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925 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 925 users reviews.
  • I recommend

    Very professional service. Easy to book through website. Quick responses.

  • Great Service

    We have used Ferries in Greece for 2 trips to Ios this year and received excellent communication because on both trips the ferries in both directions got changed but we were kept up to date by e-mail and text. We even received messages whilst at the port in Santorini advising the ferry would be late. In June the ferry was cancelled and FerriesInGreece helped us to get a refund. Thank you for a great service and we will be using you again next year.

  • Super

    Easy to book. Transparant prices. Great service. On-time departures and arrivals.

  • Very favorable opinion

    [Translated from French]
    Booking was easy. In addition, Ferriesingreece was able to reorganize our trip following an unforeseen ferry strike.

  • Simply a waste of time

    Simply a waste of time, boats are canceled because of bad weather, or we can not do anything about it. But why not want to refund my tickets under the pretext that I can possibly reuse them, while the person from the Blue Star ferries agency has voluntarily blocked them to make it impossible. So I am supposed to repay to send them from France to Greece by sending them by mail? Is not it rather a way to dissuade people from returning tickets to avoid paying back? A scandal, I would have done better to take my tickets in an agency with real people from the beginning, because it is a disaster if there is an unexpected!

    Answer from Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We would like to inform you that in case of cancelled itinerary the total ticket rate is fully refundable.
    In order to receive this refund from the ferry company we need to send your ticket to their accounting department.
    We are sorry for this but it is the policy of all the Greek Ferry companies as they need the tickets back to make sure that they will not be used in any other way. They could for example also be replaced with other tickets at another central travel agency for another trip.
    This is also the reason that we clearly state this in the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking.
    In case of a cancelled itinerary, our company is not responsible for any further refund apart from the ferry ticket rate. This rate will be refunded only once we receive the unused tickets.
    We hope that you understand that we are an online travel agency and need to follow the terms of the ferry companies, even though we can understand that it is not convenient for you.
    As per our email communication, as soon as we receive your ticket we will proceed to its refund and inform you by email.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Great Service

    It was very easy to book ferries via FerriesinGreece and they provided transparent information concerning the ferry status.

  • Great transportation

    The ferry is best way to travel throughout the Greek Islands. It is very comfortable. Make sure you are on time because the ferry leaves on time. I will use this service in the future when traveling throughout the islands.

  • Team at the top

    [Translated from French]
    Very satisfied with the customer service! Our travels went well thanks to them. We will start again!

  • Fine

    All fine

  • Better to buy locally

    [Translated from German]
    Unfortunately we can not recommend the platform - at least at the end of the season. Since we were unsure which ferry we would take after the flight (Flex does not exist), we asked FerriesInGreece and got the answer that when buying a ticket on the spot, tickets might be unavailable. This was overkill, as the ferry used was almost empty. As a result, we paid twice, because we made the earlier ferry easily and contrary to the statement at the ticket counter, the tickets we booked through FerriesInGreece were not refunded.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We would like to inform you that we always suggest booking tickets in advance in order to avoid availability issues.
    Since availability changes from day to day, we are not able to predict which ferries will have free seats on the day of the trip and which will not.
    Please note that during the booking procedure you are requested to read and accept the cancellation policy of the ferry company. At this point, you could have selected not to proceed to the booking if it was not convenient to you. Regrettably, as we received your request to cancel your trip on the same date as your trip date, the cancellation was not possible. This was in accordance to the cancellation policy that you had already accepted.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Review

    [Translated from Russian]
    We liked it! Clear & quick. The morning ferry was very clean, by the evening it was already dirty, but bearable. There was not enough free wi-fi. I will definitely use and advise this website / company to my friends.

    [Original text]
    Все понравилось . Четко, быстро,приходили напоминания, утренний рейс был очень чистым, к вечеру уже стало грязновато, но терпимо. Не хватало бесплатного вай фая. Однозначно буду пользоваться и советовать этот сайт/компанию своим друзьям.

  • Perfect service after ferry strike

    We had booked our tickets some weeks before, the booking procedure was very easy. While touring in Greece, we received a detailed message from Ferries in Greece that there would be a 24-hour strike right on the day that we were supposed to travel... Because they notified us beforehand, we could make new travel arrangements, which was very reassuring because we also had a flight to catch from ATH. Ferries in Greece arranged the refund of the amount we paid via our credit card, on the day that we e-mailed them. We are very satisfied with this service and will use Ferries in Greece again in the future. Euxaristo poli Despina kai Eleni !

