The vessel Blue Star Delos leaving the port of Santorini

Blue Star Delos

Discover the ferry Blue Star Delos, one of the vessels of the company Blue Star Ferries. This vessel is a Conventional ferry (Cars and passengers).

Route of Blue Star Delos:
Athens, Piraeus - Paros - Naxos - Santorini (Thira) - Ios


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Technical Characteristics

Length145.9 m Width23.2 m Speed26 Knots Passengers2400
Cabins32 Cars430 Construction year 2011


Blue Star Delos is rated 4.7 stars based on 14 users reviews.
  • Bad experience

    [Translated by Ferriesingreece]
    We traveled from Piraeus to Naxos as a family: 2 adults and 3 children aged 13, 10 and 10, using "Deck" / Eco class tickets" on a Saturday in July.
    We had already traveled with Blue Star Ferries as a couple several times 15+ years ago, always in May or June, same class, and had great memories.
    We suspected, of course, that it would be very crowded, but not that we'd be so confronted with people's lack of education, and who are in no way worried.
    Some 2 occupy 6 seats, wallowing on the sofas. Selfish, dirty people with impunity, we had the impression of experiencing the worst of mass tourism.
    In 5 hours of travel, the 5 of us couldn't be seated next to each other :-(.
    As there were still a few much more comfortable "Air Seat" seats available (numbered seats), we split up to sit properly for a small part of the journey (as others did).
    My recommendation, if you can, is to take this type of seat and pay a little more.
    I give it 2 stars because we were safely transported to our destination, but what a disappointment for the rest!

  • Unexpectedly pleasant experience

    [Translated from Greek]
    My trip to Paros with Delos was a pleasant surprise! Incredible punctuality in departure and arrival time, courtesy of staff, cleanliness in all areas and especially in the toilets. I highly recommend it.

  • Recommended!

    We took a private cabin for our trip from Athens to Santorini. So, while it was a lot of money, I highly recommend this accommodation for longer rides. Our trip was comfortable, easy going and pleasant. We did have good weather, so I can't comment on what happens for bad weather.

    Note that food internet are expensive (captive audience). So keep that in mind if you travel with a ferry.

    The ship boarding was easy (though we took an early morning ferry out of Athens to Santorini). No lineups to get in. Luggage storage is near where the vehicles park, but secure and easy to get to and use. It is also clearly marked where to store your luggage depending on your destination.

    We enjoyed this MUCH better than Sea Jets and their "fast" ferries. Sea Jets was a disaster for us, and I would recommend Blue Star over them.

  • Super fast and nice

    Very fine fast Ferry. We loved it. Very punctual und relaxed on Sea. Thank you to the Crew

  • Very nice crossing

    [Translated from French]
    We had the chance to make two crossings with this boat, Piraeus Santorini 7h, and Santorini Naxos 4h. I say "chance" because when we did Naxos Rafina we had the misfortune to have taken EasyJet. Here are two opposite. The "Blue Star DELOS" is a spacious boat with the ability to travel indoors or outdoors, "EasyJet Paros" it's only inside. The first is clean the other no. As far as we are concerned we preferred and by far the least expensive but especially the cleanest the "Blue star Delos".

  • Nice ship

    Very nice modern, clean vessel to relax on a four hour sail from Piraeus to Paros. I am disappointed with Blue Star I mistakenly bought four tickets. Two days after purchase and two days before scheduled sailing I requested a refund for one ticket. Blue Star only offered 50% value of my cost. In season they should offer full refund with 2 days before sailing or 80% if less than 24 hours before sailing. Hundreds of people sail daily. Its quite crowded onboard. One more thing, personnel onboard have to stop people from lying and sleeping on the sofa seats taking up space for 3 people. A 7:30AM sailing has many, many people sleeping where other folks could sit. Two sleepers stretched across on the sofa takes space for 6 others. NEEDS TO STOP.

  • Ferry to Naxos

    Cannot say enough good things about this trip, company and boat. Although I would have preferred to be able to print out my boat tickets like ktel bus tickets, I was able to pick them up at the office across from the boat before it left; there was another kiosk to do same even closer to the boat by the dock; Had purchased student ticket for son and thank god they took care of price difference on boat as opposed to making us go back to office or missing the trip; I will say that Greece should open up student discounts to students from abroad. In any event, unlike the fast boat which costs more, this boat has elevators so that if you want to take your luggage upstairs as there are many levels, they make it much easier; they took care of the luggage and getting passengers on board fast and efficiently. the boat was sparkling as well as the bathrooms, there are a number of choices in seats and ample seats available outside if you want fresh air. Great food and drink choices, an all around wonderful experience. It seems that for security sake, all boats should develop some sort of system for the luggage so that you do not have to worry if someone is going to take it when you leave yours in the racks down below if you are disembarking after a few stops. I will leave that to the experts. Anyways, this trip was delightful, comfortable and ample people available to help and answer your questions. Total contrast with the seajets fast boat which is more expensive that we took back a week later; I would have liked to have been able to have picked my seats online so that I could sit next to a window but grateful that I could find seats outside to look at the wide open sea. Kudos to Blue Star and Blue Star Ferries! People on vacation want to relax and you made that easy!

  • Excellent

    [Translated from Italian]
    After reading the reviews for the first time I bought tickets for the Santorini-Naxos route directly with this operator. From the unsuccessful purchase, to the cancellation of a section, I was carefully informed and helped to complete both the purchase and the change of the section and shipping company. Of the canceled route I was given two alternative options on the same day, although one in the morning very early. I can not say anything else about Ferriesingreece ............. The ship we sailed with was on time and was clean. On the way back I preferred to buy the tickets in business, but I must say that the numbered seats are normal by far the best especially for those who have to make long stretches. As for the baggage, there were those who took it directly with them or who left it in the hold, but even leaving it in the hold all went well. I did not understand if the suitcase could be carried to the assigned place, next time I will ask !!! If I return to Greece, I will buy from this operator again. Thanks for the good trip and thanks to the operators

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