The ferry Dionysios Solomos arriving in Santorini during the sunset

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1499 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1499 users reviews.
  • My very nice trip

    Thanks for good services!

  • Tickets for Western Cyclades

    Excellent service and communication. Will definitely use again.

  • Pireaus to Paros and back

    All the information about where to collect my tickets at the port were precise, included the map, the pictures of the offices which helped me to find out the office very easily. The company is good, I was only a little disappointed because I booked 4 tickets for table seats and I got 2 and 2 tables separated, as we are a family, I would have liked to be seated all at the same table. The ferry from Paros to Pireaus was in delay, due probably to the strong wind and bad sea, the delay was not communicated, and we stood in line at the dock under the sun at 12 am for 2 hours!

    Answer from
    Unfortunately, when booking, consequent seats are automatically reserved. This means that some seats may be in different spaces if not consequent seats altogether are available in the system. Also note that sadly ferry companies do not inform us about last minute changes, therefore we can not inform our clients about them.

  • Tickets came promptly

    Definitely would use again. Tickets came promptly and on the day expected. Sometimes we were not sure where to go or what we were doing when boarding the ferries but figured it out.

  • Second year to use your service

    Excellent service! This is the second year I use this company and there is no failure, plus very good information provided about ticket delivery and possible boat delays (sent by text message in real time).

  • Ferry to Santorini

    It was easy to book tickets by internet in advance. The very disappointed was when we received at booth the sits far away from each other.

    Answer from
    We understand your disappointment, but kindly notice that when booking, consequent seats are reserved. Sadly these seats may not be together if other booked seats interfere.

  • Very Good

    I booked two travel tickets to Santorini. Our Trip was very good.. Thanks for your service and will recommend to all travelers.

  • Serious and professional

    Concerning the quality of Ferriesingreece, I must say that it is a well organized company which confirms bookings and changes to schedules, which I consider to be fundamental when traveling. It constantly informs clients of changes and tries to find alternatives if clients encounter problems, it is a serious and professional company. Keep up with these standards!!! However, the Sea Jets company does not respect the above mentioned standards. They changed all of their ferries schedule during the month of July (high season) and informed me of further changes the day I reached Greece. My departure schedule had been changed and I risked losing my plane because of their changes. Furthermore, the Mykonos ferry which is supposed to leave at 7.10 pm has ALWAYS at least an hour delay, which is totally unacceptable for a country which lives of tourism. I definitively suggest tourists to seek for alternatives in this case.

  • Perfekt!

    Everything perfekt! Next year we will use your services again!

  • Good service

    Very forthcoming in the service, telephone inquiries, and especially that they called me on my mobile to warn me that one of my ferries was going to be delayed. Thanks for that! The service fee is reasonable (low) for internet booking, which is cool. What could be improved is the internet server which was down at times.

  • Great Trip To Greece

    I just returned from a 13 day trip to Greece where my friend and I used to purchase the tickets for our 3 ferry trips from Rafina to Mykonos, Mykonos to Santorini and Santorini to Piraeus. I really appreciated being able to buy all my tickets for these trips in advance through you and I thought the courier fee was worth it to have the tickets mailed to Canada in advance (it only took about 4 or 5 business days). I only had two issues with this company. The first was when they were trying to notify me of a slight (15 mins) departure time change to one of my ferry trips and they accidentally told me that the date AND location had changed. Several emails later, they admitted that it was a typo on their end. Secondly, I think it would be useful to notify tourists who have never been to Greece before if there are more than one port on a specific island. When we departed Mykonos, we went out through the new port which was different than the old port from which we had arrived. This was certainly not clear on our ticket and was only caught by our hotel concierge as we were checking out. Overall though, I would recommend that anyone who wants safe and convenient advanced ticket booking, use I also found their staff to be very responsive by email answering my questions which made me feel more comfortable using their services from across the world. Thanks, Paige

  • Variety of ferry lines

    This summer my husband and I visited several Greek islands and were able to set up our ferry transportation months in advance through Their schedules were clear and complete and included all the islands with a variety of ferry lines. The booking process was easy, and we picked up our tickets at the port offices with no problems whatsoever. They took one look at our printed confirmation, printed out our tickets, and handed them over without having to ask a single question. We have been visiting Greek islands for the last 40 years, and booking ferries has always been the biggest hassle, until now. Also, if I had any question I sent an e-mail message, which was actually answered in detail almost immediately. Thank you!

  • Everything went smooth!

    I booked online my tickets from Mykonos - Santorini - Mykonos. I received the confirmation by email and I immediately noticed I did a mistake. So I replied to the confirmatioin email requesting to change the booking. Few minutes later I received the reply suggesting to cancel the reservation (free of charge) and that my money would have been refunded on my credit card few days later instead of amending my booking which would have costed a surcharge. And so did I. I cancelled and booked anew. Our hotel in Mikonos picked up the tickets for us from the ticket office, the money was refunded (as promised) on my credit card few days later. The ferries were on time. Everything went smooth!

  • Ferry from Athens to Heraklion

    This was a great ferry and good transaction. Went to ticket office with confirmation code and was able to easily pick up tickets and head to the ferry. No problems!

  • Smooth travel experience

    Thank you for a smooth travel experience. The entire process, from getting our ferry tickets via mail to boarding the ferries, were very efficient and easy. We traveled via the High Speed 5 from Crete to Santorini and Santorini to Mykonos. It was also very comfortable and the crew was kind and helpful.



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