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1499 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1499 users reviews.
  • My ferry experience

    I thought that it would be so difficult to book ferry tickets online, it was super easy every aspect of the trip fell into place. It was so easy, a very reasonable price for all our ferry trips on the Flying Dolphin,and on time, very punctual. We thoroughly enjoyed the journey, can't wait to do it again. Thank you so much Peter Pond.

  • No any problems faced.

    Ordered 2 tickets by internet at this service. Not any problems. I took my tickets at Window ticket at Iraklion Port. Good and and comfortable travel. Reccommend this service to all.

  • Ticket from Samos to Kusadasi Not in the Database

    The tickets to Patmos and Samos were readily available. Unfortunately, my ticket to Kusadasi from Samos was not in the database so that the travel agency in Samos couldn't give me the ticket right away. The agent had to call the ferry company and forward my ticket order confirmation to them. After about an hour of talking and searching and 30 minutes before boarding the ferry, the ticket came out to me. Great thanks to the travel agent, but Ferries in Greece needs to do a better job to guarantee there is no hiccup in ticket.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. We are sorry to hear about the problem you faced during picking up your tickets in Samos. We contacted them in order to find out why this happened as your ferry booking was valid within the booking system and there was no problem with it. Their reply is that they had a problem with their system and could thus not retrieve your booking and had to contact the ferry company in Turkey (Meander) in order to solve the issue, which was also the cause of the mentioned delay.
    As you understand this was something that was out of our control and from our side your booking was totally valid as the other two bookings that you had with us and picked up the tickets normally without problem in Piraeus and in Patmos.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Great experience!

    We went from Santorin to Mykonos to Paros and it was a great experience! They were on time and the ride was great! Enjoyed a beer and a sandwich on board and looked at the gorgeous scenery. The website was very easy to use! The only thing I wasn't able to log into the wifi on board!

  • Greeks Islands once a year or at least every other year

    As users of ferries in Greece almost once a year for the last 7 years we would easily recommend friends, family and others to travel this way in between the amazing islands of Greece! Easy to book both in advance from home or at spot on various travelagencies. The information and service works fine around booking as well as when your on the actual ferry. One thing that could be improved is that it would be easier to be able to get your tickets online at mobilephone etc or a printable one on mail.

  • Naxos, Santorini, Sifnos - Hellenic, Bluestar and Seajets

    Island hopping the cyclades was a fantastic experience. Booking the ferries was easy. It is fantastic to have a single website for all the ferries. The presentation of the choice of ferries and prices was clear and easy. I was worried that I could have gotten a better price some other way, but after research found out that the prices are regulated, so I was wasting my time and worrying for nothing. An area of improvement would be to allow printing of tickets at home. Instead we showed up at the Piraeus 45 minutes early (at 6am) to pick up the tickets. The ticketing offices were most efficient of giving the tickets. We had calm weather and all ferries were running exactly on time. Turn around at the ports was most impressive. On the Seajets ferries, the staff were a bit more assertive in moving the passengers along with emphasis to stay on time. Due to my confusion, I messed up the first time and the booking did not go through. When I sent an email about not receiving a confirmation email I received a reply email the next morning indicating that tI needed to book again. All in all aIl a great experience. Written by Benita

  • First time island hoppers!

    Recent return from island hopping holiday starting from Rafina to Naxos. From booking our first ferry on line at home, to collection of tickets locally, our bookings were all managed efficiently and withou difficulties. All of our ferries were on time & were serviced by efficient & courteous staff (even the one who woke me up to inform me you are not allowed to sleep in a reception area on board!). The ferries we used were all clean and appeared well maintained. Would definitely recommend travelling this way.

  • Santorini to Mykonos

    I booked my ferry on line and had no problem picking up the tickets in Santorini. The ferry did arrive later then expected due to weather but the trip was smooth and comfortable. We used Hellenic Seaways. I would recommend using Ferries in Greece as it was a quick and easy way to ensure passage on the ferry when you want it.

  • Comfortable and best way to travel

    On my trip to Santorini and Mykonos, I chose to book ferries. Since, this was the first time I was travelling on a ferry, I was a little skeptical about the journey, but it was very pleasant experience. My friends and I thoroughly enjoyed our ferry ride and were very comfortable. It was better experience than flying. If anyone is travelling to Greek island, I would highly recommend a ferry ride. One of our ferries was cancelled before the trip and the company booked us on another ferry in a day! I was highly impressed with their prompt action. The only thing which I didn't like was the seating system. When you book the tickets online, you don't get an option to select your seats and they are allocated on ad hoc basis at the ticket pick up counter. Even though the seat numbers are printed on the ticket, the staff in the ferry make people sit anywhere, just to settle everyone. Apart from this one thing, the entire experience was brilliant. People travelling to Greece must experience this!!

  • Easy and efficient

    On a recent trip to Greece in May we had booked 3 ferries. The booking system was easy and efficient. We were very impressed that a change in scheduled time of one of the ferries was communicated to us both by email and a telephone call to Toronto. My one recommendation for improvement would be to institute a print at home ticketing option. Although the instructions for ticket pick up were clear, it did involve making a special trip for ticket pick up the day before, for each of the 3 ferries, cutting in to valuable vacation time.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. Unfortunately, the ferry system in Greece does not allow home ticket printing. Concerning the ticket collection at local agencies, it can be done just before departure. There is no need to collect them a day before.

  • Great service

    Thank you for such a simple and easy process, from the online booking to the crossings, crew are friendly and courteous which makes travelling so much easier.

  • thank you!

    thanks for informing us about work stoppages impacting our travels and organizing everything for our trips. i'm impressed with your professionalism and good service.

  • Great as usual

    We always take the fast ferries between islands when we visit Greece. The ferries are always clean and the staff are always helpful. It is the best way to travel around Greece.

  • Enjoyed your service

    Enjoyed your service very much except for the smoking woman in the ticketing office at the port of Piraeus. Smoking while serving clients is not accepted. Thanks David.

  • Easy & Efficient

    We had a total of four journeys to book on the ferry as we island hopped through Greece on our own. The online process was easy to use and timetables were easy to view and understand. All of our ferries were on time, and the boarding,service and disembarkation processes were fast and efficient. Our room on the overnight ferry to Crete was spacious enough for 2 people, however would have been very limited for space with four people inside. All amenities were working and the beds were comfortable.



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