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There are several ways to get to Andros by ferry, since the island is connected in many ways to the mainland and the surrounding islands. There are no ferries from Piraeus to Andros. Ferries to Andros depart only from the port of Rafina, the closest port to the Airport of Athens. The trip from Rafina to Andros takes 2 hours and these ferries also connect Andros to Mykonos and Tinos. 

Ferries to Andros

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From mainland to Andros

Rafina & Lavrio to Andros
Lavrio to Andros

From other islands

Mykonos, Tinos, Syros, Kythnos & Kea to Andros

About Andros island

The wind blows strong on Andros: this is probably the most special characteristic of this beautiful island that gets much affected by strong winds. Andros is the northest island of Cyclades and very close to Athens, only two hours by ferry from the port of Rafina, on the northeastern side of Attica. Due to its closeness to Athens, Andros has become a favourite weekend destination. The port of Andros is Gavrio and the capital is Chora. These two villages, along with Batsi, constitute the main tourist resorts of the island.

Chora is built amphitheatrically on the slopes of a hill and has nice views to the sea. It distinguishes for its white houses, the preserved mansions and the narrow paths, while the landscape around it is pretty barren. The most picturesque corner of Chora is the Square of the Unknown Sailor, a beautiful paved square with nice views to the Aegean and a statue dedicated to the unknown sailor, paying honor to the long nautical tradition of the island.

Apart from maritime tradition, Chora also has a rich cultural heritage. As a continuation of this heritage, many museums and galleries have opened in this village, frequently presenting painting and other exhibitions. Such a museum is the Museum of Modern Art, enriched with the contribution of the Vasilios and Eliza Goulandris Foundation, as well as Kydonieos Institute, which organizes the Ploes Cultural Festival every summer.

Not only the villages but also the beaches of Andros are very beautiful. The most popular beach on the island is Agios Petros and Batsi, however there are many other well organized beaches, like Kipri and Ormos. Many tourist amenities surround these beaches that provide high quality services to their customers. Due to the strong winds that blow over the island, the beaches of Andros are also excellent for windsurfing. All over the landscape of the island, you will find some very special features. There are the remains of ancient towers, old windmills and abandoned houses, some chapels and water springs. Green fields turn to barren, valleys turn to mountainsides and mountainsides go down to beaches. This alternation of landscapes makes Andros a special island and attracts a lot of nature lovers.

Available ports in Andros

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