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1325 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1325 users reviews.
  • Great experience

    All went very well, from the online booking in a few minutes to check-in and the travel with Blue Star. Just the Blue Star leaves too early from Athens and hard to wake up at 5 o'clock in the morning.

  • Everything Super

    Everything worked out fine. :)

  • Great way to get around the islands!

    It was easy to book well in advance of our trip. The communication on changes was well done in Greek and English.

  • All in all good!

    [Translated from Italian]
    We booked with Blue Star , three trips, the first of which from Athens to Santorini on Sept. 6 at 7:25 a.m. did not leave due to bad weather. We still left the same day at 7 pm and arrived in Santorini at 6 am.
    The other trips , Santorini to Naxos and Naxos to Athens, all perfect.
    It was easy to book and still the inconvenience of the first trip was solved.
    Thank you!

  • Very Good

    Excellent fast service from Santorini to Folegandros. Online booking was smooth and easy, and online check-in was fast and easy to get my boarding pass.
    My only complaint was that most of the restrooms were out of service on SuperJet (Seajets). That’s pretty inconvenient when it’s a full boat.

  • Failed service

    [Translated from French]
    Our ferry was cancelled on Wednesday September 7th (due to strong winds, which is not the fault of Ferriesingreece) but Ferriesingreece did not warn us nor accompany us. We had to go ourselves to the port to the Seajet agency to exchange our Santorini - Amorgos for a Santorini - Naxos ticket and then pay again for a Naxos - Amorgos ticket.
    Fortunately it was not the high season and we were able to find a seat and fortunately we had enough foresight to go down to the port the day before to inquire about it or else we would lose a night's stay in Amorgos: our departure from Santorini was scheduled for 3 pm, but the only solution to reach Amorgos in the day with this connection was to anticipate this departure at 8 am.
    We had a Santorini Amorgos ticket on which Seajet refunded us 10 € by changing it for a Santorini Naxos ticket, but we had to pay 88 € (for two) for the Naxos Amorgos ticket.

    Answer from
    We thank you for your comment.
    We are sorry to hear about the problems you encountered due to the bad weather. We would like to clarify that we had sent you an email alert two days prior to your travel date with instructions due to the poor weather prognosis.
    We would also like to clarify that we were never informed by Seajets of the cancellation of your itinerary.

    In such extreme situations, when there is no time to inform the travel agencies, the companies inform the passengers directly.
    Unfortunately, the cell phone number you had given when you booked was not correct and their SMS did not reach you.

    In addition, we would like to inform you that in case of cancellation of the itinerary, the ferry company is not obliged to cover any additional costs over the original ticket price for the journey in question, in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to before making your booking.
    Therefore, Seajets is not obligated to cover the fare difference with the new trip you purchased locally.

  • Rafina - Naxos

    [Translated from German
    Everything went very well, from the booking to the start of the trip. The departure and arrival on Naxos were on time.

  • Good service

    Good and efficient

  • THANK YOU !!!

    [Translated from Italian]
    Very efficient service. We have used SeaJets ferries 4 times and appreciated the punctuality and convenience in traveling. It was easy to book online through "Ferriesingreece" and receive confirmation.
    . Also easy to get tickets at the offices on the 4 islands we visited. Everything was perfect, thank you, just as it has always been perfect even in the years before COVID.

  • Perfect!

    [Translated from German]
    Super service, everything worked perfectly!

  • Perfect

    A very efficient service, extremely easy to book on line and pay for your trip. Easy check in on line with the option to have electronic or paper boarding passes. Ferry on time, very professional getting passengers on and off the ferry and also the vehicles. Would definitely use again.
    Great services Ferriesingreece!

