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Discover our Greek Ferries Affiliate Program

You can now sell Greek ferry tickets from your own website!
Join one of the largest online Greek ferry booking systems as an affiliate and get a revenue from your website quickly and easily.
Just add our link, banner or engine in your website!

What do we offer? provides an online ferry booking system, where visitors can book their ferries to Greece and the Greek islands. As we cooperate with most ferry companies in Greece, the user can book through our system tickets to almost all Greek destinations, Italy as well as Turkey.

Why becoming an affiliate?

- Increase your revenues. Our partners get a commission for each and every booking made via their website.
- You have access to administration pages with detailed information for each booking made through your website. This way you can see any time the amount of money that you have earned.
- Adding the link of, you create an added value for the visitors of your website.

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How to become an affiliate?

If you have a website or blog related to Greece and the Greek Islands and you are interested in earning commission through selling Greek ferry tickets, then please contact us. We will reply the soonest the possible in order to explain you in detail our affiliate program and answer to any question you might have.

How does the program work?

It works very easily: with a simple link which can be placed anywhere you want on your website or by adding the engine directly on your pages. The link or engine has your affiliate reference number in order to trace the booking. When a user makes a ferry booking through this link or the engine, then your account is credited with your commission for this booking.

In addition, the application installs a cookie on the user's computer so that, after visiting your website, even if the user makes his booking directly on, it is again your account that will be credited. This applies only if the booking is made within the next 6 months after the user visited your website.

There are absolutely no costs involved in the affiliate program.

We will give you a logon URL where you can view your daily booking statistics. You will have 24 hours/7 days access to your account in order to see all ferry tickets sold through your web site.

Affiliates' Admin pages

What is the commission rate?

Commission goes up to 50% from our profit. will take care of the entire booking process: from the secured payment to the delivery of the tickets to the client.
All commissions earned are paid directly into your banking account once a year.

Can I add an engine on my website?

You can use our engine on any of your website's pages. More, you can completely customize the colours of your engine in order to fit exactly with your website's colour scheme.
We propose 2 sizes of the engine: A normal user friendly version (435px) and a mini version (300px). The mini engine has less features than the normal one.

Can I add a simple link or banner on my website?

At the bottom of the page, you will find samples of banners that can be used.
The link can be a simple text or a banner. You can use your own banners to promote the ferry tickets or one of the banners that we propose.
In all cases, a nofollow attribute must be added in the link's code (rel="nofollow")

What kind of banner to use in order to sell Greek ferries online? We propose 14 banners of different size to choose from:
Download all banners (zip)

Practices to increase sales conversions

1. Post links on your website that lead to pre-defined search results
You can post customized links that lead to pre-defined search results. These links can include a specific itinerary, a date, the number of passengers, etc. and will lead to the corresponding search results page.

aff=greeka > affiliation code
direct_search=1 > mandatory
from=PIR&to=JTR > ports*
date=2019-12-10 > departure
date_return=2019-12-11 > return, not mandatory
passengers=2 > passengers number, max 8
vehicles=1 > vehicles number, max 4, not mandatory

*To see all the Port Codes you can use in your links, click here​.

2. Post links that lead to the search engine with predefined routes
You can also post customized links that lead to the search engine with predefined routes. These links include a specific itinerary, a date, the number of passengers, etc. and lead to the corresponding search engine.
- Example with an affiliate link to Ferriesingreece's homepage:
- Example with a link to affiliate's search engine:

3. Post your links on social media and forums
You can post your links on Social Media and Tripadvisor to get even more sales.



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