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1540 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1540 users reviews.
  • Efficient and practical

    It is an effective site to book multiple ferries. However to conclude booking it said it would send me a code via SMS message, which had never come despite of multiple attempts, even though I cleared the history of my browser. It took 2 long international telephone calls to obtain the code.

  • Very good

    [Translated from French]
    Booking made through the internet from France and no worries to pick up the tickets on the spot in the different agencies in Athens, Santorini and Sifnos. Reliable services. It is very useful to be able to book several routes at the same time.

  • Simple to use

    Booking our ferries via this website was very easy and hassle-free - easily recommend this site to anyone.

  • Strongly recommend this company

    I`m very satisfied with the service provided by I strongly recommend this company.

  • I regret using this company

    I am extremely dissatisfied with this company and wish I hadn't even bothered. The service fees were outrageously high (one of my ferry tickets itself was cheaper than the service fee through this company). I wanted to make sure I had all my tickets purchased before traveling but I wish I would have just waited to buy them at the port in order to avoid the hefty fees through this company. I was in Greece in high season and the boats were not even sold out, so I definitely would NOT recommend this service to anyone. The single star I'm giving is for the ease of finding routes/timetables through their website.

    Answer by
    Dear Hannah, thank you for your feedback.
    Please note that most of the online travel agencies globally charge service fees.
    In our case, this is done to be able to cover the expenses needed in order to offer you:
    - The best possible service and assistance for whatever problem or question you may have.
    - A customer support available all days of the week, from 7am to 22pm.
    - Follow up: We do not only sell you ferry tickets. We follow-up your trip and inform you by email and SMS if your ferry is delayed or canceled. If it is canceled we propose you alternative solutions in order for you to reach your destination without delays and take care of all new ferry bookings that have to be made.
    - The best and most user-friendly website using the latest technologies and many tools to help you organize your trip. Also, the possibility to make island hopping trips using different ferry companies.

    Also, in your case, you have selected the most expensive fee that permits you not to have any charges in case of cancellations or amendments.
    You could have selected the simple fee and in this case, the fee wouldn't be more expensive than the ticket's price.
    There are other agencies that do not charge extra fees but they do not take care of you once the tickets are sold. Many times, ferries can be delayed or canceled for many reasons, like bad weather. In our case, we do our best to find you alternatives for the same date and prices.
    In any case, we hope you had a great experience in Greece.

  • Reliable service

    Reliable booking service provided by FerriesInGreece. It was very easy to book the trip, with multiple segments, and there were no problems during the transfers. The Hellenic Seaways ships are well mantained and services are very good.

  • Very good

    [Translated from French]
    Website that focuses on the correspondences operated from different companies between every island.
    I had to make major changes for some destinations but everything went well.
    The service was top.

  • Excellent site to book multiple trips

    I ordered 4 trips, 8 people each and could successfully get the tickets at the port office.
    I can recommend ferrriesingreece for all your bookings.
    I got "Blue Start Ferries" tickets for free, but had to pay 1€ / ticket for "FastFerries" and also for "Golden Start Ferries". Unclear why....

  • Excellent site for booking your ferries

    It is very helful to be able to book several routes at the same time.

  • Great company

    Great company and so easy to deal with. Very helpful with any queries you may have. Highly recommend this company when organising your travels by ferry.

  • Everything went well

    [Translated from French]
    I made my booking via Ferriesingreece, the website is easy to use, everything is well-informed. I retrieved my tickets from their agency in Santorini and everything worked well there too.

  • Buying at Ferriesingreece

    Sorry, but my feedback is absolutely bad:
    - in general, internet connections in Greece are bad. Imagine you have to do all what you did before on your desktop at home, you have to do in a hotel lobby on your mobile-phone :-( --> it will not work.
    - online booking for a group is limited to 8 Persons, we were 11, so I had to do all twice
    - booking system/website did not work properly, annoying was paying with credit card
    - online booking bit DHL transport of tickets makes absolutely NO sense
    - 2 out of 3 ferries were cancelled, obviously by hellenic or seastar. we were just informed about 2nd cancellation. Absolutely NO help or automatically re-booking on new ferry, just the option to get the money back in case I bring back the real tickets (of a ferry which is cancelled)....this is really customer unfriendly
    - no kids corner/empty kids corner
    - incredible mess with luggage, but at least it worked for everybody
    - 100 dB noise during ramp opening short before stand there in a crowd with 2 little children and reason to make this noise from point of view of security. there are other places to be more secure, e.g. streets/drivers.
    - service and food on board are good!!
    --> so just one star from our side (group of 3 generations, 3 nations)

    Answer by Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your feedback, it is highly appreciated.
    - Internet connection in Greece is good almost on all islands but we really did not understand the point of this note since you booked tickets back in March when you were in Switzerland and asked for your booked tickets to be sent to you via courier.
    - Indeed the central ferry booking system provider in Greece Forth crs offers this limited possibility for bookings to be up till 8 people per trip. We also hope that this will change in the near future and if it will we will certainly update our website accordingly.
    - DHL courier service is just an option that we give as many passengers wish to have the tickets at hand before the trip. We also give the option to pick up the tickets at the port kiosk or to do web check in (e-ticket) for the companies that support this option.
    - As soon as we receive a notification from the ferry company about a canceled trip we directly inform the passengers by email and sms. In some cases Hellenic Seways inform directly the passengers and in such case they do not inform us, so obviously for your trip Rafina to Santorini you received an sms entered during the booking procedure.
    In such case since we assume that the specific tickets are still in your hands you need to send them back to our office in order to receive a full refund them.
    Therefore kindly send us back and in a secure way (preferably by courier) the tickets that you need to cancel. As soon as we receive them we will proceed to the cancellation and refund you the total ticket rate.
    - Concerning your comments about the kids corner and mess with luggage and noise we have forwarded this complaint to the ferry companies requesting to improve their services.

  • Excellent Service

    I am glad that we used Ferriesingreece. Someone gave us the wrong information on where our ferry was departing from and missed our ferry. Ferriesingreece, particularly Eleni, was very helpful in getting us a full refund from the ferry company. Thank you so much for your help. I would definitely recommend their service.

  • Must use Ferry Booking

    This company made it very easy to navigate and purchase our ferry tickets. Not all allow for printable tickets, but you can pick up before your ferry at the office. All the vessels were excellent in their way, and they offer paid wifi. Highly recommend using this service!

  • Simple, accurate and very helpful

    Simple, accurate and helpful! Our first time on Greek ferry’s but we needn’t have worried - Ferriesingreece dealt efficiently with our booking and everything was plain sailing. We booked 4 trips - Crete-Mykonos, Mykonos-Naxos, Naxos-Santorini, Santorini-Crete, and found this a great way for our family to get the Cyclades experience.



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