About ferry company: Aegeon Pelagos

Aegeon Pelagos

Aegeon Pelagos was founded in 2010 in Crete by Anek Lines as its subsidiary company. Its vessels serve routes in the southern Aegean Sea connecting Crete to the Cyclades, the Dodekanese and the Eastern Aegean islands. Its fleet consists of contemporary vessels that offer high standard facilities.

Useful info


Aegeon Pelagos serves the following ferry itineraries:

  • Piraeus- Santorini- Anafi- Kasos- Karpathos- Diafani (Karpathos)- Halki- Rhodes
  • Piraeus- Milos- Santorini- Heraklion (Crete)- Sitia (Crete)- Kasos- Karpathos- Rhodes
  • Piraeus- Syros- Mykonos- Evdilos (Ikaria)- Agios Kirikos (Ikaria)- Fourni- Karlovasi (Samos)- Vathy (Samos)

Fleet and Photos

Departure points in Piraeus map

Cyclades/ Crete/ Dodecanese 1

Departure to Santorini-Milos-Heraklion-Karpathos-Sitia-Κasos-Chalki

Port Gate E3

Eastern Aegean Islands 2

Departure to Ikaria & Samos

Port Gate E1

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