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SEA JETS Seajet 2

Seajet 2

Technical Characteristics

42 m
10 m
38 knots
Construction year

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Seajet2 is rated 2.2 stars based on 10 users reviews.
  • Piraeus Cyclades

    [Translated by Ferriesingreece]
    The quality of the interior equipment on the ship is hardly appreciable rather degraded and old plus the air conditioning transforms it into a fridge and the quality of the food offered is not necessarily very fresh in the morning, the croissants and sandwiches are a little rubbery ... although 'Either way, we have arrived safely.

  • Amorgos Sea Jet 2 route

    [Translated from French]
    The schedule changed on the outward journey and despite this, the boat arrived in Santorini from Katapola more than an hour late.
    No schedule problem on the way back.
    Otherwise a pleasant journey of one hour and fifteen minutes between the 2 islands and quick embarkation and disembarkation.

  • Catastrophic

    [Translated by Ferriesingreece]
    I had never experienced such a chaotic trip ... you should absolutely avoid the seajet2 boat. We have the impression of being cattle. The luggages: you cannot keep them with you, but above all, you have to put them down in the garage anyway at random. Knowing that it is specified that any stolen baggage, the company considers that it is not at fault because it is up to us to monitor them ... except that we have no right to monitor them.
    Besides the luggage, the boat is dilapidated, the execrable staff who yell at us, and given the price ... prefer other companies than Sea Jet! In any case, we will never do that again. Honestly, other boats are better.

  • Good

    For the Athens-Milos route the unnumbered "Silver" seats were much better than the more expensive "Club" numbered seats on the Milos-Santorini route! Fast and effective! Thank you

  • Cyclades 2021

    Boat that I would qualify as a maritime bus! With the coming and going of tourists who do not always have room to settle on board ... Some places allocated by the company do not exist on the boat! Nobody respects the seats ... Bad experience with this company. Uncomfortable. I do not recommend it!

  • Very average

    [Translated from French]
    The company has not failed its bad reputation ... 1:30 late on time. Boat uncomfortable, there was a bit of sea and my husband vomited for 1 hour. We saw people getting sick from the boat. Boat of medium size, speedboat type, it shakes, we are on the lower part of the hull, we have windows but it is very dark, it's old and we feel pretty oppressed there. Not possible to go out on a bridge. I do not recommend this company, very disappointing.

  • No problems - comfortable and punctual

    We had no problems using this ferry. There was plenty of space for luggage and the seats were assigned. The cabin crew were very nice to us and patient with everyone that I saw approach them.

  • Dirty and with no space

    Unfortunately, the problem with Seajet is that in Superjet and Seajet 2 there is no room for luggage or suitcases on board. The suitcases are placed in the evacuation area at the stern of the ship. (Hopefully, you never have to experience an evacuation aboard these ferries!!!) The seats and curtains are dirty and the air conditioning is so cold that you can not sit directly below it. If possible we don't want to use this ferry company. Unfortunately, some routes are operated only by Seajet.

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