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1120 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1120 users reviews.
  • Perfect trips

    Easy to book and ticket offices are right in the port.

  • Disappointment

    [Translated from French]
    Our Seajet boat leaving from Santorini - Sifnos on 09/06/2021 was canceled without any notification by email or SMS as expected in the email received the day before announcing bad wind conditions.
    we had to take a ticket for the next day and find a hotel room at our expense.
    For other inter-island trips afterward, we had no problem.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your review. We would like to inform you that according to our email communication, your trip from Santorini to Sifnos on September 6th was indeed canceled due to bad weather, and therefore we have already refunded you the full ticket price for the trip. We would like to point out that when a trip is canceled due to bad weather, it is something that is decided by the port authorities a few hours before departure and this, for your safety.
    This means that it is very common that passengers cannot be informed of such a cancellation in time.
    In addition, you had mistakenly put an additional digit (0) after the international code of your cell phone number so it was impossible to send you a last-minute SMS alert from the ferry company. This is also the reason why we informed you by e-mail the previous day, so that you could be alerted of the situation.
    We are sorry that you had to pay an extra night at the hotel, but unfortunately in such a case of a canceled itinerary due to force majeure the ferry company is not obligated to make any compensation beyond the ticket price, in accordance with the terms and conditions that you accepted before making this reservation.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Fantastic

    Perfect trip and courteous staff

  • Excellent service

    Would highly recommend taking ferries across the Greece islands. Easy to get your tickets, quick/fast ride, very comfortable ride as well.

  • A good solution

    [Translated from French]
    The site allows you to book all the ferries for a trip at once, they are responsive to changes.
    We still need more precision on the different classes depending on the vessel.

  • Smoothly process

    Our booking for multiple islands went smoothly.

  • Great service

    I made a mistake in my booking and they were able to sort it out quickly and easily. We also got a text to say the outbound ferry had been cancelled and after contacting Ferries in Greece they gave us the other options, rebooked us and sorted the small refund due to ticket price differences. They were very responsive and we would use them again.
    The only comment I would make is that when booking there is no way to choose where you want to sit, and when we were rebooked we were not provided with the seating options but on the ferry there were empty seats in different categories.

  • Ferry

    Very good, timetables, online tickets and ferry.

  • Very good!

    In Lavrio. Accessible, simple, affordable, good and practical service. Very good!

  • Reservation service only

    [Translated from French]
    The reservations website is fine.
    But the operations on the port are of another age.
    Communication on the change of ferry by SMS.

  • Bothered me a lot, must be e-ticket

    It bothered me a lot to find the agency to collect my ticket. I booked online but collecting tickets from the agency was annoying and waste of time.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, not all ferry companies propose e-tickets for the moment.

  • Booking Mykonos, Naxos

    [Translated from Italian]
    The online booking was straightforward and easy to do. Even the information regarding the ferry and the timetable, perhaps the only flaw is the disorganization at the port, but certainly not the fault of the company. I had a great time, definitely next year I will use this site again

  • Good site to buy ferry tickets

    [Translated from Italian]
    Good site to evaluate prices and buy ferry tickets. I used it to move between the islands of Greece. The only flaws are the cost of the booking service which is a surcharge on the ticket and not being able to receive an electronic ticket but having to collect it at the port of departure or at some travel agency.

    Answer from
    Thank you for the feedback, it is appreciated.
    Kindly note that most of the online travel agencies globally charge Handling Fees. This is done to be able to cover the expenses needed in order to offer to you:
    - Premium Service and assistance for whatever problem or question you may have.
    - Information by email and SMS, as soon as the ferry company notifies us of a canceled or changed itinerary, in order to try to find the best and the most convenient solution for you.
    - Fast replies to your emails.

    Concerning the Etickets, kindly note that not all the Greek ferry companies offer such yet, but thankfully every year more and more ferry companies offer this service so hopefully very soon E-tickets shall be available for all of them and there will not be a need to pick up the tickets from the central offices. Please note that this is something that has to do with the ferry company and not with our online agency.

    Always at your disposal.

  • Excellent Service

    Great online service from the point of booking, selections and check-in including responding to enquiries and asking for refunds. Will definitely book using the website again whenever I’m in Greece.

  • Very easy booking process

    [Translated from Greek]
    The online booking process was very easy with complete instructions on what exactly you need to do. The only problem we encountered was the queues at the port upon boarding. Otherwise, everything went very smoothly.



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