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Ferries to Limnos depart from the port of Lavrion in Attica. There are no ferries from Piraeus to Limnos. The trip takes about 10 hours and this route connects Limnos to Chios, Lesvos and Agios Efstratios. 

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Lavrion to Limnos 
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Chios, Lesvos & Agios Efstratios to Limnos 

About Limnos 

A lonely island of North Eastern Aegean, Limnos was in the ancient times the land of god Hephaestus, the god of fire. Mythology says that when Hephaestus was born, he was very ungly. His mother, goddess Hera, was so ashamed of his ugliness that she threw him from Mount Olympus and he landed on Limnos. From the fall, Hephaestus didn't die but he hurt his leg badly and remained gimpy all his life.
The ancient Greeks believed that Hephaestus had his workshop on Limnos and they built many temples to honour him. Important archaeological sites on the island include the site of Ifestia, the ancient town of Poliochni, which is thought to be the oldest discovered settlement in Europe, and the prehistoric settlement of Myrina. Other historical sites to see are the strong Medieval Castle of Myrina and the Cave of Filoktitis.
The largest villages on Limnos are Myrina and Moudros. They are both lovely and have a nice waterfront to stroll around. The waterfront is lined by fish taverns and give lovely view to the port. Along the island, you will find many picturesque villages with traditional architecture and welcoming people. On the eastern side of Lemnos, there is Aliki Lake, a favourite spot of birdwatchers, as many rare bird species and immigrating flamingos can be seen there. Another place of natural beauty on Limnos is Cape Faraklo, an area of red rocks with strange formations.
In general, Limnos is a beautiful island that doesn't get busy at all, even in high season. It keeps its quiet and traditional paces and gives visitors many truly relaxing places.
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