  • Trip to Mykonos

    I am very disappointed with the service I received regarding my trip which was scheduled to depart from Santorini to Mykonos on Sept. 6, 2022. As it turned out the ferry, which was scheduled to depart at 10:15am did not do so due to inclement weather. As a result, we were informed at the port by a SeaJet representative that another ferry may or may not depart that day. We were told that if a ferry did depart it would not be until 6pm or 8 hours later than scheduled. Therefore, we had to make other arrangements to be able to keep our vacation schedule and decided to not wait 8 hours for a ferry that may or may not arrive. Consequently, I am seeking a refund of $208.37, which is the amount I paid for two ferry tickets for this trip and so far I have not received a refund..

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about the bad experience you had due to the bad weather. After we received your review we contacted Seajets to find out what happened and they confirmed that you did not use your tickets of booking 239045441. They also wished to clarify that they did their best to be able to transfer you to your destination even though the weather conditions were so bad but since you selected to travel by other means they accepted to fully refund you for the tickets that you did not use.

    So we have now totally refunded you for booking 239045441 and the amount shall show on your account in a few working days depending on your bank.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Very good

    I have booked 4 different boats on different days and had no problem at all. I did print the booking proofs because the crew there doesn't work digitally yet. I gave my paper booking proofs to the kiosk and got the tickets for the boats. Persons with only the booking proof on there mobile phone had to go to the kiosk.
    This site is highly recommended to buy your tickets in advance. Thanks for this Ferriesingreece.

  • Easy to book

    Easy to book. Our specific ship allowed us to download the tickets to our phones so we didn't need to print them, which made it even easier. Bizarrely, even though we had booked the two tickets at the same time, we were not given seats next to each other. This seemed to be common, since there was a lot of seat-swapping going on inside the boat when we boarded, which was stressful for everyone. It would be far better to assign seats together for people who book together.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. We would like to inform you that the seats are automatically given by the central ferry system.

  • Poor communication

    The booking system is very good indeed and our fourth time of using FerriesInGreece.

    The Golden Ferries boat from Rafina to Santorini had mechanical problems which meant it travelled more slowly than usual making the journey longer. we were not offered any alternative. We were notified by FerriesInGreece that the Golden Ferries between Santorini and Naxos was being moved to Sea jet world champion but when we made the special effort to go into Thira to the agent who ferriesInGreece had said could change our ticket we were to it could only be done in the port on the day so we had a wasted journey into Thira.

    High winds meant that Sifnos Jet was not operating for a couple of days, but we only found this out ourselves. We had no communication from FerriesInGreece and were left to go into Naxos Town and change our ticket to Tinos. We did get a very late e-mail to say Sifnos Jet was operating to take us back to Rafina but by then we had done our own checking. We have travelled with FerriesInGreece 4 times now and this was the only disappointing experience.

    Answer from Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated and we are happy that you liked our booking system.
    Concerning your first trip from Rafina to Santorini, we were notified the day before your trip by Golden star ferries that it would face 2 hours delay and we informed you accordingly by email and SMS.

    Concerning your trip from Santorini to Naxos, we also informed you one week before your trip date that the trip you had booked was canceled by Golden Star ferries and as per their instructions you had to go to Dakoutros travel to change them to the Worldchampion Jet for which they had reserved seats for you.
    We contacted Dakoutros travel in Fira to find out why they did not change your ticket there and they informed us that there must have been some misunderstanding, they could have changed them but they always recommend their office at the port in order to make the change directly before the trip.

    As far as your trip from Naxos to Tinos is concerned, we regret to inform you that we were never notified by the ferry company that the trip was canceled which is quite common in case of bad weather since the port authorities decide a few hours before departure if a ferry will depart or not, therefore as Seajets informed us, they sent directly SMS notification to all the passengers with instructions but regrettably as we can see in your booking confirmation you had wrongly inserted your mobile number (there was a 0 inserted after the country code) so we assume you did not receive this automated SMS notification.

    We wish to clarify that we always inform our passengers via email and SMS of any changes that may concern their itineraries as soon as we are notified by the ferry companies. Though, in some cases, the ferry companies inform directly the passengers so it is essential you enter correctly your mobile number as instructed during the booking process.

    Always at your disposal for any further clarification.



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