The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1561 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1561 users reviews.
  • Ferry to Santorini

    We booked our ferry online from Sydney a month or so before we travelled. It was very easy and straightforward online. Our daughter later decided to travel with us and she booked later and found it again no problem to get on the same ferry and book in the same area on the ferry. Would not hesitate to book again, everything went very smoothly with good information and good service on board.

  • Good service, but availability hard to find

    We used a number of different ferries, and booking was mostly straight forward. However, finding ferries between Milos and Santorini was almost impossible until very close to our departure date, making it very difficult to plan the trip and book accommodation. I'm sure tourism would benefit enormously if the authorities could be persuaded to release schedules earlier. Also more information on the different classes would be useful.

  • Enjoyable

    Went overnight from Piraeus to Kos. Reservations were smooth and trip very enjoyable nd uneventful. Would recommend your services to others.

  • Nice company

    On the day we were booked the weather was too bad and we had to reschedule. They were great about getting us seats on another day. We just picked up our tickets and went! The booking agents were great.

  • Thank you

    Hi. Thanks for the great service. We booked the ferries online, and simply picked them up when we arrived in Athens!

  • Never got the chance to use

    Due to the strikes during my visit to Greece in October 2011, I was unable to use the Ferries to go to any of the Greek Islands. Although I had booked and purchased the tickets, you had to unfortunately cancel my booking and refund due to the strikes at that time. In spite of the cancellation, I still find really reliable and great, as you had cooperated with me very well and kept me updated on the strikes and the availability as well as cancelled and refunded immediately. I hope to visit Greece again sometime soon and will certainly use this website to book the Ferry tickets. Thank you! Cheers :)

  • Trip without unconveniences

    Viaje desde santorini a miconos, saque el tiket por internet , muy facil , el viaje fue tranquilo , llego con un leve retrazo pero en vacaciones no tiene importancia, todo muy bien.

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    Trip from Santorini to Mykonos, tickets bought from the Internet, very easy, the trip was very calm, it had a small delay but in vacations this is not important, everything was very good.

  • Good Service

    The Island Ferries in Greece are very good. I have only 1 complaint. When a Ferry is cancelled because of weather or high tide/waves, getting a refund for your tickets is almost impossbile as a tourist. You have to go to an office in Athens. If I booked my tickets online with my VISA then my VISA should be refunded accordingly. A suggestion as well is when tickets are booked ask for an email so that if a ferry is cancelled send out a notification well in advance that it has been cancelled. The only way to find out is calling or when you get to the port.

    Answer from
    Unfortunately, in many occasions, when a ferry is cancelled due to bad weather we are notified last minute as this is something that is usually decided just before departure time, depending on the winds on that moment. Since last year, for any issue concerning the ferry trip, we send out SMS notifications to the cell phones of our clients and e-mails to their mail address. Concerning the refund, it is made as soon as we have at hand the unused tickets. When we receive the unused tickets, then we refund the amount in your credit card.

  • Terrible company

    The company did not stick to their contract. I had purchased the ticket online to be delivered to my hotel and neither FerriesInGreece nor the hotel took responsibility for the lost tickets. I then had to repurchase the tickets. The company was very difficult and I will NEVER use them again.

    Answer from
    We are really sorry for the inconvenience, however we believe we did our job perfectly. As we have explained you in personal mails, the tickets were sent to your hotel and it was not our mistake that the hotel reception repeatedly refused to receive the tickets from the courier company. You should have contacted the hotel and asked them to receive the tickets for you. We issued and sent out your tickets normally, but you were responsible to make sure you received the tickets.

  • Congratulations

    May I congratulate you on an excellent website and service.
    Many thanks!

  • Thanks for the help

    [Auto translated]
    Thank you very much for your help and for your advice. Turns out it was very easy to pick up the tickets from the port. All went perfectly!

  • Very easy system

    [Auto translated]
    The easiest system for ticket reservations, ferry! Very glad I found your page! I travel often to the islands for business and I prefer to buy the tickets from the Internet, saves me a lot of time and trouble!

  • All seamlessly

    [Auto translated]
    Generally I close tickets through the Internet for many years, so I have some experience in the matter. Really the your service the grade with flying colors! You are so direct and effective! The tickets I picked them up from the pavilion of the Company at the port a little before we get on the boat. Of course, I hope soon to be able to print electronic tickets for travel by just. The trip is comfortable and fast. If you have a cabin, the trip to Crete passes quickly.

  • Impressed with your greek ferry services

    Hi,We were very impressed with your services.My wife and I used your website to book ferries from Piraeus to Mykonos and then a few days later on, from Mykonos to Santorini as part of a month long holiday in Greece in September.The tickets arrived safely and speedily via courier at our home in Cape Town South Africa.The ferry journeys themselves were very pleasant, on time, fast and comfortable. I paid extra for Business class from Piraeus to Mykonos and this was most enjoyable and spacious and probably worth the extra cost.Arriving in Santorini at dusk on the water was a very special experience which we would not have experienced had we flown in.I used the Greek ferry system last time over 20 years ago when it was always late, slow and boats were often dirty so this was a great experience now. Thank you

  • Book greek ferries with you every year

    Everything was wonderful. Especially the staff. They were so friendly, helpful and professional. Even the beds were comfortable, and the rooms clean and quiet. The only complaint would be that you could not sit outside anywhere without breathing other peoples cigarette smoke. Please limit the smoking to designated areas to provide some outside seating for non-smokers that is really away from the smoke. Your service is excellent as always, I received the tickets at home 3 days after booking. I use your website every year and recommend it to all my frriends, thank you!



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