The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1499 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1499 users reviews.
  • Everything fine

    Everything fine

  • Another great trip

    I love booking with this company. Everything is so well organised and goes to plan.

  • Very good service

    Very good service. Waiting to the chance to come to greec and go with the boat.

  • Smooth sailing!

    I am so impressed with this booking system. I have travelled from Rafina to Tinos and also Tinos to Syros and back. Both times the process of searching and booking tickets was easy and straightforward - an excellent website.

  • Very good experience

    [Translated from French]
    Our trip went very well — no problem finding the ferry at the port of Piraeus. The follow-up by email after the purchase is excellent.

  • Taxi Transport

    Our van driver, Vasilis Nikolo, was so incredibly friendly and kind! We were so glad we booked a taxi service through the Ferries in Greece service. He picked us up promptly at our hotel and transported us to the port while offering a lot of helpful instructions. He was also waiting right when we got off the ferry to take us to our next hotel. The ferry rides were good, but our drives with Vasilis were wonderful. So grateful!

  • Good job!

    The ferry was canceled but they informed me by SMS and when I contacted them, they offered me all alternative ways to get to my destination. The new tickets were cheaper and they refunded me the price difference!

  • Perfect service

    A great service was offered by Ferries in Greece. They were very reactive after some last-minute changes. I definitely recommend this website.

  • Very good service

    [Translated from French]
    Very good service. Boat on time despite the weather sometimes. The etickets are practical.

  • All was good

    Great service! Will use again!

  • Good Service

    All went almost as planned. We had high winds and some cancellation/reschedules but the team was always available for re-arrangements, and always very serviceable.
    Would recommend it to all.

  • Perfect

    [Translated from French]
    The round trip Lavrio - Kea was very pleasant despite the bad weather on the way back.
    Very professional and efficient team.

  • Schedules

    [Translated from French]
    The online booking is simple and fast, I did not encounter any particular difficulty. On the other hand, if it is easy to book, it is more difficult to get schedules to plan a trip, the ferry schedules are only available two or three months in advance. This is a shame as airlines announce their schedules more than six months in advance.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your comment, it is much appreciated.
    Please note that we are an online travel agency and we are not the ones who announce the ferry companies' schedules.
    As soon as the ferry companies announce their schedules, they are automatically displayed on our booking engine. Some companies announce their schedules a year in advance and others only a month in advance.

  • Very helpful

    Because of strong winds the trip I reserved originally was cancelled. I phoned a few times to ferriesingreece to arrange a replacing reservation and that went very well. Quick responses and end clear explanations.

  • Misleading information

    [Translated from Italian]
    My stay in Milos was ruined by the information we received a few days before the departure of the ferry back to Piraeus in order to take the airplane to Rome.
    They warned me that, due to bad weather, of the possibility of a postponement or cancellation of the ferry trip. This forced me to revise plans for the return to Rome, with cancellation of the hydrofoil reservation and anticipation of the return to Piraeus with the purchase of another trip. Only after my arrival in Piraeus did I learn that the feared cancellation did not occur, with further mockery in my regard.
    The information must be accurate and the carrier must assume its responsibility by fully reimbursing the cost incurred by the customer.
    Too bad because otherwise the vacation in Greece would have been a good experience and a great memory, as always.


    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback.
    We would like to inform you that we always alert all passengers that have booked trips on days when bad weather has been predicted in order for them to be well prepared in case of cancellation or delay and to have sufficient time to react in case they have something important on that day, as for example a flight. The fact that your trip was not cancelled due to the bad weather is of course not something we could have known or that we could have guaranteed to you in advance as this is a decision taken by the port authorities just a few hours before departure time.

    We are sorry that you feel this way as we believe it is always preferable for the passengers to be alerted instead of finding out too late that their trip is cancelled or delayed.



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