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605 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.6 stars based on 605 users reviews.
  • All too easy

    We booked five different ferries before we left Australia. It was all very easy. You just present the email confirmation at the port office and they give you the tickets.

  • Do not buy direct from this company

    I book the tickets from this company, twice. From Athens to Santorini, and from Santorini to Crete, both are canceled!! The Santorini to Crete trip was canceled and no explanation was given, they did not provide me with an alternative. As a first timer to Greece, it was a nightmare for me as all my accommodation as booked.
    Here comes the best part, they will refund you the ticket money, but the service fee will not be refunded.
    Then my trip from Athens to Santorini was another nightmare. The ferry time was 7am, and I was already at the dock waiting to board the ferry at 6.30am. Then at 6.45am, they told us the ferry was cancel due to bad sea condition!!! They just ask me to go and book from another ferry to Santorini. The reason I book Seajet was that it takes 4 hours to reach Santorini from Athens, the next available ferry took 9 hours!!!
    They will not refund you the service too. Bad service. And the people are nonchalant and offer zero help. Therefore, do not buy any tickets from this company.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Dear Seow, we would like to inform you that first of all we are an online travel agency and not the ferry company Seajets who canceled your itineraries. It is not us who decide the schedule changes and cancellations of the ferry company. Your outbound trip from Piraeus to Santorini was canceled due to bad weather for your safety. This is something that is decided on the same date of departure by the port authorities for the passengers' safety and is, unfortunately, therefore, something that we could not know in advance in order to inform you.
    We contacted Seajets and they confirmed that you were refunded in full for the ticket rate at Nomikos travel in Santorini on the 3rd of April for this trip due to their canceled itinerary. Your second trip Santorini to Heraklion was canceled due to changes in the schedules of the ferry company, and we informed you about this on the 6th of March, one month before your departure date as soon as Seajets informed us about it.
    Unfortunately, due to low season, there were no other same trips to offer to you for the same date and thus the only option to offer was either to book you to travel to your final destination via Piraeus or to refund you the total ticket rate so that you could book a flight instead. As far as the service fees are concerned, that you paid for the two bookings we would like to inform you that in accordance to the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to the payment of your bookings they are not refundable. The reason for this is that our service as a travel agency was provided in full, meaning that we offered to you your bookings normally as you selected them, we handled all the communication with you and the ferry company, we proceeded to the needed cancellations and refunds etc and as already explained the cancellation of your trips were not our decision or fault.
    Anyhow, we have already refunded you the service fees that you paid for both trips. Please note that it takes a few working days to show on your account. All in all, by now, you have already been refunded all the money that you paid for both bookings.
    Once again we are sorry for the inconvenience and bad experience you had and remain at your disposal for any further information you may need.

  • Athens-Santorini-Athens

    Easy booking, and reliable! Recommended for anyone who wanna travel around the islands, and pre book the ticket before hand to make the queue move faster. It only took less than 5mins to get the ticket printed. And is much safer to get it at the ticketing office.

  • Simply brilliant!!

    Very helpful, easy to deal with and go out of there way to fix other peoples mistakes. Keep up the good work guys.

  • Great Service, easy to book!

    Really enjoyed the ferry ride, it was perfect! Everything was very easy to book, clear instructions were given as to where we should put bags, where we should go to sit, which restaurants were open, etc. With so much being unknown while traveling abroad, it was wonderful to have an easy experience where everything was clear. Thanks!

  • Athens-Rhodes

    The reservation was ten days before the trip (29.10.2017), took a cabin for 4 people + car. All quickly, the reservation, payment. Tickets were received at the port on the quay G-7. There was an office at the place of loading at the berth G-1 , but it was closed and there was no work schedule. It turned out that it was opened 3 hours before the departure. The ferry is excellent, the staff is very friendly and polite, one spoke Russian. In the area of the bar, the sitting passengers are not allowed to occupy more than 1 seat and lie on the couches.

  • Ferries to/from Hydra

    We booked our ferry rides to and from Hydra before we left Australia. Was an easy website to use and navigate around. Printed the confirmation advice that stated could pick up tickets at the office at Piraeus Port. We arrived early thinking it might take a while to get tickets, 10 minutes later we had both tickets (to and from) printed, friendly verbal advice on where the ferry was and time of boarding. No hassle at all. As first timers to Greece and wanting to see as much as possible we were a bit disappointed that we could not go outside while ferry was moving to take photos and the windows were too dirty to take photos through or had curtains pulled shut over them. Was a fast, smooth journey to Hydra, seats were comfortable, enough space to put luggage and was clean. Would use Flying Cat and Flying Dolphin again and do recommend these for getting to and from Hydra.

  • Smooth booking

    The booking was smooth. Only thing not satisfied is that there was no option for student discount fare and for senior citizen. The website mentioned discount but this was not to be seen.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated.
    Student Discounts are only available for Students of Greek Universities having the according documents. Senior discounts are only available on International routes.

