The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1464 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1464 users reviews.
  • Great site for Multiple Bookings

    I used this site to book 3 difference sectors from Crete to Santorini, then to Naxos, then back to Athens, and it was much easier to book on this site rather than via various ferry companies. Office in Crete was able to print out all the tickets for each sector so saved us alot of time. Ferries were generally comfortable and even though the seas were rough on our last sector causing delays, passengers were looked after with sick bags being distributed and the captain chose a longer but less rough route following the coastline - good to know that passenger safety was upmost. My only criticism was that even though on website I booked for family of four - on a couple of the sectors 3 of our seats were together, and one a few rows in front. However it was peak season in August and ferries busy. Overall nice to avoid airports and arrival in port in Santorini an experience in itself.

  • Good ferrys and service

    Our experience with ferries in Greece was very good. The ferry was very comfortable and on time. The service was nice. I recommend this company. We were only surprised, that we have to pay extra 1 Euro per ticket, when we picked up our tickets in Naxos ferry office. In Pireus and Katapola we didn’t pay extra money for tickets collection

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback! We would like to inform you that we contacted the ferry company to check about this charge and they informed us that the specific central agency has this charge. Kindly note that it is very seldom to be requested for such payment as 99% of the central agencies of all ferry companies do not charge anything for picking up the prepaid tickets.
    Therefore we also state in the terms and conditions that you need to accept before proceeding to your ferry booking the following:
    "In rare cases a small fee of 0.5 up to 1 euro per ticket may be charged by the representative agency of the ferry company for picking up prepaid tickets."
    Always at your disposal.

  • Good experience

    Very good possibilities of booking different companies and different combinations of journeys. Perfect ship Super fast XII, very comfortable and great service. Very punctual, no delays.

  • A good choice

    (Translated from Italian)
    Fast, accurate, reliable, all that is expected of a travel agency. We booked via email and we had no difficulty in withdrawing, without any additional charge, our tickets were delivered directly at the port terminal. We had already used their services in the past and once again they confirmed their excellence.

  • The best booking agency

    (Translated from Spanish)
    The best agency to book your tickets for the ferries to the Greek islands! It was very easy to use the website and they offer the lowest of all agencies' commissions. We were notified well in advance of changes or cancellation of some way, and they offered several options to modify the ticket. One of our trip was canceled and we were warned two weeks before the trip. This gave us the opportunity to spend the afternoon in Piraeus and we went to the office and changed the tickets right there . We choose to buy tickets sent home and they came to Spain in a few days.

  • Great Service

    I recently used FerriesInGreece to pre book my ferries prior to travelling. Instructions were easy to follow and staff in person were helpful. The actual ferry companies themselves are not reliable and one of our ferries was cancelled which is out of FerriesInGreece control but they notified me and helped me make other arrangements. Would use them again.

  • Very Easy and Effective

    The ferry service is very simple to execute. We have booked our tickets online and swiftly picked it up from the Blue Star agency in Piraeus port. The ferry ride was long (we traveled to Paros) therefore it might have been a nice idea to book a bit more expensive tickets to sit inside in the air conditioning. In addition, it is better to bring sources of entertainment such as magazines. Food and beverages are cheap and can be acquired everywhere. The ferry is very clean and taken care of. Overall it was a very nice experience.

  • Great

    Very easy to buy tickets online and pick up at the port. Out of four tickets we booked, one was cancelled and one had a time change, but we were quickly notified of this by FerriesinGreece, who helped us rebook and sorted out our refund. Would definitely recommend.

  • Positive Experience

    (Translated from Italian)
    We found the experience very good. We had a cancellation and ferriesingreece changed our reservations quickly crediting the difference in our favor

  • Greek ferries are great!

    They say Greek ferries can be unreliable, but this was not our experience at all. The service on board is great and the ships are very comfortable. It's easier to buy tickets online and take advantage of online check-in and self-print if you can, otherwise the lines at the port can be a little long. It was a little annoying that we were not informed about the changed (later) departure time on one of our SeaJets ferries, but it all worked out in the end.

  • Great experience

    Our experience with Ferries in Greece was so easy and simple! We only had to pick up our tickets in different spots, but it made our trip so much easier! I definitely recomend this company!

  • Unforgettable trip!!

    Taking a ferry to visit the Greek islands is a must do on every trip to Greece. The service is very good and the staff very courteous. The ship is very comfy. Always plan ahead: take the advantage of buying the tickets online and save time!!

  • Tickets arrived quickly

    Booked the tickets from Norway. Since we had little transfer time in Athens we decided to get the tickets skipped to Norway by DHL. They arrived within a couple of days, and everything worked out fine.

  • Everything work

    One day, 4 years ago, we had a surprise the ferry was full from Kalymnos to Rodos, so we have had to take a cabin. So expensive for a day trip. Now we book 2 months before. And everything works. We had a doubt about to get the tickets in different agencies through our trip and even that works. It was cheaper than receive the original tickets at home. We went from Rodos to Tilos, then from Tilos to Aestypalea and to finish from Aestypalea to Rodos and it works for small islands. Easy when we know the hours of travel to get an appartement . Nice trip and nice service.

  • Excellent service

    I booked several boat trips to different Greek islands trough Ferriesingreece this summer. The internet site is easy to use. I recommend you to pick up the tickets in the different ports. I got the tickets sent by regular mail to my home. When I wanted to change a departure date I had to send the tickets back to Greece and book new tickets. Its an extra cost to send the tickets back. I experienced an excellent service. When it comes to the different ships we loved the BlueStarFerries. High quality in ecomumy class and quiet and nice in business class. The Hellenic Highspeed boats are good too, but costs more since they are faster. The Higspeed ferries has numbers up to 7 based on when they were delivered. The ferry without number was old and more sensitive to waves.



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