Hellenic Seaways: Discover HIGHSPEED 5

Hellenic Seaways
HIGHSPEED 5 technical details
Type: Speed Boat - Catamaran - Car ferry
Length: 85 m
Width: 25.2 m
Speed: 40 Knots
Passengers: 809
Cabins: N/A
Cars: 154
Year of construction: 2005


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Winstonteaka said on 20-10-2014


Took Highspeed 5 from Mykonos to Santorini. Very efficient service - don't dawdle during loading because they were moving long before we got to our seat. We had heard mixed reviews of how the ride would be, so I opted to pay the extra and get VIP seating mostly because I guessed it would be less people fighting for the bathrooms if things went south. I was SO RIGHT, we had a smooth ride but it was so nice to bypass the 1000-person tour group on bottom level, and go upstairs to a peaceful enclave with super comfy chairs, table service and a view. Had a lovely nap during the trip. Would 100% do that again. I give 4 vs 5 stars only because the guys that were there to serve us were not interested in serving us. They also tried to sit us with another family when there were literally 4 families total in VIP which seats at least 20... that was odd. We promised to move if the crowd they seemed to expect did in fact show up but since we were the last ones on the boat and we were already in motion, I was a bit confused as to why they were doing that.

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