  • Amazing service

    FerriesinGreece was amazing, we prebooked and paid for all our tickets before going on our Greece trip. three days before our last ferry we realised we were on a slow ferry and called the local number and spoke to Anthoula, she seamlessly changed our tickets, we paid the difference and got our new email confirmation for the fast ferry. Picking up the tickets is easy- can be done at any Seajets port Pireaus and Mykonos. 5 star! would travel again

  • Extra charges

    We were very surprised that the agency which published (bills) to Naxos charged us 3 euro in supplement to print our 3 bills (tickets).

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated.
    Kindly note that this is an extra fee that some central offices of the ferry companies charge for their expenses in rare occasions for printing out the tickets and according to the law it is legal as long as they provide you with a receipt for the paid amount and as long a it is not more than 1 euro per tickets. Since you had 3 tickets the 3 euro fee was a normal charge. Please note that this is something that you also read and accepted in the terms and conditions before proceeding to the payment  of your ferry booking:
    In rare cases a small fee of 0.5 EUR up to 1 EUR per ticket may be charged by the representative agency of the ferry company for picking up prepaid tickets.

  • Good overnight trip

    October 2017, Mytilene to Piraeus. Booked through Ferries in Greece, Hellenic Seaways. Very good trip, overnight in excellent cabin for two (booked the cheapest but maybe upgraded because ferry not very full). Everything worked like clockwork, accompanied by someone unused to modern Greek ferries - she was amazed at the "luxury". Original booking was with "Ariadne", received phone call about 8 days prior to departure re change of ship to Nissos Samos (very good). Picked up tickets, no fuss, in Mytilene. Have used Ferries in Greece about 5 or 6 times in last ten years, pretty reliable, only drawback if you are in your 70s with luggage it is a bit of a drag to pick up tickets at their Piraeus offioe but no problems elsewhere.

  • Very Convenient, friendly and helpful staff

    I bought tickets (Flying Dolphin 18) via ferriesingreece's official website online. Very safe and quick information filled in and completed my payment, I received a confirmation email immediately. I chose to get my tickets at the ticket counter along the seaside of the Port. Happy with this considerate service from FerriesinGreece, will definitely recommend to my friends.

  • Excellent service

    I used the service for 6 different trips for our 3 week trip to Greece. I had to ask the customer service a question before booking and got an answer in less than 24 hours. Subsequently, after booking all our trips, it was clearly indicated where to get the tickets in Athens or the islands. Once there, there was a change of course of one of the boats, which changed our schedules. Again, quickly, they offered us another company with a comparable schedule, let us choose and then made the changes for us. We are very pleased with the excellent service received with FerriesinGreece. I made this comment in French but please note that I corresponded in English with the customer service.

  • Booking service and ferries experience

    I've recentely booked the ferry tickets with ferries in greece. Everything was great, easy and reliable, and when I wrote to clarify doubts in less then 24 hours your back office respond and gave the information I needed. Even when chages occurred in the ferry service immediatley I was contacted and all the right information came to me clear and efficient.
    Just one negative note about the ferry company Blue Star and the ferry Blue star delos. I payed 40 euros each for 6 places, de desorganization in the entrance was total. I saw old people running with their luggages and climb over stairs with heavy bags. Most of them, and also me only found places at the bar for a 8 hour trip when over the sofas a couple could be occupying 8 places and noane told them anything - It happens to me, they refused to give me one of the sofas were they are putting their feet saying that they are more that was a lie !!!.fortunately other people did that. So I higlhty recomend more surveillance from the crews, mobility and support inside the vessel, another organization in the entrance and perhaps if the majority of the places were numerated people don' t need to enter the vessels as cattle running to find a place they have payed to. And for sure they y will have more places available. A good vessel, a very bad and revolting experience only for the way they were not organized.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Thank you for your kind feedback. We are really happy that you liked our services.
    We are really sorry to hear about the disorganization that you found on the Blue Star Delos. Kindly note that we have forwarded your complaint to the ferry company in order to check the possibilities of avoiding such issues in the future. Furthermore we generally also advise to book Airseats accommodation instead of normal Economy, so you have numbered seats of your own in order to avoid such problems.

  • Ticketing Counter not so convenient

    We booked a ticket via online, as per the instructions we will get our tickets in the port address have been given. It shows in the address E2 gate, so we rode a port Bus to go there, when we get off there, the staff told as that it is near Gate E3 we have to walk back again as there were no Bus around yet. It would be more convenient if your going to have a ticketing booth in the main entrance of the port and also in metro terminal. Like blue star ferries they have it inside the metro station. It was hussle to us walking with our luggages. Please provide the right information.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece.com
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated in order to improve our services.
    We are really sorry to hear about this misunderstanding and would like to clarify that we gave you two options on your booking confirmation of where to pick up your tickets.
    The first one of the provided addresses (24 Akti Kondili Str., 18545 Piraeus) is just 300 meters / 5 minutes’ walk from the metro terminal so we assume that this would have been the most convenient option for you to pick up the tickets from, since you say that you preferred a pick up location close to the metro terminal. We are sorry that you did not check it on the given link with the map that was provided on your booking confirmation.
    We have after your review corrected the second port kiosk address to be on Gate E3 instead of Gate E2 as this information was outdated.
    We are sorry for any inconvenience.



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