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755 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 755 users reviews.
  • Excellent Service

    I booked my clients (party of 5 with a 2 year old) on a ferry from Santorini to Mykonos through your website. I received the tickets in my office within 7 days of making the reservation and my clients were impressed with the services when they traveled in June 2013. Thank you!

  • Easy and very fun trip

    Ferries in Greece provided great travel flexibility for my travel itinerary and was very easy to use. Quickly found the port and boarded the ferry without any issues. The seat descriptions matched what was described on the website. I would use this website (as well as the ferries between the islands) in the future.

  • Round trip

    Thank you for all!! All was very easy and very nice!!!

  • Lesson Learned

    Unfortunately I missed the ferry and I couldn't benefit from your service. When I arrived the port at 2 o'clock in the afternoon, I realised that the ferry already had departed at 2 o'clock in the morning. Next time I will take a closer look to the schedule...

  • Pls indicate a correct port number on the ticket!

    I reserved a ticket from Piraeus to Mykonos on 11-6-2013, I collected the ticket 1 day in advance at the Port as I don't want to have any trouble on the day of departure. I found that the ticket indicated Port E7 for departure, I checked with the staff (Blue Star) and he confirmed it was E7. However, I have trouble on the day of departure as the ferry departure at port E5 finally, then we kept running to E5 in a hurry on the day of departure (a long distance from E7) and catch the ferry in the final few mins.

    Answer from FerriesinGreece.com
    We understand your confusion, however we are not responsible if the ferry company decides to change departure gate at last minute. In any case, we feel sorry for your inconvenience.

  • Ferries in the Greek Islands

    May 2013 - We had a very enjoyable 3 hour ferry ride in business class on the Blue Start from Santorini to Paros. This was not the high speed ferry, but the slower car ferry due to rough seas. We did take the high speed ferry, Flying Cat (45 minutes) from Paros to Mykonos, and enjoyed that as well. Great way to travel between the islands!

  • Booking

    I had great difficulty booking through you. For many people, in parts of the countryside where there is NO MOBILE SIGNAL, it is impossible to receive your CODE NO. Twice, I had to get into my car and drive up a hill, in order to receive a signal. Could you please also have an alternative way to book ferry tickets? Otherwise, I had no problem picking up tickets in Piraeus and I had comfortable journey with Flying Dolphin.

    Answer from FerriesinGreece.com: As you understand, unfortunately we can't be responsible for mobile signals. We are sorry for this trouble but it is our duty to ensure the safety of transactions.

  • Thank you for a wonderful trip

    We learned that our plane to arrive in Athens late, and we are late for our evening ferry. We wrote by e-mail to the company office in Piraeus, and the manager is very quickly resolved the problem. When we arrived in Piraeus and came into the office, the manager gave us tickets for the morning flight and helped to find a hotel. Beautiful customer care! Perfect service! It was memorable trip!!!

  • Fast and easy

    A fast and easy way to get between islands in Greece. I like it much better than the hassle of flying.

  • Appreciate the flexibility

    It was very convenient to be able to pick up tickets at the port and I appreciate the flexibility on changing dates on the tickets. The Blue Star ferry was ok but the Hellenic ferry was really nice.

  • Comfortable trip

    The accommodation of the ferry is very good and comfortable. It is just like journey of cruise.

  • Great Journey

    Traveled from Piraeus to Mykonos and could not be happier with the outstanding service and the ferry overall. As an international traveler, picking up the tickets at Piraeus the morning of the journey was quick and easy and everything ran on time. I can't wait to visit the wonderful country of Greece again in the future and see even more of the beautiful islands. Cheers from the USA!

  • Got me where I needed to go

    I ordered one ticket from Piraeus to Santorini. Picking up the tickets at the port was very easy and did not take much time at all. It would be nice to have a little more information on if there is a difference between economy seating and airline seating as I was a little confused when I boarded the ferry but as it was the off-season when I was traveling it did not really matter.

  • Great service

    I ordered two tickets via the website of ferriesingreece.com. First one from Venice (Italy) to Patras (Greece) and the second one from Piraeus (Greece) to Karpathos (Greece). All went just super! The only thing was that when I ordered via the website I used a visa card with another name of the cardholder on it than the person who was actually traveling. This caused some stress and time to correct. The reasons were of security nature, which are of course understandable. After several mails between me and ferriesingreece, it was OK. Great service, thanks for that! Best regards, Marcel

  • Great Service

    ferriesingreece.com provided an excellent service, notifying me when there were changes to the boat schedule and offering alternative times for travel. Comprehensive information given to collect the tickets at the port. Great service all round.



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