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643 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 643 users reviews.
  • Great service

    We used FerriesInGreece to book a ferry from Paros to Piraeus. We were contacted when our ferry was cancelled and they made sure we were rebooked on a new service without any troubles. We will use FerriesInGreece again!

  • Good!

    The trip was successful - quickly, in time, without any accidents. The best way to book and to buy tickets for ferries in Greece, if you are not in Greece)) I haven't looked for additional services aboard ferry, so I can't express about it. Just get to point B from point A. And I am satisfied with it. Thank you a lot!

  • Good

    [Translated from French]
    Good reactivity of Ferriesingreece to announce changes of schedule. Travel with Seajet went well, but avoid catamarans if you are seasick in case of bad weather.

  • Securing!

    [Translated from French]
    After having some difficulties to make a first reservation, directly at Blue Star ferries, I made the reservations with ferriesinGreece: website available in French, clear instructions, confirmation of reservations immediately printable. I immediately concluded that the few dollars of commissions were worth the worries avoided. (And the commission is reduced if we group together several trips in a single transaction).
    My level of satisfaction doubled during the trip, after receiving an e-mail informing me of a change of ferry and schedule for one of our trips. Rest assured that I am now convinced that the few dollars of commission required for the services are worth it. What you need to know is that there are a lot of unforeseen events affecting Greek ferries, and it is good to know that Ferriesingreece continued to follow up with us, even after they have sold us the ferry tickets.

  • Amazing!

    I found FerriesInGreece to be the easiest and most user friendly website to buy ferry tickets online.

  • Excellent support

    Excellent support during my trip , the customs service resolved all my inquiries very fast.

  • Perfect trip

    It was a perfect trip! We visited Mykonos, Santorini and Naxos and all the family felt in love with the Cyclades. At first we wanted to go by flight but taking a ferry was actually a great experience. It is like a comfortable trip offering amazing views on the sea and the islands. It was really enjoyable. We were afraid about delays but everything worked just fine. The service provided by the company was also great. It was a great feeling to know that everything was under control. Many questions were asked prior to departure and all were answered in details in correct delays. They also contacted us about a strike and the necessity to change the day of departure of one of our trips. The service was proactive. They arranged everything by proposing us alternatives and made the necessary re-bookings. Thanks a lot!

  • Congrats!

    Everything was perfect! This is not the first year I use Ferriesingreece and the new website is awesome. Congrats! Very easy to use and great additional info and tools.
    Out trips were great with amazing weather. I was really impressed with Blue Star Delos which is like a cruise boat, so comfortable, great design and amenities and, an amazing update for Greek ferries: plugs everywhere!

  • Very satisfied

    I was very satisfied with the service. It was a user friendly website and also picking up the tickets at the booking office was simple. I will definitely come back and use this service again.

  • Excellent service

    So simple to book and everything worked well.Pleasant trip to Symi and the return journey was leisurely with a stop where we had a walk round the monastery at Panormitis and the best coffee and apple pie at the cafe.
    Seats on ferry could be more comfortable.

  • Ferries Company

    The actual ferries themself were great, but I have a serious issue with the way this company handles returns. On May 30th there was a strike and we were unable to take our ferry that day, we had to pay almost $400 for a flight because of it. Well to get a refund on the ferry they made it so difficult and I have yet to receive my refund. They told me I could go to an office to return my tickets to get a refund so I went to one and that office was closed and then I went to second office where they were not able to refund me there. So I literally had to mail off my tickets in Greece when really they should have just voided the tickets from ever being used and just given me my refund. Who knows if they ever got my tickets back and whether I’m going to get my refund. It’s ridiculous and completely flawed system.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated.
    We informed you about the strike on the 25th of May and suggested to you to change your tickets to an alternative trip or to be refunded the total ticket rate. We also sent you an alert SMS on the same date. We received your reply on the 29th of May one day before the trip date and at that time you already had the physical tickets printed in your hands and and you asked us to refund them.
    In such case as is accordance to the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to the booking of these tickets the physical tickets need to be sent back to us as requested by all Greek Ferry companies. We know this is not very convenient but we can't change this:
    In case of a cancelled itinerary, our company is not responsible for any further refund apart from the ferry ticket rate. This rate will be refunded only once we receive the unused tickets.
    Up till date we have not received them but they are in our pending list of tickets to be refunded as soon as we receive them and we will certainly confirm to you via email as soon as this has been done.
    As far as the extra 400 euro that you mentioned that you had to spend due to this itinerary cancellation for a flight, the reason we informed you well in advance was so that we could book you on an alternative ferry trip on the day before or after to avoid such charges as unfortunately in case of canceled itinerary the ferry company has no further obligation apart from the ticket rate as also stated in the above terms and conditions that you accepted.
    Always at your disposal for any further information.

