Ferry Italy-Greece

Ferry Italy-Greece

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A great way to travel to Greece once you reach the neighbouring country of Italy is through the convenient and frequent ferry routes available throughout the year. With four multipurpose ports on its eastern coast on the Adriatic Sea, Italy facilitates apart from its citizens, especially the Central and Northern European voyagers who prefer the comfort of their private vehicles or campers when it comes to exploring their destinations.

FerriesinGreece is an awarded ferry booking engine rated at 4.7 stars by its valued customers. Here, we provide you with the most updated information about the available ferry routes from Italy to Greece and their scheduled departures. You can easily compare ferry boat companies, their prices and timetables and book your ferry tickets with only 4 steps on our secure server, in order to create an itinerary perfectly tailored to your needs. For a further insight, take a look at our customer reviews.
Our service does not conclude at your ferry ticket purchase; we offer you a personalized follow-up and assistance both during and after your ticket acquisition. Our specialized team is available to help you with inquiries, any issues that might occur and to make sure you reach your destinations safely and with peace of mind. Do not hesitate to contact us for any difficulty you might face regarding your ferry trip.

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Ferry Routes from Venice and Ancona

On the northeastern part of Italy, the ports of Venice and Ancona are the closest ones to the italian borders with Switzerland and Austria and serve as ferry crossings to the ports of Igoumenitsa as well as Patras and, exclusively during summertime from Ancona to Corfu island. Due to their lengthy duration, these are overnight routes and booking a cabin is strongly recommended for travellers to rest. The time duration is approximate and is calculated in accordance with the ports’ distance in nautical miles:


Ferry Routes from Bari and Brindisi

On the southeastern part of Italy, the ports of Bari and Brindisi host the shortest and most popular ferry boat routes to Greece, preferred mainly by Italian tourists who want the shorter, daytime journey across the Ionian Sea to be an active part of their vacation. It is also preferred amongst tourists who combine their holidays between Italy and Greece. Brindisi hosts the shortest duration ferry route to Igoumenitsa all-year long. Both ports host additional ferry crossings to the Ionian islands of Corfu and Kefalonia during summertime. The time duration for every route is approximate and is calculated in accordance with the nautical miles separating the ports. For these ferry journeys, take a look below:

REMINDER: It is very important that you book your ferry tickets as soon as your travel itinerary is available! Ferry routes of Italy-Greece tend to become sold out not only during the summer season, but also as early as mid-spring, so we strongly advise you to book them well in advance, especially if you need a cabin or travel with a private vehicle or camper.

All ferries allow passengers to purchase food and drinks aboard, as well as bring their own supplies and use them. Make sure to check our ferry listings for the destination you prefer, as well as our ferry island hopping options to enhance your holidays in Greece.

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Operating Ferry Companies on Italy - Greece routes

The ferry companies that take up the ferry crossings between Italy and Greece through the Adriatic Sea, are:

Due to the nature of the lengthy voyages and the international characteristic, all ferry vessels provided on the routes are equipped with vehicle garage and passenger cabins; which we highly recommend taking advantage of. To make it even more convenient and indulging, ferry companies provide numerous offers and discounts every year for their scheduled routes. You can take a look right below for the best offers available on the Adriatic routes, the return trips, as well as which you could combine with further domestic ferry routes of the same company.


Offers and Discounts for the International Ferry Routes

• Early Booking Offers

Most ferry companies provide early access tickets for their scheduled Adriatic routes in the upcoming year, usually available until the end of February or March, for a bold 20% off applicable on all passenger and vehicle ticket types. To top it off, in Minoan Lines that includes both one-way and round trips for travellers and may be combined with other offers available, depending on the ferry company policy. It is important to note that these tickets are limited in quantity, may not apply on campers or caravans as they are covered by another special offer (see “Camping All Inclusive” & “Camping On Board” below ) and are not eligible for refunding after a certain date, although they can be moved onto a different date with some extra charge.

