The high-speed ferry World Champion Jet of Seajets

Worldchampion Jet

Discover the ferry Worldchampion Jet, one of the vessels of the company Sea Jets. This vessel is a High-speed ferry (Catamaran, cars and passengers).

Route of Worldchampion Jet:
Athens, Piraeus - Syros - Mykonos - Naxos - Ios - Santorini (Thira)


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Technical Characteristics

Length87 m Width24 m Speed50 knots Passengers1310
CabinsN/A Cars222 Construction year 2000


Worldchampion Jet is rated 3.5 stars based on 8 users reviews.
  • Very satisfied

    [Translated from French]
    Great experience.
    Getting on the ferry felt like pirate boarding, but we didn't mind.

  • Rating

    [Translated by Ferriesingreece]
    We were very satisfied with our transport. Good reception to find our seats and orient ourselves on the boat. Comfortable and pleasant.

  • Sifnos - Syros

    A very pleasant crossing, despite the impossibility of accessing the back open-air deck, no doubt for good reason.

  • Everything fine

    F1 themed ship. Everything worked as expected. We had business seats and relaxed in the upper deck. Seating number system is confusing, but the crew helps to find the right seat. Luggage storing looks like a mess, but this is the tourists fault...

  • Avoid this ferry

    This was a terrible ferry ride.

    They will assign you a seat on your ticket - and ignore it completely. It was complete chaos on the ferry back to Athens. We wanted to get to our assigned seat, but they don't follow your assigned seat. Its just a free-for-all on the ship when you finally get to the main cabin areas. Then you have people boarding at other ports of call, and they ask for their seat that you're now sitting in. But since its all ignored, you have to essentially almost cause a fight because they don't want to enforce the assigned seating.

    The boarding is hectic, as it is for any of the ferries. This one seems worse because you go in by where the cars are stored and towards the back to put any of your luggage on one of the big racks there. But then to get up to the main cabin areas to find a seat, your funneled into one of two single file stairways. The garage area is hot, not well ventilated and crowded during this period of time waiting to get upstairs, which took maybe 15-20 minutes. And this leads to the free-for-all for seats.

    The ferry itself is not a comfortable ride in bad weather. We had high winds, and the captain was going to fast, leading to the ferry to go over some pretty high waves and have his front end crash forward into the water, causing quite a bump and scaring some passengers. While the weather isn't his fault, his speed is. He noticeably slowed down after that, but too late for some injuries he may have caused going too fast in bad weather. They started handing out sickness bags to passengers because of the rough waters.

    Overall, I would recommend you go with Blue Star instead, and just take the fact it might be an extra hour or two to your destination. I had a much better experience with Blue Star than Sea Jets.

  • Rough seas during 2/3 of the trip

    This is our second trip with the Seajet company and even if in the 1st trip we were in business class with a rather unpleasant level of comfort, in this second trip in Silver class the quality was even less present, seats are old and degraded appearance but a pretty serious crew during this hectic trip.
    The ship was also well filled despite this "end" of the season and therefore with many sick people.
    As with all Ships, the organization remains to be seriously improved for storage, securing, taking into account and identifying luggage, it's a mess. On the other hand, efficient to load customers like cattle and leave quickly from each port.
    Seajet must think about improving the seating equipment in these vessels.

  • Finally at the end of the 3rd trip with the company I'm not happy

    [Translated from French]
    Finally, at the end of the 3rd trip with the company I am not happy because the places are allocated without any logic and for the 3 trips we were separated when there were places available!
    For that I put 1 star and given the price of the cheapest ticket, I am not at all happy!

  • Trip of a Lifetime

    This was a very fast vessel witch we liked gave us more time to spend on the Islands, we sat in the VIP room, chairs were very comfortable staff very friendly, a little costly

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