  • 1 good trip, 1 average trip

    [Translated from French]
    September 2019: 1st trip was great, at night, with berth.
    For the return trip, we had to change the boat due to transport strikes. We had business class tickets but we had to pay a supplement of 44 €, a bit expensive, I put however 4**** because it was a beautiful trip.
    Tickets are however too expensive.

  • Too many difficulties

    [Translated from French]
    From FRADIN Jacques FRANCE reservation number ****34892, March 12, 2019.
    A reservation on the Piraeus > Sifnos with Golden Star Supercat Ferries route was canceled late in early September (for travel Sept. 16); with request for return of the tickets already received (for the Supercat); while the tickets were returned by international registered mail (RK 371338109FR) and we received a signed acknowledgment of receipt indicating the delivery of the tickets Ferriesingreece claimed not to have received the canceled tickets (and returned by registered post); we had to order new tickets and pay them again: for Speed ​​Runner; the day of departure Ferriesingreece sends a message (on j.fradin25@gmail.com) announcing a new modification: at the last minute.
    Message 199217 from Ferriesingreece for reservation ****25674
    Route from PIRAEUS to SIFNOS will be performed by SEA JET 2
    Please note that your ticket is valid
    This was a fake news!
    In SEA JET 2 the steward asked us to buy tickets !!
    THREE changes and the last incorrect!
    We had to pay THREE times the same trip!
    When can we expect at least a refund for the first tickets returned by registered mail (RK371338109FR) and for which we have proof of delivery: signature of the Ferriesingreece agent?
    Hoping a full service and not partial!

    Answer by Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We would like to inform you that when a ferry itinerary is cancelled by the ferry company and the tickets have been sent out by courier to the passenger we need to request it back in order to refund it or to change it for a different trip. This is in accordance to the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking. Due to the fact that we delayed to receive your tickets, you proceeded online and bought a new set of tickets for the Piraeus to Sifnos trip.
    Consequently, we had two payments from you for the same trip.
    As we have now received your initial tickets of the cancelled itinerary, we have been able to totally refund to you their total value.
    Concerning the third payment that you mentioned, Seajets informs us that they did not ask you to pay again. As they informed us, you travelled normally with the tickets of booking ****25674.
    Furthermore they explained, that If they had asked you to pay again they would have provided a receipt to you and they would be able to find your names twice in their passenger's list.
    If this information that they gave us is incorrect, kindly send us the receipt of the third payment so that we can arrange for its refund as well.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Awful service and experience

    Unfortunately I have awful experience with this site and service. I’ve booked tickets to santorini and bought it through the site. The day before the trip I received the email about cancellation of our trip due to the bad weather(it was at 9 p.m). Furthermore we had to get physical tickets at the office because they don’t have and use etickets. It’s the 21 century and I had to go from another city to the main office to print the tickets!!! Well, our trip was canceled due to the bad weather and you suggested to give money back. But! You need to get physical tickets. What for??? I can’t use tickets because the trip was canceled, I didn’t use them. Well I sent the letter 1,5 weeks ago and there is no answer from your office. What if the letter was lost? I don’t get the money back? I wasted 213 euros for tickets, I lost much time, nervous and money to get the print tickets, and send them back. I hope that I get my money back as soon as possible, because situation is awful and I will not recommend to use your service anyone. Thanks for the attention and look forward to your answer.

    Answer from Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated. We would like to inform you that the booking that you had made with us was with the ferry company Seajets and this company supports e-tickets.
    In the booking confirmation that you received from us on the day that you made your booking, there were clear instructions on how to do the web check-in in order not to have to go to the local central office to print them out.
    As it seems, you did not notice these instructions and went on the day before to the central office in Heraklion to print out your tickets which is something that you could also simply had done on the date of your departure. There was no need to travel to Heraklion to pick up your tickets on the day before. In the evening of the day before your trip, we were informed that your ferry itinerary had been canceled by the port authorities due to predicted high winds and this, for your security.
    We would like to inform you that in any case of cancelled itinerary we need to have the physical tickets sent back to us in order to send them back to the accounting department of the ferry company.
    We are sorry for this but in any other case, they do not offer a refund as tickets can also be exchanged at any local agency for tickets of another trip. This is why we asked you to send them back to our office in order to be able to refund you.
    Kindly also note that as per the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking:
    In case of a cancelled itinerary, our company is not responsible for any further refund apart from the ferry ticket rate. This rate will be refunded only once we receive the unused tickets.
    We also made an exception request to the ferry company to receive a full refund for your return trip as well due to the situation and once we received your both sets of tickets we fully refunded them to you. By now you have for sure received the according refund.

    Always at your disposal.



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