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All year round there are ferries from Lavrio to Kea and Lavrio to Lemnos. In summer months, there are occasional ferries to islands of Cyclades, particularly ferries from Lavrio to Kythnos and Lavrio to Syros

About Lavrion


Lavrion is a small town on the southeastern side of Attica, 40 km from Athens and 7 km from Sounion. This town was very important in ancient times due to the mines of silver, one of the main sources of income for Athens. Silver was used for coin cutting and for the funding of the Athenian fleet.

The mines of Lavrion stopped working in the Roman times and they remained abandoned for many centuries. They started working again from the late 19th century till the mid 20th century. This time, Lavrion developed a lot and was connected by railway with the centre of Athens. Over the last years, the port of Lavrion has developed and in summer it serves ferries to many islands of the Cyclades and Northern Aegean.

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Port description

Lavrion is a small, coastal town at the southernmost tip of Attica peninsula. In the ancient times, it was a mine area, which reopened in the early 20th century. Today the mines have closed but Lavrion gets lively from its port, which serves nearby and remote islands. Lavrion is located 60 km from the centre of Athens and 25 km from the Athens Airport.

Destinations: Vessels from Lavrion go to the nearby Kea island and the Cycladic island of Kythnos. They also serve remote Eastern Aegean islands, such as particular Lemnos and Agios Efstratios.


From the centre of Athens

By taxi: A taxi will normally take about 1 hour and 15 minutes to go from Omonoia/ Syntagma to Lavrion. To get closer to Lavrion by public transport, you can take the tram from Syntagma or Faliro to Voula and then take a taxi. A taxi ride from Voula will take about 30 minutes. The taxi fare (indicative) from Athens centre to the port of Lavrion is '65' 'EUR' (65 Euro) in day time and '80' 'EUR' (80 Euro) in night time (24:00-05:00). Do you need a ride? Book your transfer with us and our driver will pick you up you from your hotel or Airbnb host.

By bus: Suburban (KTEL) buses to Lavrion take about 2 hours to reach their destination. They leave from Pedion Areos, Athens centre. To go to Pedion Areos, take the green metro line to Victoria station and walk up Heiden street. Ticket price (2015): '4.90' 'EUR' (4.90 Euro).
Check for bus schedules from Athens Centre to Lavrion Port and from Lavrion Port to Athens Centre.

From Athens airport

By taxi: A taxi will normally take 30 minutes to go from Athens airport to Lavrion. There are taxi queues outside all airport gates. The taxi fare (indicative) from Athens airport to the port of Lavrion is '50' 'EUR' (50 Euro) in day time and '70' 'EUR' (70 Euro) in night time (24:00-05:00). Do you need a ride? Book your transfer with us and our driver will be waiting for you with a panel and your name on it at the airport’s arrival gate.

By bus: Suburban (KTEL) buses leave from Athens airport usually every hour and go to Lavrion via Markopoulo, a town in the midway from airport to Lavrion. Passengers go to Markopoulo and from there they take the bus to Lavrion. Buses from Markopoulo to Lavrion are very frequent. Ticket price (2015): '4' 'EUR' (4 Euro).
Check for bus schedules from Athens Airport to Lavrion Port and from Lavrion Port to Athens Airport.

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