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Zakythos is located in the Ionian Sea, very close to Kefalonia island. Although there is no ferry from Piraeus to Zakynthos, ferries to Zakynthos depart from the port of Kilini and the trip takes 1 hour. 

From Mainland to Zakynthos

Killini port to Zakynthos

From other islands

Kefalonia (Pessada) to Zakynthos (Agios Nikolaos Shinari) (in the summer)

About Zakynthos

The Venetians used to call it “Fioro di Levante”, which means the “flower of the East”. Indeed, the island charms visitors with its incredible beauty. The mild weather, the crystal beaches and the elegant architecture give Zakynthos a special character.

The island is also known as Zante and has a rich cultural background. The Venetians, who ruled Zakynthos from the 15th till the 19th century, made sure to give the locals a good education in all fields. Public works were constructed, schools and theatres opened and the local culture was generally much affected by the foreign rulers. The language of the locals got a lyric accent, just like the Italian language. The noblemen would go to Italy to study and when they came back, they would contribute to the developement of their homeland. Such examples are Dionysios Solomos, the national poet of Greece.

The Venetian influence is still present on the island. Many buildings in the capital were built in the Venetian and the Neoclassical style. Such buildings are the Town Hall and the Municipal Library in Zakynthos Town.

Apart from the beautiful capital, Zakynthos is mostly visited for its gorgeous landscape and the crystal beaches. Navagio beach is the mostly popular and photographed beach on Zakynthos. An old shipwreck is found on that beach and regular boat tours go there every day.

Other famous resorts on Zakynthos are Laganas, particularly popular with English tourists, Porto Zoro, a nice bay with rocky formations, and Tsilivi, a very long and fully-organized beach. Tourism facilities are plenty in Zakynthos, offering visitors the kind of comfort and luxury they need in holidays.

Zakynthos has not only busy but also calm beaches. These beaches are chosen by a rare species, the Mediterranean sea turtle Caretta-Caretta, to lay their eggs on the soft sand. This species is the trademark of Zakynthos and in fact the National Marine Park of Zakynthos has been created for the protection and survival of the turtle.

Available ports in Zakynthos

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