The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1303 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1303 users reviews.
  • Islands trips

    We made a number of trips with this company. Great service and efficient which is what you hope to get from a travel service company.

  • Rafina-Tinos-Rafina

    [Translated from German]
    Problem-free booking and prompt response to question
    Scheduled trips despite wind force +/- 6Bft
    1.class with pleasant comfort and service
    ==> always my pleasure!!

  • Summer 2022

    [Translated from Swedish]
    Did a 3 week boat trip in the Cyclades. Booked all the boat tickets in advance with Everything worked 100%, updates on SMS o mail if anything changed. Just as it should be. Very satisfied!

    [Original message]
    Gjorde en 3 veckor lång båtluffning i Kykladerna. Bokade alla båtbiljetterna i förväg med Allt fungerade 100%, uppdateringar på sms o mail om ngt ändrades. Precis som det skall vara. Mycket nöjd!

  • What a great journey

    We had a beautiful ride between Athens and Paros. Sunny weather, calm sea and a good cold beer on the deck while admiring the views.

  • Great service

    Everything went well. The weather was very windy but the Blue Star Ferry was very stable.

  • Crete - Santorini

    [Translated from bulgarian]
    June 16, the trip was great. The ferry was strictly on time. There were no delays.

    Original message

  • Only one reproach

    [Translated from french]
    Convenient and hassle-free booking of one trip with Sea Jets and a second with Blue Star Ferries. The online check-in offered by e-mail allowed us to obtain the electronic boarding passes immediately. Unfortunately, this solution was not offered for the Bluestar ferry (as indicated at the time of booking), so we had to go to one of the agencies indicated in advance. There, a simple code was given to us and allowed us to make the electronic check-in... What a pity that FerriesinGreece does not give it.

    Answer from Ferriesingreece:
    Thank you for your comment. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused.
    We will rectify this within a few days and a code for e-tickets for Blue Star Ferries will also be sent with your booking.

  • Round trip Poros

    Easy booking - pleasant ride.
    Small remark, however, it should just be mentioned that the tickets are downloadable on the cell phone and not to withdraw physically to an agent (for the tranquility of all!!)
    This avoids the stress of the pre-trip, especially when this service is automatic!
    This is not indicated on the site.

    Otherwise, we recommend this website!!!!
    Long live Greece!
    A big thanks to the team !

    Answer from FerriesinGreece
    Thank you for taking the time to send us your review, we really appreciate your kind words.
    We would like to clarify that in the booking confirmation email you received, we included detailed instructions on how to check-in online to avoid going locally to the port kiosk to pick up your tickets.
    The instructions were under the heading, "Alternatively, you can get your boarding pass online."
    It is also stated during the booking process that Saronic Ferries offers electronic tickets.
    We are sorry that you did not notice this information.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Perfect

    [Translated from french]
    On the outward journey 14.06 boat on time and perfect navigation. On the return trip on 20.06 1 hour late but the boat came from Kythnos... Not very serious when you don't have to take a connection behind. Very easy website and booking. Many thanks

  • Lack of communications

    Our ferry from Athens to Paros was 3h late and we didn't received any notification regarding the sitUATION. We ran everywhere to have information but in vain. Nobody was there. Also, the ride was supposed to be 3hours but it took 6 hours instead. No explanation or compensation once again.

    Answer from FerriesinGreece
    Thank you for your feedback. After receiving your review, we contacted Seajets to find out what exactly happened that day and why we were not informed and they explained that indeed your trip faced delays that could not have been predicted and therefore they did not have time to inform either our agency nor you.
    They have accepted to compensate you with 50% of your ticket value as per the passenger's rights regulations due to your inconvenience. We have therefore refunded you 64.7 euros and the amount shall show on your account in a few working days depending on your bank.

  • Trip to Sifnos

    Helpful staff when dealing with my query about booking ; ferry comfortable and good facilities.
    Only slight hitch on return journey was having to store our luggage on the racks in the area where the cars were parked. When we arrived at Piraeus, it was a bit chaotic as everyone tried to retrieve their luggage at the same time in the narrow spaces between cars.

  • Ferries are indispensable... but impossible to trust!

    [Translated from french]
    Ferries are to the Greek islands what the subway or the bus are to any big city: indispensable to get from A to B. It is unfortunate, however, that they are never on time (3 out of 3 ferries delayed for me this year), and that the users are not better warned. So you can book a fast crossing that is supposed to leave at noon and only leave at 4pm on a slower boat (which will arrive even later!), without any form of prior warning... and without any empathy from the staff once on board. No apologies to the users, no compensation... You have to deal with it, and that's what almost everyone ends up doing, to avoid a stressful vacation season. It is regrettable because overall, it is the only black spot of our stay in Greece. The margin of improvement of the ferries is like the Cyclades: vast.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your comment.
    Please note that, unlike the metro or bus, ferries are also dependent on external factors such as weather and traffic at the port.
    This year, the number of passengers has doubled compared to 2019. For this reason, the ferries take much longer to load and unload. We always advise booking with a slower but more punctual conventional ferry. The small fast boats are very quickly affected by the weather (strong winds).

  • Ferry from Rafina to Andros in June 22

    No problems in booking the tickets and picking them up at the agent.
    Ferry ride was great and crew friendly and helpful.

  • Ferries

    Excellent service


    [Translated from French]
    Traveling with FerriesinGreece is very simple: you book your ticket on the company's website and then pick it up at an agency at the port.
    The trips are very pleasant, everything is provided on the boat to ensure your well-being.
    The food provided by the different restaurants is of good quality but a bit expensive.
    In summary, we spent more than 15 hours on the boats going from island to island and this, with great pleasure.
    The economy class, on the deck, is great: you bask in the sun and the fresh wind caresses you nicely. You can also take shelter in the lounges if you wish.
    We were amazed by the organization of the sea trip, everything is set up like clockwork and punctuality is respected.



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