The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1303 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1303 users reviews.
  • Bad

    Had ordered tickets from home.
    The departure time was changed several times by the company. We got SMS about this but they didn't fit.
    We had certain seats on the ferry, but people were allowed to sit as they wanted.
    The waiting area on Santorini is far too small - in a time of corona we stood like herring in a barrel - and it offers little protection from the sun.

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated.
    We would like to inform you that we received a notification from the ferry company for a small change for both your trips. We sent you an email and SMS for both of them. It happens though on some occasions that there are further delays, especially in peak season, due to much traffic at the ports.
    Concerning the waiting area on Santorini, we will forward your comment to the local authorities and hopefully, they will be able to solve this issue soon.

  • We had a great experience!

    We were island hopping around Greece for our first time visiting the islands. We were a little apprehensive to know how easy it would be to get around, and thankfully we had a very pleasant experience.
    We booked our ferries in a group a few days before we went travelling, so it was a little expensive but that was on our side for leaving it last minute.
    I had an issue with our booking when we first made the enquiry as one of the surnames was incorrect, the staff were extremely helpful and amended our booking within a few minutes of me contacting them.
    The ferries were extremely comfortable, and you can pay more to have a more comfortable seat if you would like. There are outlets on board so you can charge any devices, and cafes so you can get some food and drinks while you travel.
    One of our ferries to Mykonos was late on arrival, but we made up for the time when we were on the water.
    Printing the tickets was incredibly easy as well, as there are ferry stations right across from the port so it’s very easy to find.

  • Super service... 100% Satisfied...

    [Translated from German]
    I have booked a ferry 4 times, everything worked out great. I booked all boat tickets in advance with
    Everything worked 100%, updates by SMS or mail when something changed. Were very satisfied...
    Unfortunately, we overlooked that the tickets can be delivered online. Have received the tickets by mail, but also worked great.

  • Wonderful Experience

    We organized our whole trip online when we were in the States. The online booking process was simple and straightforward. I had to book tickets for 4 of us plus a vehicle. We easily understood our booking and the price involved. The only odd thing is that they required a licence plate number for the car we were to travel with in order to book. Since I didn't have/rented the car yet, I just added my own personal car's licence plate and proceeded with booking with no problem. What was expected from us post booking and day of travel was clearly explained to us in an email that was sent from FerriesinGreece. On the day of travel, the ferry was great; clean and had all the amenities you may need. All the staff were super friendly and helpful. Even the process of loading the car was easy! (drove right into the hull and turned the car around) no backing up the ramp which I hate. Highly recommend!

  • Excellent service!

    [Translated from French]
    The website is very well done, but beyond that, all communications with FerriesinGreece are remarkably pleasant and efficient!
    Moreover, if there is a change in the schedule of the booked ferry, they take care to inform us!
    I will book again with FerriesinGreece without any hesitation!

  • Amazing Service

    We have used FerriesinGreece for our last two trips and they have been excellent. After the COVID period, we transferred our trip to a new date and they were very helpful and accommodating in redoing our trip.

    Thank you

  • Great ride after some ticket confusion

    We were not able to easily get our electronic tickets sent to our phones on this ride. There were 8 of us traveling. We ended up taking screenshots of each ticket off of the website. A small inconvenience - and it worked fine at the dock. Once on board, this was a wonderful spaceship of a ferry. Super clean, great service and a smooth wonderful ride.

    Answer from FerriesinGreece:
    Thank you for your feedback, we are happy that you had a great ride. We are sorry to hear that you faced a problem with the web check-in system of Fast ferries. As far as they informed us they have not had any issues with it, so we could only assume that the problem was caused by the telephony service provider or by some mistake in the inserted number. We are very happy that it worked out fine in the end.

  • Great Service

    Great service. The ferry was super comfortable and had so much space to move about and relax.
    It definitely made the trip seem shorter than it was.
    I was very pleasantly surprised! It was also easy to store my luggage and find it when it was time to leave.
    I would definitely recommend the ferry service!

  • Simple

    The online process was simple and straightforward. We had a change of departure date and the company was very helpful and accommodating.

  • Mykonos Santorini

    [Translated from German]
    We have booked online a trip from Mykonos to Santorini. There was a problem downloading the boarding passes which we solved by phone without any problems.
    Everything worked out wonderfully.
    Will always gladly use this service again.

  • Excellent ticketing service company

    The whole process surrounding our ferry tickets was seamless. Great service. And excellent communication. Would recommend this service without reservation.

  • Evaluation

    Everything is very quick and smooth

  • Great way to book ferry tickets

    A really easy way to find consolidated ferry companies and the most convenient schedules. They are also alerting of any schedule changes and online check-in for tickets. It is highly recommended!

  • On Time & comfortable

    This was my first time in Greece. The ferry was easy to use and comfortable. It seems like all the ferries are very punctual. Make sure to get there at least 30 minutes before departure time. I would definitely recommend and will use again.

  • Evaluation

    [Translated from French]
    Excellent organization. Clear and sufficiently shared information.
    If any change in schedules occurs, we are warned sufficiently before.



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