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1516 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1516 users reviews.
  • Efficient and easy to use Ferriesingreece

    We had planned island hopping between three island. I must say this was a great way to travel and definitely not the last time we have used Ferriesingreece. Their website is easy to navigate and when traveling everything works satisfying. We were originally two families traveling but one family had to cancel and it was so easy to return the tickets and get a refund for the unused tickets. What a service.

  • Kilini -> Poros (Kefalonia)

    User Friendly. First time using this website, surly in the future will use it again

  • I recommend FerriesinGreece

    User friendly website, smooth delivery of tickets and reminders. I recommend.

  • Greece needs a progress!

    I did many ferry trips also Island hopping and I couldn't see any progress. After soooo many tourists especially this year is it a completely disaster at the harbours/ports - no regular procedure. No information office, people were confused and desorientated. No loud speaker if there is any delay. Not enough space (seats in the shadow and/or space for passengers) to wait for the ferry only in the middle of somewhere. I booked my tickets online some months in advance. After picking up the tickets I had completely different times on it. No comment from the office to the changes and I also didn't receive any information about the changed timetable by email. But to get all my tickets from the same office I had to pay additional €1.-/each ticket. When the ferry arrived it was efficient, but what about the safety? Nobody compares if the tickets are identical with the passport/ID. The streets/ways at the harbour/port until to get into the ferry are horrible. With heavy luggage almost impossible especially for old people. The staff is not always supporting and I had the impression they are bored of their job and not motivated at all. For me as Greek is it hard to see that and very disappointing.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated in order to improve our services.
    Concerning the time changes in your two trips from Paros to Mykonos and Mykonos to Paros we regret to inform you that we were never informed accordingly by the ferry companies in order to inform you and this is quite usual when these changes are made in their schedules last minute and the difference is very small (less than 30 minutes) as in your case. In these cases they usually inform you directly by sms to the entered mobile phone number in your booking. Concerning the loudspeakers and the shaded areas on Mykonos and Paros ports we have forwarded your request to the ferry company to check how this issue can be improved.
    Concerning the 1 euro additional payment kindly note that this is legal and some central offices ask for it for their expenses, even though this is quite rare, and it is something that you are notified about in the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking:
    "In rare cases a small fee of 0.5 up to 1 euro per ticket may be charged by the representative agency of the ferry company for picking up prepaid tickets."

  • Terrible booking system

    Bought VIP table tickets to travel with my with with Ferries in Greece and they got us consecutive seating places, which was nice. When we arrived there though, the places weren't together. They were consecutive, but not on the same table. I had to sit on a table with 3 strangers and she had to do the same. That happened in both ways, not in only one trip. And they can't say the ship was full because it wasn't. I saw many free places in other tables. Lousy seating arrangement system.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated in order to improve our services. Kindly note that the seats offered to a booking are automatically consequent upon availability and this is not something that we at have the ability to control as they are provided directly by the Greek national ferry booking system, ForthCrs. Kindly note that you are also allowed to ask at the reception desk of the ferry to sit in other free consequent seats and furthermore that it is usual that such free available seats exist on the ferry while they did not exist at the moment that you made the booking as availability can change from hour to hour due to cancellations.
    We are sorry for any inconvenience and remain at your disposal for any further information.

  • Excellent

    Very good service!

  • Wonderful

    I found this site extremely easy and user friendly compared to other sites I had looked at when planning to book ferries within Greece. We travelled with three different ferry lines and had no problem in picking up our tickets on each island and each ferry service was good. One of the ferries was slightly late but it wasn't a big deal. I was amazed at the efficiency of boarding people on each ferry and we had a pleasant journey on each line. Note that one of the ferries Blue Star charges a one euro fee for each ticket when you pick them up but I thought the tickets were reasonably priced on all the lines.

  • Bari to Corfu

    I was very impressed with the service provided. My tickets arrived promptly in the UK, but I then needed to change the day or travel and was very impressed with the information I was given in order to make the changes. When I arrived at the port in Bari my new tickets were waiting for me and there were no problems at all.

