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Ikaria has two ports: Agios Kirikos and Evdilos. There are ferries from Piraeus to Ikaria 3 times a week and the trip takes 9 hours. Occasionally, but not every year, there are ferries from Ag. Kirikos to Mykonos. In summer, there are almost daily local ferries from Samos to Ikaria and Fourni. Particularly ferries from Ikaria go to: Samos (Karlovassi, Vathy and Pythagorion), Fourni, Syros, Piraeus, Chios, Lesvos and Kavala.

From Mainland to Ikaria

Piraeus to Ikaria
Kavala to Ikaria

From other islands

Mykonos to Ag. Kirikos (occasionally in the summer)
Samos & Fourni to Ikaria
Syros, Chios, Lesvos to Ikaria

About Ikaria

One of the greenest islands of the Aegean, Ikaria receives a lot of tourists every summer that seek for quite beaches and green nature.

The island got its name from Icarus, the first man to fly. According to the myth, Icarus and his father, Deadalus, were kept against their will by the king of Crete, Minos, in the palace of Knossos. To arrange their escape, Deadalus thought of a marvelous plan: as they could not escape the palace on foot, they would fly away! Deadalus made wings out of feather and wax and together with his son, they started their flight across the Aegean. However, Icarus was a young boy and he thought the wings were a game. So, he went too close to the Sun, whose heat made the wax melt and the boy fell into the sea, close to the island of Ikaria, which was named after him since then. Today, in the capital of the island, you will see a statue of bronze wings to commemorate this myth.

Ikaria today is a beautiful island that bases most of its income on tourism, fishing and agriculture. All over the island, you will find beautiful beaches and picturesque villages to enjoy. Agios Kyrikos is the capital and one of the two ports of Ikaria, along with Evdilos. On the northern side of the island, there are other lovely resorts, such as Evdilos, Armenistis and Gialiskari, known for their sandy beaches and fresh seafood.

Apart from the beaches, Ikaria is mostly known for its landscape. Many ecotourism programs have developed on Ikaria and many scientists come to study the special flora and fauna of the island. A place of great natural beauty is Halari Gorge, on the northern side of the island, which provides many trekking paths among waterfalls, small lakes, narrow rivers and old, stone bridges. These paths lead to the small beach of Nas, which gives the most romantic sunset on the island.

Available ports in Ikaria

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