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The trip from Piraeus is about 2 hours. Costa Peloponnese is 3 hours drive from Athens. You leave the car there and go to Spetses by boat or taxi boat.

There are boats every 20 min and the trip is 10 min.

From Mainland to Spetses

Piraeus to Spetses
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Other ferry connections

The route from Piraeus connects Spetses to Poros, Hydra, Ermioni and Porto Heli

About Spetses

Lying in the Saronic Gulf, very close to Peloponnese, Spetses is a small island with rich historical background. Although Spetses has been inhabited since the Bronze Age, it is mostly famous for its modern history. In the ancient and Byzantine times, it had no special development. In the Medieval times, as it would frequently face the danger of pirates, it set up a strong fleet for the protection of the island.

Since then, the economic and cultural growth of Spetses followed. Local ships would sail the Greek and the Mediterranean seas and would deal mostly with merchandise. Economic wealth was followed by a cultural flourish as many elegant mansions were built, schools opened and arts developed. When time came, though, the locals didn't hesitate and contributed with all their powers in the Greek War of Independence (1821). Merchant ships were turned into war ships, sailors became fighters and many heroes emerged.

The most famous Greek from Spetses is a woman, Lascarina Bouboulina, who contributed with all her fleet and fortune in the revolution against the Ottomans. Her house has been preserved today and turned into a museum. It includes her personal items and exhibits from the Greek Revolution.

The most picturesque spot of Spetses today is the new port, or else Dapia as the locals call it. This harbor is lovely, with people strolling around in the day or having a drink in the cafeterias in the evening with view to the dark fishing boats. Generally, the town of Spetses keeps its traditional vibe with the old mansions, the lovely parks and the paved streets. The remarkable thing to mention is that vehicles are not allowed inside Spetses Town, transportation can be done by bicycle or motorbike, while there are also some horse carriages.

Beaches on Spetses can be reached by boat, bus or on foot. All beaches have crystal water. Some are sandy and others are pebbled. Spetses is also famous for the Armata Festival that is held on September to commemorate the destruction of the Turkish fleet by the locals during the Greek Revolution. This festival includes the explosion of a wooden ship and a lot of fireworks, which make the feast very impressive.

Available ports in Spetses

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