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1144 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1144 users reviews.
  • Great Service

    Efficient, reliable and highly recommended. Tickets arrived via DHL on time, no problems!

  • Thank you

    Thank you. The tickets have arrived. I have several friends travelling to Greece this summer and I will be sure to let them know what a great experience I had with your company. Thanks again!

  • Excellent service

    [Auto translated]
    I made two reservations ferry tickets from your office on line Saturday 2 June. I did them separately because I wanted to use two different companies. I asked on two reservations, to be sent the tickets in the home by courier. I also wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that I've ordered recently and once again tickets in your company again on line. You sent me a SMS asking me if I was happy by your convenience. I want you so to know you that you have given me excellent service, so on the phone, when I contacted someone, your partner, and in the follow-up of my order. I don't meet in Greece so consistent service often and this is the reason why ξαναχρησιμοποίησα your services and I intend to do in the future.

  • Smooth travel !

    In May 2012 we travelled around the Cyclades: started at Mykonos, then to Paros, Naxos, Amorgos, Syros and back to Mykonos. We booked all ferry transfers online and picked up the tickets at local ticket offices on each of the island. Everyting went amazingly smooth, so we could sit back and relax our beautiful trip. We love Greece and will be back soon !

  • Excited to come

    We received out tickets today, thank you for your prompt system.
    We're very excited to visit Greece this summer!

  • Good service!

    It was uncomplicated, just go to office and get a ticket, then to port. Thank you very much for good service.

  • Just received my ticket

    Thank you very much for your efficient service. I received my Ferry ticket yesterday via DHL in Sydney Australia.

  • Appreciation

    Thank you very much!
    I appreciate speed and quality of your service.

  • USA traveler

    Reservations were made on line.... times of departure changed but accomondations were made. Service was prompt in departure and arrival times in Santorini, Mykonos and Rafina. Staff on boat were helpful. Thank you for making our travels a pleasure.

  • Perfect service!

    The service is perfect! The team replies soon, and you get the email confirmation very fast. No trouble at all with exchanging the order confirmation for the ferry tickets before the departure, although it was at 6-30 am. One thing – you might mention somewhere that the office where one can exchange the email confirmation for the tickets is REALLY close to the ferry itself, otherwise when I got the email saying that I should go there or there to get my tickets, I personally was a bit freaked out thinking that I should look for some particular office at 6 am somewhere in between the gates at the port. Thanks for the great service.

  • Tout est parfait

    I appreciate very much to have possibility to reserve our tickets by a website which is very well done. For paiement it's very well securised. After I receive immediatly an e-mail confirming my booking. Everything was OK and the trip is great. The travel agency where I go to get my boarding ticket, was very nice.

  • Everything ok

    The booking was easealy done. A change to the schedules was timely communicated. The travel is not recommended for persons easily sicken. Not my case. I recommend this service to everyone else who wants to travel into the islands.

  • Excelent service

    The service is excellent and easy to use. Also we were permitted to make a cancellation with full refund of the amount that we had paid by credit card. Really I am talking about a service that exceeds expectations. I recommend it.

  • Great experience

    First time using a ferry to get to the islands. Definitely the way to travel. The ferry is just like a small cruise ship and the onboard services and food are not outrageously expensive.

  • Very Good

    Always slightly nervous of any 3rd party service in another country, but I can't complain at all. The tickets were waiting, the itinerary they emailed was very handy (to forward on to the hotel, for example. No hidden charges. The ferry service itself (Blue Star) was excellent too - I'd say the business class tickets were worth the extra.



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