  • Excellent Service

    I’m very happy that I opted for Ferriesingreece.com. The website was very easy to use and can book multiple tickets in one go. Collected the tickets from their local booking office without any hassle. I got the notification about ferries strike well in advance which helped in reschedule my booking. I would definitely recommend to use this site to book ferries in Greece.

  • Amazing Service

    I would definitely recommend using Ferries in Greece to book your ferries on your vacation. I did a little island hopping, so I booked 3 ferries during my trip. I booked well in advance, and any time something changed with my reservation they would notify me. So I was always up to date about what was going on. The free cancellation was important as I had to rebook 2 of my ferries due to things outside the control of Ferries in Greece.
    I had no issues with any of my tickets getting me on the boat.

  • Non-satisfying experience

    Sincerely, the shuttles of all the companies are in good condition, but the service in general is bad ... In no port there is an area of ​​reports where the communications are clear (such as which port of embarkation, schedules, delays, etc.) ) and, on the other hand, on my last trip from Milos to Athens, I had a serious problem, in which I was not informed by any means (telephone, mail, anything) that there would be a work strike and, therefore, They would not work .. what I discovered by the receptionist of my hotel, SHAMEFUL. I ended up losing a full day of my vacation in Milos, I had to change the ticket for a day before, I lost the hotel money in Milos that I was paying and I had to pay an extra night in Athens. In short, a slow and messy service without any respect for the passenger. I do not recommend at all.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated.
    We are happy that you liked the vessels that you traveled with in general.
    Detailed instructions were included on your booking confirmation about where to pick up your prepaid tickets from as well as information about the port of departure on Mykonos.
    Furthermore we always inform by email and sms in case of any alterations in your itinerary as soon as we are informed about them. In your case we informed you about the strike that would affect your last trip both on the 22nd and on the 25th of May suggesting to you alternative trips but unfortunately we never received your reply to our emails. We also informed you by an sms on the 25th of May.
    We have forwarded these emails to you again now in order for you to check it.

  • Beware strikes!

    I am giving a 2 star rating because the actual ferries were fine - but there is a serious flaw in the booking process. As instructed we went to get tickets printed at the relevant kiosk in Mykonos, prior to departure to Paros. The person in the kiosk said 'I will just print your return tickets too' which I thought was helpful... until we discovered that he should never have issued them as he would have known there was to be a ferry strike on the day of our return.

    We only learned of this when we got to Paros for our ferry back to Mykonos. We also learned that the strike had been decided upon 15 days earlier, and that the man at the kiosk would have known about it and should have informed us, not printed the tickets.

    As a consequence, we were unable to get back to Mykonos in time for our flights - even though we'd arranged a one night stay on the island to ensure there would be no issues. We had to persuade BA to change our flights, which would have cost an extra £300 had they not taken pity on us. But we still had to find accommodation, alter all our plans, and in the end the fiasco cost us an extra 400€

    Golden Star Ferries have given us a refund of 100€ which is clearly not enough to make up for the inconvenience. Several booking agents in Greece said had we booked through them and not online, they would have rung everyone to ensure they knew in advance that they would have to make alternate arrangements.

    I note other reviewers were informed of delays, but we were not. I will be very wary of using an online booking service in future for this reason.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    We are really sorry to hear about this inconvenience.
    Regrettably your booking number was not in the list that we received from Golden Star ferries with the canceled bookings due to the strike and this is the reason you were not informed accordingly. We always do our best to inform everybody on time via email and sms once we receive the according information from the ferry company. This is a procedure we follow very carefully in order to not inform wrongly passengers whose itinerary was not affected by the strike.
    Anyhow we have now contacted Golden star ferries about this situation who confirmed that they have offered to you by exception an 100 Euro refund for your inconvenience already.
    Kindly note that as per the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking in case of strike or canceled itinerary due to any reason the ferry company is only obliged to compensate the ticket rate and no further expenses that may occur.
    Though Golden Star has asked you to provide all receipts for the extra expenses you mentioned in order for us to forward these to them to check with their legal department if anything further can or should be offered.
    Always at your disposal.



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