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1120 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1120 users reviews.
  • To travel to Greece

    [Translated from French]
    Quick and perfect booking.
    Everything is clear.
    The ferry transport is also perfect, everything is well organized.

  • Comfortable and easy to book online

    I used Blue Stars ferries to go from Santorini (Thira) to Paros and back to Santorini. I booked online with FerriesInGreece before flying and it was easy and fast. The seats in the ferries are comfortable and relaxing. The staff was very polite and helpful. I´ll use it again in future trips.

  • Flying Dolphins to Aegina Town

    I used Blue Star ferries Flying Dolphin to Aegina Island from Pireaus and back. They were comfortable and fast, with nicely air-conditioned cabins and lounge style seats. I was impressed and happy. I booked online easily. When I arrived earlier than expected to the port at Pireaus I was able to easily change my ticket to an earlier ferry rather than the one I had booked. I would highly recommend both Blue Star ferries and Flying Dophin style boats.

  • Ferry ride

    [Translated from German]
    Everything worked out great, got a very quick response when rebooking, everything was problem-free. Will use them again and again.

  • Perfect

    [Translated from German]
    You can find all the necessary ferry connections easily and conveniently from home and book the tickets. A ferry connection was postponed, but FerriesInGreece informed me by email with sufficient advance notice. A carefree travel!

  • Waiting for reimbursement

    I have booked return tickets to go from Athens to Paros. Unfortunately, I made the reservation in the wrong month and booked in June while traveling to Greece in July. I realized this a few days before taking the ferry and could not be reimbursed by the site. So I bought 2 new return tickets from the same ferry company (blue Star). However, the interlocutors of customer service were very understanding and made a reservation request to the ferry company on an exceptional basis. I have not yet received a response or a refund from them, but I hope the company will agree to reimburse me. And I thank customer service in all cases. To be continued !

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. It is appreciated.
    We would like to inform you that we have sent a request to Blue Star ferries since the 25th of July, requesting an exceptional refund for the tickets that you booked for the wrong month.
    Please note that due to high season such replies from the ferry companies usually delay. We will inform you once we have further news about your possible refund but please be patient as this may delay due to peak season.

  • Very pleasant experience

    [Translated from Greek]
    I traveled from Heraklion to Schinoussa.
    The trip was enjoyable and the staff very polite.
    I would book tickets again with Ferriesingreece.

  • Very good

    I bought tickets on website - everything was clear and convenient. One of ferry was cancelled and I got to know about this accidently - travel agency did not inform me about this. But afterwards the tickets were changed quicker than I expected and the price difference was refunded very quickly as well. Overall, I was satisficed with the service.

  • Ferry travel

    [Auto-translated from Russian]
    I bought tickets through the website several times. Everything is clear and convenient. I quickly got tickets at the port. Ferries arrive late, so you need to calculate the further route with this in mind. Seats of different classes are actually quite the same.

    [Original text]
    Несколько раз покупала билеты через сайт. Все понятно и удобно. Быстро получила билеты в порту. Паромы прибывают с опозданием, поэтому нужно расчитывать дальнейший маршрут с учетом этого. Паромы разного класса, а в моем варианте билеты стоили одинаково.

  • Good experience

    It was a very easy process! I would definitely use this site again. No problems at all.

  • Wonderful

    The voyage on the ship was wonderful. Spacious, clean, friendly staff.

  • Excellent

    Service on time.
    Thank you

  • The services are clear and convenient

    I bought tickets twice. The services are clear and convenient. Send links to all necessary sites. You can choose the time without depending on the company. The customer support was great: we changed tickets by email with a partial refund. I liked everything, I recommend it.

  • Impeccable service

    [Translated by Ferriesingreece]
    We had booked an entire Cyclades ferry tour and unfortunately one of our longest return trips was canceled losing our privileged two-person solo tickets. After contacting the company they were amazingly quick, found us another route and refunded us the difference in price! (note that this all happened on a weekend with messages sent on a Sunday!) When things are done well, it must be emphasized, you can book here with your eyes closed! I can't say thank you enough!

  • Very good

    Service Very good.
    People Very Nice on board.
    All service on top!



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