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Hydra is connected with Piraeus and the trip lasts for about 1 hour and half. Hydra is also connected by hydrofoil to some nearby places and islands, in particular Ermioni town (25 min), Porto Heli town (1 h), Spetses island (45 min) and Poros island (30 min).

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About Hydra

Due to its closeness to Athens and its cosmopolitan character, the island of Hydra gets very popular in summer. It is only 2 hours by hydrofoil from Piraeus and itineraries are daily and frequent.

The landscape of Hydra is mostly mountainous and rocky. The capital is Hydra town, a picturesque village with impressive stone mansions, paved paths and a lovely harbor. Some other small settlements are scattered all over the island with few inhabitants, such as Kaminia and Vlichos. The special feature of Hydra is that cars are prohibited there, in order to keep the traditional vibe of the island. All transport is done with motorbikes, water taxis or by horse carriages, which make the tour of the town, giving a romantic atmosphere.

In the ancient times, Hydra had a close relationship to the Greek mythology, as some sources depict that the island was the venue of Lernea Hydra, an atrocious monster with 9 heads that was killed by Hercules. In the antiquity, the island was used as a trade centre. Its development actually started in the 15th century, when it was inhabited by residents of close by Peloponnese. In the 17th century, the island flourished an important nautical and economical power. The residents built a strong fleet that crossed the Aegean and the Mediterranean and contributed a lot in the Greek War of Independence. In fact, many heroes of the Greek Revolution originated from this island.

The major sights to be visited in Hydra are the several manors, monasteries and churches. There are about 6 Monasteries and 300 churches in Hydra. The twin monasteries of Saint Eupraxia and Prophet Elias are nice to visit. The most famous museum of Hydra is the Museum of the Historical Archives, housed in an impressive mansion in the harbor. This museum hosts many exhibitions and cultural events, mostly in summer.

Beaches on Hydra are not very popular as they are a bit rocky. However, water is clean and many water sport clubs and beach bars are found around. Most beaches can be reached on foot or by water taxi that make the tour of the island. Most famous beaches on the island are Hydroneta and Vlichos.

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