The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1507 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1507 users reviews.
  • Super efficient

    [Translated from French]
    Simple application and efficient, friendly after-sales service.

  • Accuracy

    [Translated from Italian]
    Taken the company's ferries twice in 15 days, on time, clean, comfortable, and cheap. Clear site and complete information. Booking, payment, and ticket printing are very convenient.

  • Very good service

    Excellent service in booking and travel. Ferries fast and comfortable. Helpful office in Spetses and quick and trouble-free ticket change.

  • Very good experiences

    [Translated from French]
    Always happy with Ferriesingreece service. Easy booking, confirmation email well received.

  • Journey to Kefalonia

    [Translated from French]
    I booked the tickets from France in just a few clicks. I received a reservation and the tickets were to be picked up one hour before the boat's departure at the company's ticket office. We had no problems and the ferries were very comfortable. I'd recommend them.

  • Great Service

    The booking process was very easy, everything was very clear, and went smoothly.

  • Almost all good

    [Translated from Italian]
    Booking service went well, there was only one problem for one trip because although we had checked in on time, we did not receive the tickets and we had to go to the port ticket office to get them printed for us.

  • Economical and convincing solution

    [Translated from Italian]
    Fast and intuitive booking and check-in.
    Slow outward journey and delayed but probably due to rough seas. Very fast return trip.
    In any case, it is an excellent platform to buy tickets.

  • Everything was perfect, recommended

    [Translated from Spanish]
    Everything has been perfect, from the search of schedules and ferries for the different routes, the check-in, and the communication advising of changes and delays in the ferry schedules, and notices for check-ins.
    And we have booked three ferry runs. If we return to Greece, we will book with FerriesinGreece again. Totally recommended. Thank you!

    [Original message] Todo ha sido perfecto, desde la búsqueda de horarios y ferrys para las diferentes rutas, el check-in, y la comunicación avisando de cambios y retrasos en los horarios de los ferrys, y avisos para los check-ins.
    Y hemos reservado tres viajes en ferry. Si volvemos a Grecia, volveremos a reservar con FerriesinGreece. Totalmente recomendable. Gracias.

  • No seriousness

    [Translated from French]
    Ferriesingreece is just a service provider that doesn't supply tickets online, since you have to go and collect the tickets, which is absolutely inconvenient. Furthermore, I asked for my ticket to be cancelled because I'd got the wrong day, and unfortunately I got no reply. So I went through Levante Ferries, which supplied me with tickets online and was very reactive when I changed my ticket by e-mail. I therefore lost 30 euros by booking through Ferriesingreece, which I don't recommend.

    Answer by
    Thank you very much for your comment.
    We are sorry that you feel this way. We would like to clarify that you made a booking with us in April to travel with Levante Ferries on July 29. You then emailed us on July 25 to request cancellation of your booking, without explaining that you had made a mistake with the date, as if we had known, we would have offered to change the tickets instead of cancelling. In any case, we replied within the hour, explaining the ferry company's cancellation policy and that you would receive a 50% refund, but we never received a reply from you. Are we to assume that you missed our email?
    Regarding the e-ticket option, we offer this to all ferry companies that offer this option. Levante Ferries is the only company that does not offer this option to other agencies, and e-tickets are only available for bookings made on their website.

  • Perfect use of FerriesinGreece

    Everything went really well!
    Instructions are clear: efficient and quite fast, nothing to add!
    Enjoy your holidays

  • Perfect!

    [Translated from French]
    Everything went perfectly: booking, check-in and receipt of e-tickets, boarding at exactly the right time! Clean and very comfortable boat. THANK YOU!

  • Everything perfect

    [Translated from Italian]
    Quick check-in.
    Very good communication regarding changing of ferries.
    Best way to get around the Greek islands and see them all!
    Thank you

  • Dissatisfaction

    [Translation from French]
    We haven't taken the boat yet.
    I made a mistake when booking 12 trips.
    I booked the wrong month.
    So I had to book these trips a second time.....
    Which I had to pay again.
    And no commercial gesture was made.....No right to make mistakes:(
    So very disappointed... Our first trip to Greece cost us a lot of money... So this will be the first and the last!!!
    Le Fol Aude

    Answer from
    Thank you for your comments. We appreciate it.
    We would like to inform you that, according to your email communication with our reservations department, you mistakenly booked for August 8th, 11th and 14th, when instead, you wanted to book for the same dates in October. You realized this error and sent us an e-mail on August 12th, even though your first two trips had already taken place and could not be cancelled or changed in accordance with the cancellation policy you accepted before making this booking. Fortunately, we were able to modify your third trip.
    We'd also like to point out that our reservations team even sent an exception request to the ferry company Seajets explaining your error. Unfortunately, Seajets rejected our request, explaining that the trips you had booked on August 8th and 11th were fully booked and your seats remained empty when they could have been sold elsewhere.

    As you understand, we have done everything possible to rectify your error and we are unable to issue a refund as the ferry company Seajets has charged us the full price of your tickets.

  • Very good service

    [Translated from French]
    I booked our trip to the Dodecanese islands. The confirmation e-mail contained all the information needed to collect the tickets. The whole service is practical and reliable.



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