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Antikythira is very sparsely connected with other ports. Three times a week, there is a ferry from Gythio to Kythira, Antikythira and Kissamos Crete.

From Mainland to Antikythira

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About Antikythira

Antikythira is a small and secluded island geographically located between Kythira and Crete, on the western side of the Aegean Sea. All through its history, this island had few inhabitants. The first residents (5th or 4th millennium BC) were hunters. The island was settled and abandoned many times, while during the Roman and Medieval times it was used as a base for pirates.
Today the island has very few permanent inhabitants, after the large immigration wave during the 20th century. Antikythira became world famous after the discovery of the Antikythira wreck in 1900. From this wreck, two important items were recovered: the statue of the Antikythira Ephebe and the famous Antikythira Mechanism.

Available ports in Antikythira

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