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There are almost daily ferries from Piraeus to Chios lasts 6 hours. In summer, there are occasionally ferries from the port of Lavrion in Attica to the small port of Mesta, on the western side of Chios. 

About Chios

Chios is a place of special beauty that has managed to come out untouched by mass tourism. The traditional villages, picturesque beaches and wild nature of the island attract thousands of visitors every summer.

The history of Chios started in the ancient times and in fact, it is one of the seven places that claim to be the birthplace of Homer. Ancient ruins on the island depict that a rich civilization flourished there. However, the island reached its peak in the Byzantine and Medieval Times, when strong castles were built to protect it from enemies.

In the 15th century, the Turks conquered Chios and kept it under their occupation till the early 20th century. When the Greek War of Independence broke out in 1821, the residents revolted, however the Turks suppressed the revolution, killed almost all inhabitants and sold the survivors as slaves. This massacre touched the Europeans and many artists were inspired by this event, including the French artist Eugene Delacroix who created his famous painting "Le Massacre de Chios", now housed in the Louvre Museum.

Today, the island of Chios owes most of its income on agriculture, fishing and tourism. Tourism facilities have developed a lot over the last years to accommodate visitors with comfort. Chios Town is the capital of the island. It is famous for its strong Castle, the lovely waterfront and the paved paths in the Old Town. Villages on Chios are generally famous for their special architecture. Olympi and Pyrgi have been built like a fortress and have black and white geographical designs on the walls of the houses. The villages on the southern side of the island are known for their mastic production, the most famous local product of Chios.

Apart from picturesque villages, Chios also has nice beaches to swim. The most popular beaches are Karfas and Mavros Gialos, where many hotels can also be found. However, many peaceful beaches are scattered all around the island, if you want to enjoy some privacy. It is worth mentioning that, crowded or isolate, most beaches on Chios have clean and crystal water, ideal for snorkeling.

As Chios is very close to the coasts of Turkey, many daily excursions are organized, mostly to Cesme and Izmir.

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Available ports in Chios

Chios has 2 ports:

About Chios Port

Connected ports to Chios

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Port description

The port of Chios receives ferries from Piraeus and other islands of Eastern Aegean. This is the central spot of Chios Town.


There are public buses that connect the port of Chios with the most famous villages and beaches around the island. The bus station is located right next to the arrival pier in the port.

Photos of Chios port

About Mesta Chios Port

Connected ports to Mesta Chios

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Port description

Mesta is a small port town in the western side of Chios Island. There are ferries between Mesta, Psara island and Lavrion Attica all year round.


There are frequent buses from Chios Town to Mesta in the daytime, passing by many other villages along the way. To find out the bus schedule, contact the KTEL (suburban) bus station in Chios at (0030) 22710 27507. There is also taxi service in Mesta.

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