• Return Tickets Discount / Round Trip Offers

Another very convenient discount most ferry companies provide to their passengers are value for money round trip ones. By booking with the same company for both routes, you can save 20% or even 30% on the return trip. This discount is automatically applied during the booking process.

• Camper and Caravan Special Offers

There is no need to need to take the long driving road between Italy and Greece in order to bring along your camper vehicle; many ferry companies have integrated this great value, discount bundle in their catalogs, as it grows steadily in popularity especially with northern and central Europeans who want to explore Greece conveniently and on a manageable budget. “Camping All inclusive” and “Camping On Board” are the two main offers that ferry companies like ANEK Lines, Minoan Lines and Superfast Ferries provide.

Camping On Board: Provided by ANEK and Superfast, this bundle offer costs just as much as an open-deck and vehicle ticket and includes quite a few perks:
- Garage space for your camper or caravan vehicle
- Accommodation in the comfort of your caravan
- Free access to onboard showers, WCs, power outlets, to any public area of the ferry (i.e. cafés, restaurants)
- Significant discounts on dining and drinking regarding the self-service and “à la carte” restaurants during the journey.
- Keep in mind that this is a limited time offer, available for trips from 1st of April until 31st of October, so we recommend that you book your tickets accordingly.

All Inclusive Camping: This offer is provided on the Minoan Lines regarding their Adriatic ferry routes. Aside from the aforementioned perks, what is extra in this offer is that you are provided with an onboard cabin for the same price as your open-deck and vehicle ticket. An interesting and convenient option for many travellers, is that you can bring your beloved pet along in the onboard cabin for a small fee of 25€ per trip. It is important to mention that the “All Inclusive Camping” offer does not apply on other vehicular types (i.e. cars, minibuses or boats). “All Inclusive Camping” is available throughout the year.

• Children Special Offers

Bringing your children along for the summer vacation is cost-effective on the Adriatic routes of Minoan Lines; toddlers and children up to 4 years can travel free of charge in economy and deck seats, while it is 50% off for a cabin inclusive ticket of any class. When it comes to children of 4 up to 16, there’s a half-price ticket offer as well, applicable on any class of international ferry routes. This offer is already included in the fare for family offers for your peace of mind. Children traveling in a cabin must be accompanied by an adult.

• Special Discount for Seniors

Minoan Lines offer an all-year round 20% discount for all persons of 60 years and up for its ferry routes. Sole requirement is proving an ID card or passport upon booking and boarding time.

• Family Offers Available

Family offers apply to tickets purchases in a bundle of 3 or more at the same time and in a single payment. The discount percentage varies according to each ferry company’s policy.

• Offers for International Students and Young People up to 26 years old

Hardly anything beats travelling on a discount while being a student or young adult; and that is why by presenting your valid International Student Identification Card (ISIC) you are eligible for numerous offers of 20% up to 50%. To top it off, the ISIC offer can stack with the 30% special discount on return trips for the Adriatic route. Alternatively, if you are from 17 to 30 years old, you can obtain special discounts of up to 20% in all categories of passenger seats by presenting your valid European Youth Card upon booking and boarding. Some exceptions from the discount, such as certain vehicular types, Deluxe cabins or Junior suites, may apply.

• Automobile Clubs Special Offers

Automobile club members enjoy special discounts of 20% up to 25% off for all vehicle categories while travelling on the Adriatic ferry routes. In order to be eligible, you need to register a minimum of one vehicle in your booking; the good part is that the discount can apply for domestic and international ferry trips. It can also include both for the card holder as well as their accompanying persons, considering they are all booked with the same reservation code. Members of ADAC, ANWB, TCS or other automobile clubs need to present their membership card in order to avoid a full-price charge. You can also have a Show Your Card! visible on your car.

If you require any assistance with the special offers and your eligibility, please contact us and we will happily guide you through the booking process, as well as present you with the best offers and prices available for your international ferry routes.



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