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1516 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1516 users reviews.
  • Many thanks!!!

    Everything was done perfectly and it was very pleasant!!!

  • Great service

    Very accurate. Good prices. Option to have the tickets delivered to me was very good. Only thing that could be improved is more specific information about which gate, how to get there etc.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your review, it is much appreciated. Please note that a lot of information concerning tha ports of Athens and how to get there can be found on

  • Perfect

    [Translated from French]
    Good service, we booked two ferries and quickly obtained our tickets on the spot as indicated with minimal fees on the agency. Easy site to use.

  • Greek ferries

    Τraveling in Greece is not hard. You must remember if you are going to any island, in any island group, you must get on a ferry! Sure, you can fly to some of the islands but you will be missing out on the entire Greek experience if you do!

    Τraveling by ferry is the way to go! Ιt's reasonable, affordable and reliable! Ιt's also fun and oh! so Greek! Ι have been to Greece 4 times in the last 10 years for no less than 2 weeks each time. I never remember a ferry being an inconvenience. However, you must pay attention to the name and the time scheduled. If in doubt? Just ask!!!! The Greek people are mostly gracious and generous hosts!

  • Not correct

    [Translated from Italian]
    I booked two weeks in advance a ferry from Naxos to Athens. The week after I received a mail which was saying that the departure times were changed. Since I wasn’t able to travel with the specific ferry for a number of coincidences and I couldn’t make it to my return flight in Italy I had to travel with another ferry and to pay more for an error that wasn’t mine. Regarding the rest, it was a pleasant journey.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated.
    Kindly note that you had booked a ferry to travel from Naxos to Piraeus arriving to Piraeus at 15:00 on the 16th of September.
    Due to a change in the schedules of Blue Star Ferries we informed you more than a week before your trip that there was a small change in your arrival time to Piraeus and that you would arrive instead at 16:20 (1 hour and 20 minutes later).
    If you had asked our reservations department to change to an earlier ferry on that same itinerary because you had a flight, there would of course not be any amendment fees involved. The reason that an amendment fee was requested is that you requested to change your initial booked ticket to a totally different itinerary from Amorgos to Piraeus, on the day before, which could not be connected to the small time change of Blue Star Ferries on your Naxos to Piraeus trip.
    Please note that in order to proceed to an amendment, as per the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking, when you have the basic service fees package, an amendment fee of 12.3 Euro is requested.

  • Great experience

    Overall great experience. Website made it easy to find the right ferries and book. When our travel plans changed, we contacted FerriesInGreece for a change in our itinerary. They were fast, helpful and professional. Will be using them for our next trip and would highly recommend.

  • Practical

    [Translated from French]
    Very satisfied with the booking site! I was able to book all tickets in advance.
    Depending on the company you can even receive an electronic ticket! Too bad they do not do it all ... otherwise you have to go to the agency indicated. On the other hand one of the agencies asked us 2 € to edit them and nothing was shown on the Ferriesingreeece site submission.

  • Perfect

    [Translated from German]
    FerriesInGreece is the ferry portal of my trust! Everything worked perfectly! Changes in timetable and ship were announced in time via email. Thus, there were no unpleasant surprises. So if ferry in Greece, then FerriesInGreece! :-)

  • Excellent

    There is a wish to express words of sincere gratitude to employees of the FerriesinGreece company and crews of Blue Star Ferries. Thanks to their professional work our travel on Naxos (15/09/2018) was unforgettable. Thank you very much!

  • Top - lovely again!

    [Translated from German]
    Just spent 2 weeks in Greece and visited 3 islands; I booked 3 ferries via this website (Santorini - Naxos, Naxos - Paros, Paros - Santorini) - all 3 trips went off smoothly. At the first port in Santorini we received the tickets for all 3 ferries - The port staff was always extremely polite and courteous! Have always had our car with us - everything has worked great. Would definitely book again and will definitely recommend you.

  • Great service

    We traveled on 3 separate ferries over the course of a week. Our sailing from Paros to Naxos was canceled and we emailed to inquire about our options. We received very prompt service and were able to use the amount already paid for a different ferry.

    The website was super easy to use and picking up vouchers efficient.

  • Excellent

    Easy booking for multiple trips, with good documentation explaining where to pick up tickets. We went early to pick the tickets up and was well organised, literally 2 minutes. Will definitely use again

  • Not on time

    As I'm coming a lot to Greece and its beautiful islands I am used to making reservations by your wonderful site "Ferries in Greece" and I am very satisfied from your services.
    The last time I took a ferry from Amorgos to Santorini(13/9/18) it was supposed to come at 17.45 but it came on 20.30(Seajet 2). I understand it could happen but I did not get any message to my mobile telephone like other people, although you had my number and this was really bothering.

    Answer by
    Thank you for the feedback! It is appreciated.
    We would like to inform you that we contacted Seajets to find out why they did not inform us of this change so that we could also notify you accordingly on time. As it was a change that had not been scheduled in advance, which resulted in the fact that all the passengers could not be informed on time and furthermore due to the delay that you faced, they offered a 50% refund of your ticket rate.
    In order to receive this refund, kindly send us back the specific printed ticket part for your trip from Katapola to Santorini as Seajets needs it as proof to show their accounting department.

  • Ferries

    We booked 3 ferries and although our first one was canceled due to a strike the other 2 were a breeze so I would definetly book with them again.

  • Extra expenses - Short warning about the strike

    The boat trips were good.
    Unfortunately, due to a short notice and no notice at all on the 4th of September, we almost missed the only boat that went from Mykonos to Santorini.
    We understand the pressure on the company, but it is not acceptable to go to the port without knowing that the boat trip was cancelled.
    Second issue was the extra cost for one night in Mykonos.
    Had a worning earlier about the sea strike could saved this extra expense.
    by changing the trip plan

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. You had booked a trip from Mykonos to Santorini on the 3rd of September.
    On the 27th of August we informed you that a strike had been announced for the 3rd of September and that we suggested that you change your trip to a previous date if not being able to travel on this date would cause to you any issues. At this point it was not yet confirmed that the strike would affect your trip. On the 30th of August we notified you again because at this point we had formal information that your trip was affected by the strike and we strongly advised you to book a trip on the 2nd of September to avoid the problems that usually follow on the day after a strike.
    Despite this you insisted and asked us to change your trip for the 4th of September and we did this of course as per your request, with no extra charges or amendment fees due to the situation.
    On the 3rd of September we were informed by Seajet that due to the strike your new trip of the 4th of September had been changed to depart later (at 13:35) and we informed you instantly about this as well, and we received your confirmation of receiving our notification. Therefore it is very difficult for us to understand why you say that you almost missed that ferry. We contacted Seajet who confirmed that this trip was not canceled and that you normally checked in on it.
    As far as the hotel cost for the extra night in Mykonos is concerned, please note that we had informed you about the strike one week in advance and this was the earliest possible as we did not have any formal information earlier that your trip would be affected.
    Furthermore in cases of canceled itineraries as per the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking our company is not responsible for any further expenses that may occur apart from the ticket rate which was used already for your new tickets that we prepared for you to travel on the 4th of September.
    "In case of a cancelled itinerary, our company is not responsible for any further refund apart from the ferry ticket rate."
    Always at your disposal.



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