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1507 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1507 users reviews.
  • Smooth travel

    [Translated from French]
    We used this company's services between Piraeus and Serifos, then between Serifos and Milos; fast, smooth journeys.
    Small regrets: it's a pity that wifi has to be paid for on board (Seajets); this is not the case anywhere else nowdays; it's also a pity that announcements are often incomprehensible to non-Greeks...
    But apart from these minor inconveniences, the transport was satisfactory regarding the desired objective: speed and simplicity.

  • Professional

    Booking and online tickets were all very professional services.

  • Evaluation

    Both booking procedure, Online tickets and the actual Ferry sail was very professional.
    Everything worked perfectly.

  • Very satisfied with FerriesinGreece

    [Translated from Dutch]
    We arranged our trip through FerriesinGreece this year. Everything was well organised and clearly explained in the emails. We received SMS notifications if a time or boat was changed.
    We will use FerriesinGreece again next year!

    [Original message]
    Wij hebben dit jaar onze trip via Ferries in Greece geregeld. Alles was goed geregeld en duidelijk uitgelegd in de mails. Wij kregen SMS berichten als er een tijdstip of boot gewijzigd was. Volgend jaar gaan we weer van Ferries in Greece gebruik maken!

  • Kos ferry

    Impeccable issuance and updating of tickets.

  • Evaluation ferries agency in Greece

    [Translated from French]
    FerriesinGreece is a very good agency for booking ferries to the Cyclades: we received an email containing a link to the Seajet and Blue Star Ferries websites to edit the boarding tickets. We were also notified by SMS of a boat delay.
    The boats of the 2 companies were punctual, clean and the staff pleasant.
    I would recommend them.

  • A wonderful family experience

    [Translated from Spanish]
    Excellent service. Punctuality. Comfort. A wonderful family experience. The fastest and most comfortable way to travel between the islands.

    [Original text]
    Title: Una maravillosa experiencia familiar.
    Excelente servicio. Puntualidad. Confort. Una experiencia maravillosa en familia. El modo más rápido y cómodo de viajar entre las islas.

  • Good service except for tickets

    It was very easy to book the trips about 6 months before traveling. The website is easy to use and prices are fair.
    We booked 4 travels with Dodekanisos Seaways between kos Kalymnos Leros and Patmos for 3 passengers and a small car.
    So we didn’t get the tickets immediately and we had to go to the 1st location in Kos and… IT WAS A MESS. We were given 2 locations in Kos. The first one Exas Traver service Rue Ant. Ioannidi 4, 85300 Kos didn’t exist AT ALL. The second one « Port Kos, 85300 KOS » was CLOSED because there was no boat on that day. 3rd address was far away on the other side of the port… So GIVE CORRECT INFO NEXT TIME.
    And in addition, it’s 1€ for each ticket… so 16€ for us and the car.
    After 2 hours lost and 16€ later we had our tickets.
    Dodekanisos Seaways boat Pride is nice. Each time we were the only car to get in so it was fast. Just don’t go to fast when getting down the boat not to scratch the front bumper on the ground EVEN IF PEOPLE FROM DODEKANISOS TELL YOU TO GO FASTER.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We are sorry to hear that you faced this problem with the central port office of Kos whose address changed recently and we missed informing you on time accordingly.
    Please note that we always recommend picking up the tickets at the port kiosk before departure. This is the easiest way as there is no point to go in advance to pick up the tickets on a previous day and waste time, as this can be done very easily before the embarkation.
    Port kiosks are not open when they do not have a departure to serve.
    Furthermore, we would like to inform you that soon E-tickets will be available for this company and there will not be a need to pick up your boarding cards.

  • Blue Star & Seajets

    [Translated from German]
    We booked 2 ferry routes via the website (Blue Star: Paros - Naxos and Seajets: Naxos - Mykonos) and everything worked perfectly, moreover, we could do the check-in via cell phone and received the tickets digitally. Seajets had still changed the schedule of departure, here too we were informed early.
    Top service, I am happy to recommend the site!

  • Overall impression

    Overall the booking was quite easy and to the point. It is a bit weird that you need to add all passengers one by one for each leg in the itinerary. Makes it quite cumbersome to book.

    Ferries were on time and booking was confirmed quickly. The main nuisance is that the website only gives you the direct option and nothing to compare with. Hence if I book from A to B and there is a better/cheaper option via A-D-C-B it is never visualised so as a foreigner you need to know on beforehand what companies traffics the different routes. In our case, this made the travels from Mykonos-Amorgos-Santorini-Crete very (IMHO) expensive in vain. Almost 1000 Euros for 4 people is the same price as the normal air tickets I paid from Scandinavia to Athens and back...

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. It is very helpful in order to improve our services.
    We would like to inform you that we will soon offer the option of indirect routes along with estimated rates for the total trip in order to be able to make such comparisons before booking.
    Please note though that we always suggest the direct routes as the best option, as it is very common during the high season for the ferries to face unforeseen delays, due to a lot of traffic in the ports or due to bad weather. It has happened many times that passengers missed their second departure due to such delays.
    Furthermore, it is quite rare to find a cheaper rate for two connecting ferries than a direct one but since this is a possibility we will soon offer this option.

  • Ferry Service

    [Translated from Italian]
    Very good service, on time and care especially about the cleanliness of the ferry (Zante Ferries) and especially the toilets. Excellent transportation.

  • Easy booking and ticket collection

    [Translated from French]
    Happy with the service.
    Easy despite the busy period.

  • Everything was perfect

    Punctual, comfortable service with lots of courtesy from the staff.

  • The ferry was so clean and comfortable!

    The staff are so friendly and answered all the questions I needed.
    The ferry (Blue Star Ferries) was so clean, comfortable and stable during the journey. We took the fast ferry from Rafina to Tinos at about 7:45 am. There were few passengers so we were on board soon and departed on time. Recommend!

  • Ferry trips from Athens to Mykonos and Santorini

    My family took 2 different ferry trips with Seajets during our family vacation. Our first leg from Athens to Mykonos had a schedule change to leave 2 hours early (due to weather) and the communication was very thorough (multiple texts and emails). The ferry was clean, communication was clear and they were very efficient.
    Our ferry from Mykonos to Santorini was also seamless and on time.
    I would recommend booking with FerriesinGreece to others traveling in the area. Thank you!



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