages drawn by horses that make the tour of Aegina Town give a bit of romance to the island.

The history of the island is long. The Greek mythology depicts that, at earlier times, king of the island was Aecus the son of Zeus and a nymph named Aegina, after whom the island was named. The island was inhabited by Minoans and Dorians but it reached its peak when the Athenians made it a naval base in the 5th century B.C. This was when many beautiful temples were built and the settlements developed economically. With the fall of Athens, the island also declined and followed the course of the rest of Greece.

The capital is Aegina Town. The harbor where ferries and fishing boats moor dominate this beautiful town. Many taverns and cafeterias line the port. In summer, many yachts come to spend the night there before they continue their trip to the open Aegean. Close to the capital, there is the archaeological site of Kolona, a ruined ancient temple that was dedicated to god Apollo but today only a column of it has remained.

The most famous sight of Aegina is the temple of Athena Aphaia, a well-preserved ancient structure in the centre of the island. This temple was built in the 5th century B.C. in Doric style.

The most popular beach resorts of Aegina are Agia Marina and Souvala. Both located on the northern side, they have many accommodation options close by and their beaches are clean and organized. Their relaxing vibe attracts a lot of tourists every year.

Why visit Aegina?


Hop on a ferry from Athens to Aegina for relaxing holidays away from the hustle and bustle, beautiful beaches, archaeological sites, and delicious seafood!

  • Aegina has 3 ports: Aegina Port, Souvala Port, and Agia Marina Port.
  • The island is famous for its local pistachio.
  • Some of the best beaches in Aegina are Agia Marina, Marathonas, Souvala, Aeginitissa, and Vagia.
  • Aegina is a popular destination for weekend getaways from Athens, thanks to its proximity to the Greek capital.


The best season to visit Aegina


The best season to visit Aegina is the summer. During this time of the year, weather conditions are perfect for swimming and sightseeing. But Aegina is also a great destination for the spring or Easter holidays!

Is Aegina for you?


Aegina is perfect for you if you’re searching for the perfect destination for a short getaway from Athens! Other than that, Aegina is amazing for history enthusiasts, romantic couples, and nature lovers.

Sightseeing in Aegina


Aegina is full of archaeological treasures, like the ancient temple of Athena Aphaia and the archaeological site of Kolona. There are also some museums on the island including the archaeological museum of Aegina and the Christos Kapralos Museum.

More about Aegina


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Photos of Aegina



Available ports in Aegina


Port description

The port of Aegina is the central spot of Aegina Town. It receives conventional ferries and hydrofoils from Piraeus and other islands of the Saronic Gulf.

Connected ports to Aegina

Athens, Piraeus - Agistri, Myli - Agistri, Port - Methana - Poros


Almost all villages and beaches in Aegina are connected by bus to the port. The departure and arrival spot of the bus is found in Ethnegersias Square, just opposite the ticket office in the port of Aegina.

Port on Map



Port description

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Connected ports to Ag.marina(Aegina)

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Port on Map



Port description

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Connected ports to Souvala

Athens, Piraeus


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