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Ferry to Poros


Ferry to Poros

Greek Tourism Awards - Silver Award

Poros is a beautiful little island of the Saronic Gulf, in Greece. It is characterized by a charming town with beautiful houses and paved narrow streets. The island also offers some nice sandy beaches.
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Ferries to Poros depart from Piraeus Port (in Athens). A ferry ticket from Athens to Poros costs about '15' 'EUR' (15 Euros)-'25' 'EUR' (25 Euros) for a standard seat. The ferry trip from Athens to Poros lasts for 1-2.5 hours. Poros island is directly connected by ferry with Hydra, Spetses, Aegina and Methana.

Ferry Schedules to Poros


Ferries to Poros from Athens and the islands operate all year round, but the routes are more frequent during the summer.


Ferry to Poros from Athens (Piraeus)

Ferries from Athens to Poros depart from Piraeus port all year round. However, there are at least 4 ferries to Poros per day during the summer.
How long is the ferry trip from Athens to Poros? The ferry trip from Athens (Piraeus) to Poros lasts for 1 to 2 and a half hours.
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Ferry to Poros from Aegina

Ferries from Aegina to Poros operate daily, but connections are more frequent during the summer. The ferry trip from Aegina to Poros lasts for about an hour and a ferry ticket costs '10' 'EUR' (10 Euros) for a standard seat.
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Ferry to Poros from Hydra

There are daily ferry connections between Hydra and Poros during the high season. More specifically, there are at least 3-4 ferries from Hydra to Poros every day. The duration of the ferry trip is half an hour and the cost of the ferry ticket is '13' 'EUR' (13 Euros).
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Ferry to Poros from Spetses

There are at least 3-4 ferry connections between Spetses and Poros every day. The journey from Spetses to Poros lasts for 1.5-2 hours and the cost of the ferry ticket is '16' 'EUR' (16 Euros).
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What types of ferries travel to/from Poros?


The types of ferries that travel to Poros are conventional ferries and high-speed/catamaran ferries. Conventional ferries are slower, while high-speed/catamaran ferries are faster. The major ferry companies that serve this itinerary are Blue Star Ferries and Saronic Ferries.


Island hopping from Poros


Poros is directly connected with the Saronic islands, so it’s a very good base for island-hopping. The most popular island-hopping itineraries from Poros are from Poros to Aegina, from Poros to Hydra, and from Poros to Methana.

Travel tips


Travel tips to organize your travel:

  • Poros is located very close to Athens, so it is a great destination for day-trips or weekend getaways.
  • The best way to plan your trip from Athens to Poros is to book your ferry tickets in advance, as Greek ferries may be fully booked, especially in July and August. This also applies to ferry tickets from Poros to Athens.
  • Poros is also connected by ferry with Ermioni, a little town in mainland Greece. It’s a good idea to combine your visit to Poros with a road trip on the mainland!




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The picturesque town of Poros is the capital and main port of the island. It is amphitheatrically built on the slopes of a green hill and extends till the sea. Paved narrow streets cross the town, elegant houses can be seen on sides and lovely squares come around in the corners. The waterfront of Poros looks lovely with the small fishing boats moored in the marina and the cafeterias with view to the sea. The trademark of Poros is the Clock Tower that stands on the hill on top of the town. This clock tower was built in 1927 and looks imposing. It is the first thing to see as the ferry reaches the island.

Beaches on Poros are usually crowded and well organized. The busiest is Askeli beach, a couple of km from the town. Many tourist amenities are found in Askeli, including luxurious hotels and lively beach bars. The sandy shore and the crystal water attracts lots of visitors. Another beautiful beach is the Love Bay. This beach has narrow coast and it is surrounded by a lush forest of tall pine trees.

Why visit Poros?


Hop on a ferry from Athens to Poros for quaint narrow alleys, beautiful little beaches, delicious food, and moments of peace away from the hustle and bustle!

  • Poros town, the island's capital, is built on the slopes of a green hill, extending till the port.
  • The most picturesque spot in Poros is the beautiful waterfront, which is lined with taverns and seaside restaurants.
  • The trademark of Poros is the Clock Tower that stands on the hill on top of the town.
  • Some of the best beaches in Poros are Love Bay beach, Askeli beach, Mikro Neorio, and Monastiri beach.

The best season to visit Poros


The best time of the year to visit Poros if you want to enjoy the beaches and take advantage of the warm weather is the summer. However, Poros is a popular destination for day trips all year round, thanks to its proximity to Athens.

Is Poros for you?


If you’re searching for the perfect island for a day trip from Athens or for a quick getaway, Poros is your best bet!

Sightseeing in Poros


Some of the places you need to visit in Poros are the Temple of Poseidon, the Archaeological Museum, the Russian Dockyard, the Lemon Forest, and the Clock Tower.

More about Poros


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Photos of Poros


About Poros Port

Connected ports to Poros

Athens, Piraeus - Aegina, Port - Hermioni - Hydra - Methana - Porto Heli - Spetses

Port description

A lovely island in the Saronic Gulf, Poros is a popular destination due to its natural beauty and the proximity of Athens. The port of Poros is located in the main town and receives ferries and hydrofoils from Piraeus and other islands of Saronic.


There are two buses that connect the port of Poros to the entire island. The first goes to Askeli and Monastiri and the second to Neorio, Love Bay and the Russian Bay. The bus schedule is very frequent. There are also taxis and rental companies on the island.



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