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1540 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1540 users reviews.
  • First in Greece

    [Translated from French]
    The site is clear. Tickets can be printed online. No surprise. The Hellenic Seaways Higtspeed 4 is very comfortable.

  • Excellent booking site

    [Translated from French]
    We booked 3 transfers: Athens-Santorini, Santorini-Paros and Paros-Athens.
    The first 2 were canceled by the company Hellenic Seaways without reason.
    The agency Ferriesingreece, in both cases, found alternatives, under the same conditions of price and class within one hour of the cancellation.
    This is so PERFECT and we wanted to say a big thank you to this very reliable agency!
    I will come back.
    P.S. I payed the extra 10 Euro in the reservation ... This may explain that. Do not hesitate anyway.

  • Excellent

    The best booking agency I ever used!! Fast, accurate, reliable!!!!

  • 5 stars service

    Everything was great. Booking online was very simple, clear and precise. After sale service was also great.
    I reccommend this service to everyone.

  • Amazing Service!

    My friend and I used FerriesInGreece to book our ferries to Ios, Mykonos and Athens. About two weeks before our trip, one of our ferries got cancelled. FerriesInGreece notified us right away, and provided us a list of the many other ferry options to take that day. They switched our booking to our desired ferry and ensured that our trip went smoothly! It was very easy to book our itinerary and the service was great, we definitely would use FerriesInGreece again.

  • Easy To Use

    I booked multiple trips to different islands and found the website very easy to use. It was a positive experience given that it was straight forward and easy to follow.

  • Great booking experience

    Booking through Ferriesingreece was very easy and seamless. Everything was communicated well and all instructions were clear. Our only disappointment was that we had reserved seats on our ferry and these seats were occupied when we boarded. We were told by the ferry staff that they are sorry but they can't reshuffle people so me and my wife ended up sitting a few rows from each other.

  • Excellent

    Easy to book online. Quick boarding and disembarking, super clean and comfortable vessels.

  • Easy & up to date

    Booked from abroad. (Scandinavia)
    Electronic Tickets worked flawlessly, easy to use with Apple Wallet. Using the smaller company´s I had to use "paper-tickets" but the service was fast and friendly at the ticket office so that was not a problem at all. There is no reason for not using this excellent service.

  • Everything uncomplicated

    The booking process was uncomplicated, communication was fast and efficient, changes were adequately communicated well in advance. Only advice: it might be an idea to indicate which port exactly ferries depart from (in Vathy/Samos we nearly missed the ferry because we were waiting at the wrong port and nobody could tell us where we depart from, same it was in Leros) or to give Information to passengers that there are two ports in one place, especially for non-locals. All in all, we would book here again and we can recommend It.

  • Excellent booking service

    Excellent booking service and easy to use website. We booked multiple ferry trips (Pireaus-Mykonos-Paros-Naxos-Santorini) and the bookings all went smoothly.

  • It could have been better

    [Translated from Italian]
    As for the ferries, punctuality, comfort, cleanliness I would say it is 10. The only drawback I had was that my plane arrived 3 hours late and despite having paid the insurance for the date shift and although I had warned them well in advance of the delay, they did not move me. Date of boarding the next day and I had to pay the one-way ticket for 2 people again.
    Website very functional and easy to book.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated. We are very happy that you liked our website and the ferries that you traveled with.
    As far as the amendment you asked for unfortunately it was not possible due to requesting it 2 hours before the trip start and according to the policy of Seajets, tickets can be changed to open tickets and amended to others only if we proceed at least 24 hours before the departure time.
    We would also like to clarify that the business package you had bought covers the 12.3 Euro Amendment fee or 5 euro Cancellation Service fee, it does not mean that you can cancel your tickets for a full refund only 2 hours before departure. Any cancellation or amendment is subject to the cancellation policy of the ferry company regardless if you buy the basic or the business service package.

  • Excessive service fees. Why are paper tickets (and printing fees) still required?

    The website is well constructed. My 3-star rating is based on the accumulation of processing and printing fees:
    There is a processing fee for booking online. I understand the need to charge a fee; but I feel that ~40% is utterly excessive:
    I was charged 7.32 euro service fee for booking a 19 euro ticket Mykonos-Naxos
    I was charged 7.31 euro service fee for booking a 18.20 euro tickets Naxos-Schinousa-Iraklia
    In addition, I had to pay 1 euro to obtain the physical tickets for each.
    Why do you still oblige users to produce a physical paper ticket when most rely on online booking and smartphones?
    So, in conclusion, your service fees should be much lower. And the printing of a ticket is unnecessary for most of your customers and appears to be just another revenue stream.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. Kindly note that not all the ferry companies support e-tickets and thus for most of them, paper boarding cards/tickets are needed. As per the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking in some cases the central agents may ask for a 0.5 to 1 euro fee per ticket for printing them:
    In rare cases, a small fee of 0.5 EUR up to 1 EUR per ticket may be charged by the representative agency of the ferry company for picking up prepaid tickets.
    As far as the service fees are concerned, we would like to inform you that these are clearly stated before proceeding to the payment for the booking.

    Please also note that most of the online travel agencies globally charge service fees.
    In our case, this is done to be able to cover the expenses needed in order to offer you:
    - The best possible service and assistance for whatever problem or question you may have.
    - A customer support available all days of the week, from 7am to 22pm.
    - Follow up: We do not only sell you ferry tickets. We follow-up your trip and inform you by email and SMS if your ferry is delayed or canceled. If it is canceled we propose you alternative solutions in order for you to reach your destination without delays and take care of all new ferry bookings that have to be made.
    - The best and most user-friendly website using the latest technologies and many tools to help you organize your trip. Also, the possibility to make island hopping trips using different ferry companies.

  • Great!

    The best! The booking is easy and friendly, the ferries are right on time, clean and nice. I love to go with you!

  • Very good service

    [Translated from French]
    I would like to emphasize the quality of the boats, the comfort, several services on board, courteous staff.
    Nice experience, we feared the crowd but the embarkation and disembarkation was easier than we thought and everything was ok.
    Also it is easy to book tickets in advance and pick them up at the port, at the offices of the chosen transport company!



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