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Ferries from Piraeus to Schinoussa depart 3 times a week. However, in summer there is also a daily local ferry between Naxos, Amorgos and Small Cyclades (Donoussa, Schinoussa, Iraklia and Koufonissia). 

From Mainland to Schinoussa

Piraeus to Schinoussa

From other islands

Naxos, Amorgos, Donoussa, Iraklia to Schinoussa
Koufonissi & Paros to Schinoussa

About Schinoussa

North of Naxos and between Iraklia and Koufonissia, there is one of the smallest islands of Cyclades, Schinoussa. The main port is Mersini and only 2 km from Chora or Panagia, the capital of the island.

Chora, with the picturesque architecture, is built behind a hill and it is not visible from the sea. The village has many taverns that offer local tastes and unforgettable memories from the calm atmosphere of the island. You can also taste fresh fish in the few taverns along the port.

The sandy beaches that surround Schinoussa attract the interest of visitors and provide the ideal destination for alternative holidays. Most beaches of Schinoussa are not organized and can be accessed on foot or with the municipal bus.

Available ports in Schinoussa

Information and photos about the ports.

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