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1464 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1464 users reviews.
  • Great service

    Very good company. Booking was easy, with accurate ferry info and they post actual tickets rather than vouchers which saves a lot of time at the ports and impressed our taxi driver & the staff at our hotel! When our ferry from Piraeus had to be cancelled due to bad weather, Michael made sure we got a refund easily & quickly. Will use this company again. If you travel on Seajet 2, we'd recommend spending a bit extra to travel on the upper deck - makes for a much more pleasant experience.

  • Paid some extra money

    We (family of three, son was 2.5) were quite satisfied with the overall service, especially with quite responsive and competent staff regarding email communication.

    What remains is the idea of having paid too much. (Note that we cannot tell how much of the responsibility is with or sea jets.) We were travelling from Rafina port to Paros (options from Piraeus were available only in the morning or evening) on a Tue in May. The ship was not at all fully booked and even less people boarded at Rafina port. The feeling of having paid too much is threefold: * We paid extra 3 EUR (one per ticket) for "printing" when we picked up the tickets at the office at the port. This is not much (and I didn't want to argue on site), but it should have been listed with the fees on purchase. Now it felt a bit like picking up train tickets in India. * We bought an extra ticket for our son, because the website is not exact about the age (sth like "free up to 2 years when no seat is claimed and ticket required from 3 years and older", so what about 2.5?). If we knew that space and seats were not at all a problem, then we would have interpreted "up to 2 year" as "not yet 3 years old". * The club class should include a reserved seat while other had free seating - so we went for club class. However, this was not at all necessary and not even a good idea: ** The club class was on the upper deck with the stairs in the middle of the free space - so no chance to let our son get up a bit on his own. ** Our reserved seats were not next to each other. My seat number did not exist on the boat. ** We were among the first ten people in the club class, but our seats were already taken. ** I asked the crew whether we can just sit in on the other deck and he confirmed that it was free seating. However, I noticed several people looking for their exact seat and even insisting on having "theirs". In one instance, a crew member showed up and asked seated persons to change their seats... I cannot tell exact facts about what was going on, but all this looks like nobody knows exactly what everybody paid for. The conclusion is that we had a nice trip and we felt really good with the service of, but it might have been 30-40% cheaper (which means we could have paid up to 65% too much).

    Answer by

    Thank you for your feedback. It is much appreciated and valuable in order to improve our services.
    We have contacted Seajets to check further and they informed us that according to the policy of the company their port agents should not charge any fees for printing out the tickets, and that they have not heard such information about the specific port agency in Rafina port before.
    Kindly note that travel agencies/ port agents have the right to do this according to the law, this is also the reason that it is mentioned in our terms and conditions, but almost no port kiosks makes such charges so it is now under further investigation.

    Concerning the child age we are sorry that you did not ask us before booking or even before trip date if you were not sure how to enter your 2.5 year old child. We feel it is clearly stated though that children from 3 years pay child fare unless the passenger wants it to have its own seat (in such case child fare is paid even if the child is less than 2 years old.

    As far as the seating is concerned Seajets informed us that there had been a vessel change (Seajet 1 was to complete this itinerary initially) and due to this fact there was a general mix up with the seat numbers on the specific trip. What the staff meant by “free seating” was obviously that you are free to sit in the cheaper “Economy” Section of the ferry if you preferred to do so, since there were many available seats anyway. In general it is not permitted for the passengers who have paid Economy Tickets to sit in the more Expensive upper lounge “Club Class”
    We always remain at your disposal for any further information and are grateful that in conclusion you were satisfied by our services! Thank you for this.

  • Excellent service through the recent strike

    We planned to travel during the seaman's strike 16th-19 May. The company alerted us to the strike as soon as they could and gave us options of changing the ferry time or cancelling with a refund. We changed our minds a couple of times about our plans but Michael responded immediately to our emails and gave us every confidence in the service. The same happened when the strike was prolonged, we had a superb response and couldn't fault the service. Arranging all this from England with no Greek or knowledge of the Islands was amazingly reassuring. We Were very impressed.

  • Great Service

    I had a great experience with Their website was the only one I found that let you book multiple one-way journeys with the island hoping feature and had the lowest booking fees. I also happened to travel during a strike, and they got in touch with me ahead of my travels to let me know the ferry was cancelled and refunded my money. Great customer service. Would use them again!

  • Good service

    Good service

  • Erratic ferry arrival times

    The booking service was easy to use and tickets were delivered on time to the hotel.

    However, the ferry service was very erratic. The ferries from Santorini to Mykonos and from Mykonos to Piraeus were late for an hour. No notice or update was given on the delay or arrival time, so basically we were just waiting indefinitely at the port. Both were Superjet passenger ferry (SEAJETS). There should be updates at the port at least. Surprisingly, the car ferry Champion Jet2 from Heraklion to Santorini was more efficient and on time, and more comfortable as well.

  • Great Service

    Service is perfect, great experience.

  • Athens - Santorini - Milos - Athens

    Great trip, no issues here! Recieved tickets bij post which was very easy.

  • Great ferry ride!

    We booked online for general boarding and easily picked up the tickets at the dock. We caught the ferry on Santorini island and were amazed at the size. We watched buses, full-sized trucks, and cars board and then we boarded along with the rest of the passengers. The ferry itself was nothing like we had imagined. It looked brand new, was well lit, and very clean. There was staff available to help and answer questions, but passengers were also very friendly. We didn't realize we needed to secure an inside seat first, so we headed to an outside deck. It was almost completely empty and we enjoyed sitting outside for the first several hours. When the sun set and the temperature dropped, we spent a bit of time inside looking for a seat and found a college student who shared her table with us. There was a variety of snacks, drinks, a burger restaurant, and places to shop inside. There was good energy on board as the passengers either slept, ate, walked around, or visited with other passengers. The next time I book a ride, I might book the airseat, so I'll have an inside seat already secured.

  • My Stay in the Greek Islands

    I spend 10 months in the Cyclades & booked ferries for myself & family & friends visiting, the service was quick & efficient, easy to complete data requested, the only that was a problem was beyond your control, strong winds in July meant delayed ferries from Paros & anxious guests nearly missing their flights from Mykonos, all part of the holiday. I would use the service again & recommend it to others. I am English, my house/home in France, I am back here now after & great Greek adventure. See you next year maybe

  • Good trip

    It was such a good trip.We enjoyed it.Used many times, had only one time delay.I recommend them.

  • My Greek Ferry Experience

    I had a great time with the ferries. I took a ferry to Paros- Naxos- Santorini over a span of three days. The services in the ferry were very good except the internet facilities. Overall, a satisfactory experience. Will recommend for all.

  • Our Greece Ferry Experience

    Had great Ferry experience going from Santorini to Mykonos and from Mykonos to Athens. The ships were clean and on schedule. We had booked on line and were able to pick up the tickets at the dock which was very convenient. We lucked out with good weather which made the experience even better

  • Island hopping from Athens, to Mykonos, to Naxos, to Santorini and lastly Heraklion

    We used Seajets to Island hop from Piraeus, to Mykonos, to Naxos, to Santorini, to Heraklion. We were in the premier section and were very happy with our service. The attendants became familiar to us as we saw them on each leg of our trip. the ships were clean and the voyage was easy. The only change we experienced was that the ship was changed and we didn't know it until we were at the port. Champion 2 was replaced by Champion 1. I was concerned about the times and the docks but we managed to ask questions at the dock to obtain answers. I would suggest that Seajet keep a current, daily schedule online that customers can follow so that they can check to see any changes that may happen.

    The ordering process was great with FerriesinGreece and we would use them again. We loved Greece.

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