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Hellenic Seaways

About Hellenic Seaways Policy

Embarkation Procedure

Passengers and vehicles must be at the port at least one hour before departure.

Ticket issuing

Tickets are personal and cannot be transferred. They are valid only for the seat and the class they have been issued for. Any changes or alterations of the tickets must be made from the travel agency, the ticket offices in the port or the central offices of the company. No alteration can be made by phone.

Alteration of departure

The company is not responsible for any delay due to bad weather conditions, force majeure and orders of the Ministry of Merchant Marine or the Port Authorities. If the trip is cancelled with fault of the company, then the tickets are fully refunded.

On board

Passengers are the sole responsible for their personal items while on board. Valuables, money or documents can be given to the Pursuer's office for safeguarding. The company vessels have specially designed areas for pets. For reasons of hygiene, pets are not allowed to enter indoor common areas of the ship. If they are in outdoor areas, they have to be with their owners and to always wear a leash and a muzzle. Unescorted pets are not accepted. Passengers must carry their personal items with them because entry into the garage is prohibited after the ship has sailed.

Passengers Ticket Conditions

(Approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine)
The ticket is issued in the passengers name, is personal and non-transferable. It is valid only for the class and the trip for which it was issued.
The fare does not include catering.
Passengers should be at the embarkation area of the ship one (1) hour before departure. If the passenger is not in time for sailing, he/she is not entitled to a refund of the fare. In case of cancellation, passengers are entitled 50% refund if they cancel their reservation before departure.
Children up to 4 years old travel free of charge and are not entitled to bed, while children over 4 and up to 10 years old pay a reduced fare and are entitled to bed.
The bearer of a full ticket is allowed to carry free of charge luggage up to 40 kilos or 1 cubic meter.
In case of loss of the ticket, it will not be replaced nor the fare will be refunded. The shipping company is not responsible for any damage or loss of the passengers luggage that is under the personal care of him/her during the trip.
Jewellery, money and valuable objects may be delivered to the ships accounting office for safekeeping.
The shipping company will not be responsible for any delay in sailing, deviation and not keeping normal route, due to bad weather conditions or orders of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine or the Harbor Authorities or due to force major.
It is forbidden to the passengers to carry explosives, inflammable, incendiary and dangerous in general materials.
The passengers are responsible for the observance of the Harbor, Sanitary and Custom regulations. The passengers should comply with the captains and the crew orders regarding the maintenance of order and the safety of the ship.
The passenger should address any complaint during the trip to the ships captain or first mate and after the arrival, to the shipping company or to the Harbor Authorities.
If for any reason the travel is cancelled due to the ships responsibility, the fare is refunded without any further obligation of the shipping company towards the passenger.
The shipping company has the right, after approval of the Ministry of Mercantile Marine, to replace the vessel for which the ticket was issued with another vessel.

Vehicle Transport Receipt Conditions

(Approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Mercantile Marine)
The drivers are obligated to load and unload their vehicle.
The vehicles should be at the waiting for shipment area one (1) hour before departure and in any case on the time prescribed by the Port Regulation in force.
The driver is not entitled to refund of the fare if he is not in time for sailing, while if he states before sailing his intention not to ship his vehicle, he is entitled to a refund of half of the fare.
In case of loss of vehicle transport receipt, the fare is not refunded.
The vehicles passengers have to get out of them before their shipment aboard.
The passengers should carry with them objects that they need during the travel. After sailing the entrance to the vehicle station is forbidden.
The transportation of explosives, incendiary and dangerous in general materials is forbidden. The priority order is determined by the Port Regulations of each Harbor Authorities, where the vehicles are shipped.

Cancellation Policy

  • Up to 14 days before departure date: 100% refund on tickets value.
  • Up to 7 days before departure date: 75% refund on tickets value.
  • Up to 12 hours before departure date: 50% refund on tickets value.
  • Cancellations made in less than 12 hours before departure are not entitled to a refund.

There is a choice of changing the tickets into Open Dated tickets in order for them to be used for another trip.
HIGH SEASON: from 13/04/2017 until 18/04/2017, from 02/06/2017 until 05/06/2017 and from 30/06/2017 until 03/09/2017:
  • Up to 6 hours before departure, valid for the HIGHSPEED VESSELS HS4-HS6-HS7-FC3-FC4-HELLENIC HIGHSPEED
  • Up to 4 hours before departure, valid for the vessels NISSOS MYKONOS, NISSOS RODOS, NISSOS SAMOS & ARIADNE
  • Up to 2 hours before departure, valid for the itineraries within the Saronic and Sporades islands (the Highspeed vessels serving the itinerary Piraeus-Aegina-Agkistri-Piraeus are excluded as tickets can be changed to Open-Date tickets up to the time of departure).

LOW SEASON: the rest of the dates:
  • Up to 2 hours before departure, valid for the HIGHSPEED VESSELS HS4-HS6-HS7-HELLENIC HIGHSPEED-FC3-FC4 (every Friday-Saturday-Sunday)
  • Until the departure, valid for the vessels NISSOS MYKONOS, NISSOS RODOS, NISSOS SAMOS & ARIADNE
  • Until the departure, valid for the itineraries in the Saronic and Sporades islands.

Offer tickets:
(Super Economy tickets, tickets of a booking that include a vehicle offer ticket of 50 euro and tickets with Early booking discount.)
These cannot be cancelled or refunded, but they can be converted into Open tickets and replaced by the end of the issuing year with new equal or over valued tickets, paying the price difference that may occur.
For this ferry company there is a slight possibility that the travelers of the same booking are not seated in consequent seats.

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