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669 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 669 users reviews.
  • Poor experience

    My group's experience using the ferries was poor. I'm both instance we had difficulty picking up the tickets prior to our departure. Our confirmation email suggested multiple locations we could pick up our tickets. In both instances the individuals working at those locations were not helpful and would tell us to pick up our tickets at a different location after waiting in line.
    Our ferry from Naxos to Athens was delayed by 3 hours. Now the real problem with this is that we had to wait at the port in line in the afternoon sun with no information as to when it would arrive. No one kept us informed on the anticipated arrival time. You could not leave line to use the restroom or get food for fear that the ferry would arrive and leave without you. Once on the ferry we were taken to seats other than our own because there were already 4 passengers in our seats. Also, once on the ferry, we were notified that due to technical difficulties the (high speed) ferry had to travel at a slower speed than normal. All in all we got in 5 hours late

    Answer by Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for the feedback.
    We can see you had booked two sets of tickets with us. For the first one with Hellenic Seaways from Thira to Naxos you were offered two options of where you are able to pick up the tickets one in Fira and one at the departure port. This was just to give you the option to pick up your prepaid tickets in Fira if you would like to and we are really sorry if the employee there was not helpful and suggested that you pick instead at the port kiosk. If this is what happened kindly let us know more information about the specific employee so that we can contact the ferry company and inform them about this attitude.
    Concerning the delay of your second trip from Naxos to Athens we contacted Seajets who informed us that there was on the specific date a delay due to technical problem faced during the same day that we could not have been informed of beforehand, and that you should contact them for more information and to check if possible discount can be made for the specific trip to info@seajets.gr providing them with the booking reference number you had with Seajets.

  • Took 5 Ferry Trips

    The ferry service website was not very good. Once booked and paid for, had to pick up tickets at ticket office. Should issue etickets. I had 5 different ferries to book on island hopping and had to do two separate reservations. Booked first class on all trips and was very disappointed. For a considerable amount of additional cost, saw no benefit to booking first class. Not even free beverages. The ferries are always late.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your feedback. Kindly note that our booking engine permits booking five separate trips in one booking order. Furthermore unfortunately e tickets are not available for the specific ferry company yet and thus the only option is to either pick up the tickets at a port kiosk or to be sent the tickets by courier.
    We are really sorry that you did not like the “Club class” accommodation that you booked on your Seajets trips.
    Kindly note that no free beverages are offered on this class and the only difference with the cheaper “Silver” accommodation is that you sit in a more comfortable and calm lounge.

  • Satsfied

    I am satisfied with the services of your different ferries. Great punctuality. We were informed of a change of boat by mail on time. Some suggestions, however, are: To issue e-tickets which would avoid running around to collect our tickets.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece
    E-tickets will be available on our website only for some companies, in a couple of months.

  • Pleasant experience

    Everything went smoothly. I bought tickets online (Piraeus — Santorini —Milos — Piraeus). This procedure is plain and simple. The only significant minus is bank fee. I can’t remember another transportation service (airplane, train, bus) where I had to overpay because the bank fee would be charged on the client. Plus e-tickets would be a lovely solution. Though it took me only a few minutes to receive my tickets at the kiosk. The only delay (over an hour) happened when we travelled to Santorini (I don’t know the reason, the weather was fine). In general, it’s a rather comfortable and convenient way to hop between islands. I would be happy and I hope I will be lucky to use this service again.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Thank you for your feedback. We are very happy to hear that all went smoothly.
    Kindly note that bank fees and generally service fees are charged, as far as we know, not only on all Greek websites that offer ferry tickets but also on most international websites (if not on all) that offer online bookings for travel services. This is because for any transaction each company receives by credit card there are fees charged from the bank and furthermore there are many other administration costs that a company must bear in order to be able to provide the services that each user desires. We find it really strange that you have not noticed such bank fees charged before, but we assume that this is because most websites add all the expenses to a total “service fee” while we prefer to show clearly and analytically to the user what amount he is paying for bank fees, which for service fees and which for courier fees before he completes the payment.

  • Good experience

    Had a good experience booking and collecting our tickets. The ferries were comfortable except for our last ferry from Paros to Piraeus with Blue Star Paros, which seemed to cater more for people who booked a higher class. Not enough seats for everyone else and most had to sit outside on the smoking area for three hours.

  • An irreproachable service

    From Piraeus to Piraeus I made a round trip and visit 6 islands, all with ferries and Ferries in Greece booked all tickets with several companies, sent me the tickets quick to France and sent me a message on my mobile phone a few days before departure to say me that the ferry was canceled and I had to contact the company. a great service.

  • Best way to visit Greek islands

    Great service. Easy to book online and tickets delivered by courier very quickly. Dodekanissos Seaways Express & Pride both very punctual, comfortable and fast. We travelled Kos - Symi - Leros - Patmos - Kos. No delays and excellent service at buffet bars and baggage handlers. Looking forward to our next island hopping trip.

  • Great for Island Hopping

    We chose FerriesinGreece because we found their website to be the most user-friendly and helpful when planning our month long, island-hopping trip across the Cyclades. We booked 7 separate trips online and paid for the tickets to be printed and delivered to the UK by courier. Tickets arrived within a couple of days. We had a lovely holiday and every ferry was on schedule. Would definitely recommend this company

  • Wonderful Experience

    Your ferry service was great. I am not much for riding on boats but with the stabilization in place, that helped me enjoy the ride. I will book your service again.

  • Ferry Services

    Wonderful company to work with. I use them to book all my ferry tickets in Greece for myself and for my clients (I am a travel agent). If you have a problem, they will make the booking for you and are very prompt with their replies regarding any issue. I give them a 10!!!

  • Greek ferries

    The ferry from Pireaus to our first jump to Syros was canselled but I got proper information (e-mail and SMS) and could in the harbor changes tickets to another ferry. No problem and good service. During our archipelago trip we used some Superjets, all in fair time, fast and expensive. One trip from Syros to Folegandros was extremely cheap with Aqua Jewel, less than 30€ for 2 persons and a nice and clean boat. Heard later that the State support some lines in order to provide service specielly to those who live in the specific islands and we tourists can be a part of it. The Greek Archipelago is a love affair for us with some 40 years background as Island Hoppers. The ferries overall has improved a lot since the old days.

  • Easy travel

    Easy to buy, easy to get the ticket. Nice staff. I would buy here again.

  • So easy...

    From the initial booking process to the follow-up, FerriesinGreece have twice provided excellent service. The web based booking is quick and easy to use and allows for the coordination of multiple consecutive journeys for example if island hopping. Subsequent customer service was excellent in advising of any changes to ferry schedules both prior to and whilst on holiday. We used the postal facility to receive tickets before departure. Highly recommended.

  • I like it

    While booking ferry tickets, something went wrong, but I contacted the manager and all problem were solved. The ships itself are modern and comfortable. Will use your service in future!

  • Great Service

    We booked on the internet a round trip to Sifnos. The trip was very nice and good. very good service and very efficient. The ferry is very comfortable.And our familay had a goog time. We will take the ferry again on future trips in Greece/



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