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There are ferries from Piraeus to Donoussa 3 times a week, passing by other islands in between. 

From Mainland to Donoussa

Piraeus to Donoussa

From other islands

Naxos & Amorgos to Donoussa
Astypalea, Paros & Iraklia to Donoussa
Schinoussa, Koufonissia & Syros to Donoussa

About Donoussa

Donoussa is among the smallest and most peaceful islands of Cyclades. It is geographically located east of Naxos and it is an ideal place for trekkers. The port is found in close distance to the main village, with the characteristic small white houses and the paved streets.

The beaches of Donoussa are truly unique and have pure crustal water. You will find many rooms to rent in Donoussa, fish taverns with sea view and small family shops.

Available ports in Donoussa

Information and photos about the ports.

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