The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1499 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1499 users reviews.
  • Excellent service

    Very good service. Comfortable Secure . Everything works perfect for me. I highly recommend this service.

  • Everything OK

    [Translated from German]
    Booking was flawless:
    1) Santorini-Paros
    2) Paros-Mykonos
    Would book here again.

  • Excellent service

    I highly recommend this company for your ferry reservations. Fast and professional service.

  • Perfect or almost perfect...

    [Translated from French]
    Perfect ferry service despite the wind...
    Only one drawback. The website was buggy and I could not get my boarding passes. I went to an agency to do it. An employee edited them for me and without having warned me demanded that I pay 12€ by showing me a poster specifying it. I had nothing to do with the breakdown... I don't like to be forced to pay.

    Answer from
    We thank you for your comment.
    We are sorry to hear that you encountered problems with Seajets online check-in service and therefore had to print your tickets at their central office on Naxos. This is in accordance with the terms and conditions you agreed to before making this booking and as also stated in your booking confirmation email:
    Some agencies may charge an additional amount for printing your prepaid tickets (from 0.50 to 1 Euro per ticket).
    Thus, the 12 Euro for 12 tickets you printed in Naxos is a legal amount as long as they issued you a receipt for that amount.

  • Everything works perfectly

    [Translated from German]
    Our routes:
    Santorini - Amorgos
    Amorgos - Folegandros
    Folegandros - Santorini
    There is nothing to complain about.

  • Perfect

    [Translated from French]
    Everything was perfect. Refund of the ticket following a later departure and then boat to Parros cancelled because of bad weather, an email to the company and 10 minutes later a new ticket for the next day in the mailbox. Very very reactive. Bravo

  • Ferry

    [Translated from French]
    Everything was perfect, easy to use and register.

  • All perfect!

    [Translated from Italian]
    Overjoyed to have booked all the ferries for my Cyclades islands tour with you. A month before departure there was a cancellation of one of the booked ferries and the customer service immediately informed us and suggested alternatives and promptly made the new reservation. Thank you for your assistance!

  • Route Piraeus/Patmos/Rhodes

    [Translated from French]
    We booked from France Piraeus/Patmos, then Patmos/Rhodes with a cabin for the latter because it was a night trip. Everything is perfect, the crew always informs you well, the self-service restaurant very good. On the other hand, the prices at the outside bar are too high for my taste (4€60 for a glass of draft beer).

  • Mykonos-Syros-Mykonos

    [Translated from Russian]
    Very convenient for moving around the islands! Performed professionally! It was interesting!!!

    Original text
    Очень удобно для перемещений по островам! Профессионально исполняют! Интересно было!!

  • Fantastic Experience

    We booked our island hoping trips using the FerriesInGreece. The system is user friendly and makes the booking process simple. We booked 3 trips and the entire experience was fantastic. The journey was very comfortable with spacious allocated seating. The amenities onboard are world-class and the staff are very welcoming and helpful. Our trips were:
    trip 1 - Crete, Heraklio > Santorini (Thira): Company: Sea Jets / Vessel: Power Jet
    trip 2 - Santorini (Thira) > Mykonos: Company: Sea Jets / Vessel: Worldchampion Jet
    trip 3 - Mykonos > Athens, Piraeus: Company: Sea Jets / Vessel: Worldchampion Jet
    We would highly recommend using FerriesInGreece to make your journey a pleasant one.

  • Correct service

    Good service

  • Short term rebooking not possible

    I paid the extra service fee to be more flexible. When my flight was late, I tried to rebook my ferry to a later time. Unfortunately, I just received answer, that it is not possible for different reasons and I was not offered further support. I had to buy another ticket.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. We would like to clarify that you asked to amend your ticket with Alpha Lines to a ticket with Blue star Ferries a few hours before your departure time.

    As is in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ferry company that you accepted before proceeding with this booking it is not possible to change tickets to a different ferry company. We replied to you accordingly and then you asked to cancel the specific ticket which was also not possible so close to the departure time.

    We would also like to clarify that the ‘Business’ service package that you bought covers our amendment fee of 12.3 euros, it does not cover the cancellation fees of the ferry company.

    We are sorry that your flight was delayed causing these last-minute problems, kindly note that in such case you could ask the flight company for compensation for your ticket as you could not cancel or change it on time due to their delay.

  • Easy and Efficient

    We have visited Greece 3x and used this company on all 3 visits. Website is easy to use and service is efficient. They send you an sms and an email when there’s a change in schedule. I always choose the option of paying a little extra for added services, and once we had to cancel the rest of the trip due to an accident and they arranged all the refund without any hassle.

  • Perfect service

    [Translated from French]
    Good service and quick information in real time in case of schedule changes. Thank you



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