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1330 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1330 users reviews.
  • E-tickets would make it much easier

    The good thing is that you have the most detailed and easiest system for ferry booking. You explain in plain English all the details needed to make the booking. However, getting the tickets from the port made us nervous. Anything could go wrong and we could end up missing the ferry. There could be delays in getting to the port, the kiosk could be closed, the tickets could not be there... At the end, everything went fine, but this method caused us a lot of stress. On the other side, a courier to Australia is too expensive so we didn't like that method either. I believe an e-ticket would solve the problem. I understand that it is not up to you, but it is a pity that the ferry booking system in Greece is not that modernized yet.

    Answer from
    We agree with you that the option of e-ticket would solve many problems, but unfortunately this is not in our hands. Technologies in Greece are not ready for e-tickets. None travel agency can provide e-tickets for the Greek ferries. In order to travel, passengers must have the issued tickets at hand. Concerning your anxiety for getting the tickets, it really wasn't necessary because the kiosk where you get your tickets is found just opposite the pier from where the ferry leaves. Therefore it takes no more than 2 minutes to get your tickets from the kiosk and board the ferry. The tickets have been booked in your name through the online system and there is no chance that you don't get them.

  • Perfect Service

    We booked and received tickets a couple months in advance from USA. Pireaus-Thira and Thira-Irakleio. One boat was canceled but notified us and help reschedule (no charges). Our schedule changed and we changed tickets (expensive mistake on our part) but you got everything handled and tickets were waiting at the port. Ferries were an interesting mode of travel in Greece. FerriesinGreece. com was a huge help.

  • All was great

    All great! I booked two tickets separately by mistake but Ferries in Greece were kind enough to only charge me the postage to Australia for one (as they obviously realised what I had done). No delays with the ferries, pleasant staff.

  • Our warm regards to your staff

    We had a fantastic holiday in Greece and loved travelling on your ferries, easy to book, easy and convenient to pick up tickets at the port, super service on board and clean and comfortable cabin accommodation to boot. You make the travelling an essential and unforgettable part of the holiday experience. It's why Greece will always be our number 1 choice for chilling out. Please pass on our thanks and warm regards to everyone.

  • Outstanding communication

    Thank you so much for all your help. It was a relief for me that you contacted the hotel to make sure the ferry tcikets had arrived (I was trying to contact them for 2 days without success). I am very relived and looking forward to being in Greece. Your excellent service and communication is outstanding and I will be recommending your Company to all. Thank you and I look forward to dealing with you again in the future.

  • Excellent on all levels

    I booked Dodecanisos Pride from Leros to Patmos and Aegean Dolphins from Patmos to Samos. Great Cat, always clean and always on time and always enjoyable + really well run. Aegean Dolphin good, a bit old, but great crew. Your service is truly excellent on all levels.

  • Please answer quicker

    Your server went down while I was paying with my credit card, at the final step of the booking. Bad luck I guess, but I was not sure whether I had made the booking or not. I sent you an e-mail to be sure but I received the reply about 24 hours later which made me a bit anxious. The booking was for a close date, which is why I got anxious. Eventually in your e-mail you said that my booking had not been finalized and I made a new one.

    Answer from
    Sorry for the late reply. We try to answer your questions within 8-12 hours. Actually from summer 2012 our office will remain open in weekends too, to avoid such problems. As for the server that went down, we ensure you that this happens very rarely.

  • Your service was exceptional

    We traveled with Flyingcat 3 from Mykonos to Naxos. The staff were very helpful and polite. The ferry was clean and seats comfortable. It arrived and departed on time. We were very satisfied with the facilities. Frankly at the beginning, I was hesitant to book online with a company that neither I nor anyone I know had used. However, I found the service exceptional and I wouldn't hesitate to use again or recommend.

  • Great service from your side

    Our boats were Flying Cat 4 from Crete to Santorini and Blue Star Ferries from Santorini to Mykonos and Athens. All good, boats arrived on time and we enjoyed English television on the boat as we sat in business class. Great service from your side also. I received the ferry tickets via courier within 3 days of booking the trip.

  • Tickets waiting at port

    Travelled from Piraeus to Santorini with Anek Lines. It was a night trip, so it was quiet and well, but the ship is a bit old. Staff was good. Just one suggested improvement: most international travellers have their laptops with them. On a long trip, these laptops need to be re-charged but the only two electrical sockets we could find were in 2nd class! None in 1st class! The rest was perfect and your booking service too. All the tickets were waiting for us at the port.

  • Tickets arrived quickly

    In July, we went from Cesme to Chios and return with Vessel Erturk I. The trip was fine, despite a delay of 40 minutes. On the return trip from Chios to Cesme, there was no available space for our car, so we were moved to another vessel which was better, larger and faster. But unfortunately, this change of vessels created problems in Cesme in customs, where we had to wait for one hour to be solved. Minor problems to a wonderful holiday! I was very satisfied with your service, too. The ferry tickets were sent very quickly and arrived in two days in Romania! Thank you!

  • Good to have tickets beforehand

    The trip with Speedrunner 2 to Mykonos was great! No delay, very helpful staff, lovely facilities. Your serivce was excellent, it was good to have the tickets before we left the USA.

  • Print tickets online

    The trip with Blue Star was excellent. No delays, ferry clean and spacious and well equipped. I also had no problem with your service, but I think it would be best if tickets could be printed online, rather than having to visit the ticket office to collect them.

    Answer by FerriesinGreece:
    This is a great idea, but unfortunately the booking systems in Greece do not support e-ticketing yet. In order for passengers to board the ferry, they need to have the issued physical tickets at hand.

  • Excellent service

    I took the Hellenic Seaways Flying Cat from Mykonos to Santorini a couple of weeks ago. The trip was comfortable and facilities were satisfactory, although there was a 45 minutes delay. Staff on board was kind of rude. Ferry trip was enjoyable passing other islands, so we had the chance to see a few more Greek islands. As for your service, it was excellent. Tickets arrived in my house in a timely manner and everything went great. Thanks for all!

  • Quick answers to emails

    We travelled with Knossos Palace from Piraeus to Heraklion last month. The trip was fine and the vessel was very modern. My only complain was that there was unsuffiecient light to read when it got dark. Also we were moved to another cabin where we didn't have a window seat. The rest were perfect and your service also good. It was good that I got so quick e-mail answers from your staff.



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