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Ferries from Piraeus to Kasos depart 3 times a week and the trip is 15 hours. These routes connect Kasos to other islands of Dodecanese and Cyclades. In summer, there is also ferry to Kasos and Karpathos from Crete (Heraklion-Sitia).

From Mainland to Kefalonia

Piraeus to Kasos

From other islands

Crete (Heraklion - Sitia) to Kasos (in the summer)
Karpathos to Kasos
Santorini, Anafi, Halki, Rhodes, Milos to Kasos

About Kasos

The southernmost island of Dodecanese, Kasos is located between Karpathos and Crete. This is a small island but has excellent natural beauty and rich history. In the ancient times, the island was famous for its trade activity that brought wealth and prestige to the locals. Today, the churches and archaeological findings on Kasos show its prehistoric routes.

In the centuries that followed, Kasos declined due to the frequent pirate attacks. An important moment in the history of Kasos was the massacre of the locals by the Turks in June 1824, as a revenge for the contribution of the island in the Greek Revolution of 1821. Events for the commemoration of this massacre take place every year on Kasos in early June.

The capital and port of Kasos is Fri, which distinguishes for the two-storey floors and the traditional architecture. In total, Kasos has five small villages with picturesque houses. Explore the wild landscape of the island following the trekking paths. The beaches of Kasos are small, not organized and they can be accessed either on foot or by boat.

Available ports in Kasos

Information and photos about the ports.

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