  • Easy booking

    Purchase of the ferry ticket was great, FerriesinGreece process was very easy and efficient. The ferry company though, was horrible. Champion Jet (SEAJETS) had several hour of delays and reported issues with their engines. Definitely stay away.

  • Perfect

    Easy round trip booking even for different companies, rapid delivery and all was just fine! I can strongly recommend.

  • Smooth crossing

    I put this in an email but here again for the survey...... (As last year, I received a telephone text message that it wasn\'t possible to respond directly to. Might I suggest your request for feedback, if sent by text, includes an alternative email address or international telephone number for a text response?) I am always very impressed by the way in which your ferries stick to the timetable. I traveled from Skiathos to Alonissos and back ten days later. The staff were very helpful especially when I had forgotten to exchange my online booking form for a ticket. Would it not be possible to print or show an online ticket instead of needing to exchange it for a ticket at the port? I expect you are also concerned with the process for managing luggage on board. It does seem rather stressful as it now is and causes queues of anxious travelers! I have also been very pleased with the responses to my email enquiries. Thanks for your good service

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback which is valuable to us in order to improve our services.
    We are happy to inform you  that after our email communication we have now changed the SMS text in order to guide accordingly the passengers about where to send their reviews.
    As far as the procedure of having to print out the tickets before departure is also something that will not be needed soon as the specific ferry company has introduced a web check in service to skip this. E-tickets for this company will soon be proposed with our new website what will be online in a couple of months.

  • Ferry (Flying Dolphin) Piraeus - Aegina

    I am happy to write a review since I have had a very good experience with this ferry we used from Piraeus to Aegina and return trip, by Hellenic Seaways. Our taxi-driver knew exactly how it worked; he stopped for 5 minutes in front of the kiosk in the port of Piraeus, so I could pick up the tickets. And then drove with us and the luggage directly ro the boat. The Flying Dolphin (a hydrofoil boat with only passengers) left and arrived exactly in time so our host waiting for us in the harbour of Aegina did not have to wait. The boat was airconditened and not crowded at all. The return trip was as good as the first experience.
    One question, since I do wonder why it is not possible to show the digital reservation (on my iphone) and why do I have to go to the kiosk to buy a printed ticket when showing that digital reservation?

    Answer by
    We are very happy that you were satisfied with the services provided. Kindly note that soon we will have e ticket option available for this ferry company and you will be able to use digital boarding cards to embark the ferry and not need to go to the port kiosk before the trip start.

  • Easy Booking

    I choose this site to book my ferry tickets, cause it was the only one which allowed you to make succesive stops in your itenerary, eg. from Pireas to one island, then to another and then come back. The main problem was that it doesn't make the discount for jouniors and students. But the tickets come home quickly and all was right.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback! We inform you that student discounts will be available in a couple of months.

  • Everything was fine

    Everything in the trip was great

  • Port reviews for: Skopelos / Mykonos / Naxos

    Skopelos - Skiathos with ANES. This was our worst experience. As we saw numerous people get on the ferry, and then get off again as they were on the wrong ones, when we finally boarded ours I was very cautious and confirmed we were on the right one 3 times by saying our destination and flashing our tickets, yet still we ended up being on the wrong ferry and having to exit at the last minute. It was very disorganised. They really need to provide a larger sheltered area out of the sun for those waiting.
    Mykonos - Naxos with Golden Star. There were lots of people and lots of delays but that\'s okay as it was very busy and windy. The main issue is there could be more direction when you are waiting. I only worked out which area we were meant to be waiting in by approaching someone. Once the boat arrived, a staff member was calling out where the boat was headed too which was helpful. A larger shaded area to wait in would be helpful.
    Naxos - Santorini with Blue Star. Naxos was the best port of all with lots of shelter from the sun which also worked as a wind tunnel to cool you off. This port was very well organised and very easy to know when your boat arrived. Once on the ferries, there was no issue with the crossings. All boats were clean. Just don't hesitate when its time to get off because they unload very quick ... most of the time, except for our Santorini arrival when we had to wait a long time in the hold with it closed and getting warmer and warmer.



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