The ferry Blue Star Delos arriving in the port of Santorini

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Ferry Paros-Santorini

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Discover the best ferries from Paros to Santorini, travel tips, prices and many more. Here we go!

In brief, going from Paros to Santorini is very simple!
- Ferries operate all year round.
- During the high season, both high-speed and conventional ferries serve this route.
- A standard ticket costs between '32.5' 'EUR' (32.5 euros) and '59.7' 'EUR' (59.7 euros), depending on the company.

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Available ferries

The high-speed ferry Power Jet of Seajets getting from Paros to Santorini

The ferry Power Jet leaving the port of Paros

Disclaimer: The information provided below is based on previous years' data. To find the exact routes for your dates, please refer to our booking engine.

There are ferries that operate routes from Paros to Santorini daily during the high season.
In the peak season, there are 8 to 9 ferry crossings per day. During the low season, there are connections between the two islands almost daily.
The first ferry departs from the main port of Paros at 07:30 and the last one at 22:10 or 23:15, depending on the day.

Indicative Ferry Routes from Paros to Santorini*

Schedules frequency Multiple times per day
First ferry 07:30
Last ferry 23:15
Average duration 02h28m
*Based on data from 2022-2023


PRICE €32.50 - €111.50
PRICE €47.00 - €82.00
PRICE €52.50 - €75.50
PRICE €47.00 - €77.70

Types of ferries operating

The high-speed ferry SuperExpress of Golden Star Ferries getting from Paros to Santorini

The ferry SuperExpress leaving the port of Paros

Both high-speed/catamaran vessels and conventional ferries serve the route from Paros to Santorini.
High-speed vessels are smaller and have more powerful engines, allowing you to reach your destination faster, while conventional ferries are usually slower but with a lower fare.
Additionally, conventional ferries have large garages, able to carry many vehicles. High-speed vessels with a garage have a limited vehicle capacity.


Distance & Duration of the trip


The distance between the two islands is 42 nautical miles (48 miles or 78 kilometers).
The duration of the voyage depends on the type of ferry you are travelling with. Getting to Santorini on a high-speed vessel takes from 1 hour 20 minutes to 2 hours. With a conventional ferry, the trip may last up to 4 hours and 40 minutes.
The fastest ferry is Express Jet by Seajets.


Prices & Tickets


A standard ticket costs up to '59.7' 'EUR' (59.7 euros), while the price of a business-class/VIP ticket ranges between '47.5' 'EUR' (47.5 euros) and '82' 'EUR' (82 euros), depending on the company and the type of vessel.
Most ferry companies offer a ticket discount to some categories of passengers, including students and children under 10 years old. Discounts may amount to 50%. Also, most companies let babies and toddlers travel for free.

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Types of seats


The type of seat you will choose is what determines the price of your ticket. The most popular and affordable option is the standard/economy seats, which are not numbered. This means you will have to keep an eye on your seat for the entire duration of the journey. As they cannot be reserved in advance, we recommend boarding the ferry as early as possible in order to find a comfortable one.
Another option is the airplane seats. They are comfortable numbered seats and the most affordable ones among the types of seats that may be booked in advance. They are usually located in a separate lounge. Business or VIP seats are the most expensive ones and are the best choice for luxury traveling.
In high-speed ferries, there are only numbered seats, so the standard ticket corresponds to an airplane seat.


How to find your ferry in the port of Paros (Parikia Port)

Aerial view of the port of Parikia in Paros

Parikia, the main port of Paros

All ferries from Paros to Santorini depart from Parikia Port, the main port of Paros, which is situated in the capital of the island. Since it is small in size, spotting your ferry is very easy.
All ferries bound for Santorini arrive at the main port of the island, which is also known as Athinios Port.

Both islands are highly popular among both Greeks and foreigners. The high number of visitors causes traffic within and around the port, so being there at least an hour earlier than your ferry’s departure time is strongly recommended.
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Luggage policies in Greek ferries are quite flexible.
Most companies allow 40 kg or 0.5 cubic meters of luggage for each passenger and provide a luggage storage area on each ferry. Alternatively, you can take your luggage with you to the lounges or the deck (if available).
It is recommended to leave bulky suitcases in the designated area and take your personal items (wallet, keys, etc.) with you upstairs.


Traveling with a car


A special vehicle ticket is required in order to transfer your car or motorbike to Santorini.
In this case, you should be at the port at least 60 minutes before the official departure time.
For safety reasons, entering the garage while the ferry is sailing is forbidden.
Note: Many car rental companies do not allow customers to ferry their vehicles. We recommend avoiding purchasing a vehicle ticket before contacting your car rental company.


Alternative ways to reach Santorini


Although there are airports on both islands, no direct flights are available between Paros and Santorini. However, Santorini boasts an international airport that receives flights from various European countries. Alternatively, you can fly to Athens and then go to Santorini either by plane or by boarding a ferry from Piraeus or Rafina Port. Find out more about the Athens - Santorini route.


About Santorini

Oia village during the sunset

Oia, the famous village of Santorini

Santorini is one of the most popular destinations worldwide and the most visited of all Greek islands. We have created a mini guide for Santorini, which features the best things to see and do on the island.

Where to go next?


The next most popular destination is Mykonos. Discover the best ferries serving the Santorini - Mykonos ferry route. Other popular nearby destinations are Naxos, Milos and Heraklion (Crete).

Photos of ferry vessels

Ferry Paros-Santorini


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