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How to travel with a ferry to Chania

A ferry to Chania departs at least 2 times per day all year round from Piraeus port in Athens. A ferry ticket to Chania costs 30 euros (standard seat) to 160 euros (bed cabin). The duration of the ferry trip from Athens to Chania is 7-12 hours.

Ferry schedules to Chania port

There are 2 daily ferries to Chania, usually at night, but in the peak season (May to September) there are extra ferries in the morning and in the afternoon.

Athens to Chania ferry

Ferries from Athens to Chania depart from Piraeus port in Athens. There are usually 2 ferries every night at 20.30-21.00 throughout the year, but in the peak season, there are also morning and afternoon ferries. The duration of the trip from Athens to Chania is 7-12 hours and the ferry ticket costs 30 euros for a regular seat and up to 160 for a bed cabin.

The types of ferries that travel to/from Chania

Because of the long duration of the trip, the only type of ferry that sails to Chania is a conventional ferry. Conventional ferries might be slower than high-speed, but they are equipped with modern facilities like restaurants, bars, shops, and pools. The ferry companies that sail to Chania are Minoan Lines and Anek Lines.

How do I book my ferry tickets to Chania?

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Travel tips

  • Since the ferry trip to Chania is quite long and the ferries depart at night, we recommend booking a bed cabin for a more comfortable trip.
  • The best way to plan your trip to Chania is to book your ferry tickets in advance, as Greek ferries may be fully booked, especially in July and August.
  • Some ferry companies offer the option of a pet-in-cabin so that you can enjoy the trip with your pet.

Why visit Crete (Chania)?

Hop on a ferry to Crete (Chania) for amazing beaches, wild nature, enduring history, and delicious food!

  • Chania is the greenest area in Crete.
  • It was first inhabited around 1,100 B.C.
  • Chania is one of the oldest towns in Crete.
  • The food scene in Chania is booming, as it is based on the renowned Cretan diet.
  • Chania is famous for its beaches. Balos, Elafonisi, and Falassarna are some worldwide famous beaches located in Chania.
  • There are many gorges in Chania, like Samaria Gorge, Aradena Gorge, and Agia Irini Gorge.

The best season to visit Chania

Crete is beautiful all year round! Being the biggest island in Greece, Crete has a great diversity of landscapes. From beautiful beaches to dramatic gorges and from verdant valleys to imposing mountains, there’s always something new to explore.

Is Crete (Chania) for you?

Crete is for everyone who loves nature, delicious food, and warm hospitality! Either you’re traveling with your family, your partner, or your friends, Crete has a variety of places for every taste! Chania is one of the biggest towns in Crete. It combines history with modern life in a unique way! It might be a vibrant modern city, but it is crammed with monuments and archaeological sites that emit a nostalgic charm.

Sightseeing in Chania

Chania is full of sights both in Chania town and on the outskirts of Chania. Some of the main poles of attraction in Chania are the Venetian lighthouse, the Castle of Gramvousa, Frangokastello Fortress, the Monastery of Gonia, the Venetian Arsenals, and Souda Fortress.

Island-hopping from Chania

Crete is a good base for island-hopping to the Cyclades islands, even though it’s not very close to them. Some popular island-hopping routes from Crete are the ones from Crete to Santorini and Crete to Mykonos.

Photos of Chania

Ferry to Chania map

About Chania Port

Connected ports to Chania

Athens, Piraeus - Crete, Heraklio

Port description

The commercial port of Chania is not actually the famous Venetian Port in Chania Town. Ferries from Piraeus arrive in the port of Souda, about 4 km from Chania Town. This port is larger in size, deeper and allows traffic to spread away from Chania Town.


Regular buses connect Agora Square in Chania Town to the port of Souda. Also the port is connected by bus to tourist places in the prefecture of Chania and to Rethymnon Town.

Ferry to Chania map

Photos of Chania port

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