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1540 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1540 users reviews.
  • שים במעבורות

    בוקר טו ב בשנים האחרונות אני שט כמה פעמים בשנה במעבורות בין איי יוון . שרות מצוין זמן זהזמן .מחירים הוגני חויה נהדרת

  • Ferry from Santorini to Heraklion

    This is the third time we have booked a ferry and each time we have been very impressed with the services offered and how punctual the ferries are. We easily picked up our tickets which had been booked online. The whole experience was great and we will definitely use their services again. We have no hesitation in recommending your services.

  • Great service

    Although I had a lot of questions and problems, now I patiently answered everything, and they solved all at no extra cost.

  • Excellent

    It is one of the best journies I had in the recent times. The facilities in the ferries are very good.


    Everytime the service is perfect.

  • Excellent service

    Used the company for the last two years. Cannot fault them or the ferries we have used. All been on time and very efficient loading and unloading. Keep up the good work.

  • Good service

    we have had a great holiday on the greek nothern sporades. Travelling with the ferries was very good organised an although very punktually. The comfort on the ferry was very good and all was clean. thanks for a good and safty travelling

  • Incredibly good service

    Booking through Ferries In Greece made the experience so much easier. it was so convenient working out across the various ferry companies the idea travel and then being able to book all together ( and at great prices). What really makes then stand out even more is the incredible service I received. I was travelling in September but stupidly booked the tickets for August ... and a month after my "booked" travel date when i went to convert the booking to a ticket i was shown my error. I bought new tickets and was advised to email and whilst i thought my stupidity had no chance of a refund a month after the original booking dates, Ferries In Greece were so unbelievably helpful and had it all fixed within days. I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone travelling - for convenience, value and service.

  • rhodes-marmaris-rhodes

    Ferry is ok. But you should pay additional 15 EUR tax per person at port and I didn`t see any information about before my trip.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. It is appreciated. Kindly note that it is stated in the terms and conditions of SeaDreams that you accepted before proceeding to this booking:
    Taxes to Marmaris: Adults pay full ticket without discount. Children pay half ticket. Infants (until 6 years old) travel for free.
    Passengers traveling between Turkey and Greece will be requested to pay port taxes before their embarkation. The amount for the port taxes is 15€ per person.

    Sorry for the inconveniance.

  • Good trip pity about not getting a full refund

    Good trip out. When we heard about the strike we had to book flights immediately to arrive in Crete in time to meet a friend. We went to Paros port for a refund, but were only given half in case the strike did not go ahead. We could have got a full refund on the day before the strike. It cost us 60E to travel to the port from where we were staying. We were doing a course and would have to have missed a large chunk of it to travel there again, as well as pay another 60E. We should have been offered the opportunity to get a refund online, since we paid online.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. We are really sorry to hear about the costs that the strike of the dock workers caused to you. Kindly note that Polos tours in Paros refunded you correctly with the 50% of the ticket rate as per the cancellation policy of Hellenic Seaways because your trip was not cancelled due to the strike. It was completed normally.
    It is understandable that you did not wish to risk to face problems on the day of departure and thus decided to book a flight to be sure to make your way to Heraklion on the 23rd of September but since the ferry itinerary you had booked was completed normally we can unfortunately not make further claims for the refund of the remaining 50% and nor for the taxi expenses to reach the port of Paros.
    Kindly note that since the tickets were already printed and in your hands we could not cancel them for you unless you sent them back to us on time. This is because we need to have the physical tickets, accordingly to the policy of the ferry company, to make sure that they will not be used in any other way (refunded twice or amended at any other central agency).
    We always remain at your disposal for any further clarification.

  • A little expensive

    Translated from french:
    Good but expensive. 2 trips were canceled and we had to pay extra ... to navigate a small boat very sensitive to the rough sea: Sea Jet 2.
    We were not offered an alternative solution.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. Kindly note that as per our email communication your trips with Hellenic Seaways were cancelled due to changes in their schedules. Therefore we contacted you in order to ask if you wish to get refunded for the specific trips or if you preferred to change your tickets to other departures convenient to you. As there were not many options available you chose to travel with Seajets and since the cost for those tickets was more expensive than the initial ones you had bought, you were requested to pay for the according difference in the ticket rate.
    Always at your disposal for any further information you may need.

  • Almost satisfied

    It was not the first time when I used Ferriesingreece for booking the tickets. However this time there arised some unexpected problems. 2 weeks prior the trip I was advised by e-mail that one of the trips had been cancelled. I would like to point out that the managers of Ferriesingreece provided an extremely prompt feedback and excellent support during the process of refund. The bad thing is that another tickets for ferries from one island to another costed 80 EUR more due to the fact that the only one option (Platinum seats) was offered. It\'s still a secret for me, why there were no tickets for other decks, as the ferry was not fully booked at all, there was plenty of free seats inside... Another problem is that we had the tickets for different ferry companies for different dates. In such case there is no possibility to print out ALL the tickets in one point (Piraeus or any other port), but you have to pick them up on each island you visit and run along the street from one office to another. I suppose that the clients would be happy if some arrangements simplified this procedure.

    Answer by FerriesinGreece
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated in order to improve our services.
    Kindly note that the availability given on line on our booking engine, is automatically taken from the central ferry booking system of Greece, Forth Crs, and that it is normal for it to change from day to day. This means that it is normal that there was no availability for Economy seats at the time of your booking and empty seats were later found on the date of travel due to a cancellation of a group booking for example. This is unfortunately not something that we can predict or change.
    Concerning having to pick up the tickets of the different ferry companies from different port kiosks is unfortunately also something that cannot be changed as it is not possible for the central agents of one ferry company to print out tickets that belong to another ferry company.

  • Good transport

    The ferries are a great way to travel as they are efficient and unlike the airport, which only services a couple of Islands, they service all the important islands. They also have very good accommodations if you want to upgrade.

  • Good service

    Compared to other sites FerriesinGreece was easy to book, navigate and our tickets were sent promptly. The ferries left on time but were a little late arriving to destination but this did not matter too much.

  • Great trips in the cyclades islands

    very good service.



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