Ferry to Agios Constantinos, port & photos

Ferries to Agios Constantinos

Agios Constantinos (Ag. Constantinos) serves ferries to Sporades islands. Ferries from Agios Constantinos to Skiathos takes 2 hours, ferries from Agios Constantinos to Skopelos takes 3 hours and trip from Agios Constantinos to Alonissos takes 3 and half hours.

From other islands

Skiathos, Skopelos & Alonissos to Agios Constantinos

About Agios Constantinos

Agios Constantinos is a port town in central Greece. Surrounded by imposing mountains and large olive groves, Agios Constantinos is one of the main ports to the islands of Sporades. The other port is Volos, a town at the foot of Mount Pelion.
The modern town of Agios Constantinos has been built right next to the sea, on the spot where the ancient town of Dafnountas was found. Today the town owes much of its development to its port. The distance from Athens is 2 and half hours and buses leave every hour from Liossion Bus Station.

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