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1102 Reviews about our services

FerriesInGreece is rated 4.7 stars based on 1102 users reviews.
  • Very good

    Very good

  • Athens Milos route

    A carefree journey, no delays.
    Confirmation emails and SMS texts.

  • Fly over the sea

    [Translated from Italian]
    Superfast, comfortable, well-organized motorboats. Recommended!

  • Feedback

    [Translated from Greek]
    The process of booking tickets was immediate and simple, although I found it difficult to book tickets for children.
    Not at all clear and no mention of it.
    As for the trip, everything went perfectly!

    Answer by
    Thank you for your review.
    We would like to inform you that during the booking process, in the second step where you select the seats there is a relevant comment in the field "Passenger Type" which explains exactly what type of passenger you should choose depending on his age.
    More specifically for the ferry you traveled with:
    1. Infant: 0-4 years old.
    2. Child: 5-10 years old.
    3. Adolescent: 11-17 years old.
    4. Adult: 18-60 years old.
    5. Elderly: 61+ years old.

    At your disposal for any additional clarification.

  • Very expensive

    [Translated from Hebrew]
    We ordered tickets for the ferry from Heraklion to be priced at 78 euros at MINOAN LINES.
    In return they did not have a ferry at the time we wanted and booked with you at a price of 162.40 euros.
    I wanted to check why your price is double !! ??

    Answer from
    Thank you for your feedback. As we can see the least ticket rate with Minoan lines from Paros to Heraklion is 65 euro per person on Economy accommodation. We do not find anywhere a price of 78 euro for two persons with MINOAN LINES for this trip. The ticket rate with the SEAJETS that you booked from our website per person was at 74.3 euro per person, the rates are of course something that each ferry company decides and they are the same regardless of where you book them. Always at your disposal.

    [Original text]
    הזמנו כרטיסים למעבורת מהרקליון לפרוס במחיר של 78 יורו בחברתMINOAN LINES
    בחזור לא היה להם מעבורת בזמן שרצינו והזמנו אצלכם במחיר של 162.40 יורו
    רציתי לבדוק למה המחיר אצלכם הוא כפול!!??

  • Great trip

    Was a bit of a hike to find the right boat, but once we were onboard things went very well. Arrive on time.

  • Super

    Everything was perfect!

  • Very Disappointed

    I had two ferries booked in June for two people and had to move my trip to July. I contacted them to say as much and they said that I could change my reservations. I tried online for days, using various cards (that had money on them) and kept getting denied and my bank said contact the merchant. I contacted Ferries in Greece and they just said “try again.” After days of continuing to try to no avail I said I wanted a refund but they wouldn’t grant it for one of the ferries because it was too close to departure - but I had been trying to change the tickets for a week! I had already been told to use an other company but gave Ferries in Greece a try and ended up out money because of it.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback. It is highly appreciated.
    You booked two trips with us one for the 9th of June from Milos to Santorini and one for the 10th of June from Santorini to Heraklion.
    On the 3rd of June, 6 days before your first trip, you informed us that you wished to change your tickets to other dates in July. We replied to you immediately, suggesting new itineraries and informing you on how to pay the amendment fee for your new desired tickets via our online secured payment link. You immediately replied that you could not proceed to the payment and that you received an error message ‘Request data is not valid’ and we again replied immediately instructing you to try again by making sure that you are inserting all credit card details correctly and giving you detailed instructions.
    After that we never received any new reply from you or any alerting email that you needed assistance to proceed to your payment so that we could help you out. Please note that daily we receive many payments through our secured payment link from many customers without any issues.
    Meanwhile on the 4th of June we alerted you that there would be a strike on the 10th of June and that if this would affect your trip it would be fully refundable. We assume that you decided that it was more convenient to receive a full refund due to a strike than to pay an amendment fee in order to change your tickets for another date, because your next email was received on the day of your first trip, meaning the 9th of June, asking to cancel your both bookings.
    We kindly explained to you that your trips are not affected by the strike, and as is in accordance with the cancellation policy of the ferry company that you accepted before proceeding to your bookings these are fully refundable if cancelled at least 14 days before departure and 50% refundable if cancelled up to 12 hours before departure. So at that point, you were entitled to a 50% refund for both your bookings. Furthermore please note that even though your trip of the 10th of June was not affected by the strike, we managed to offer you a full refund for this trip after an exception request we made on your behalf to the ferry company. We could unfortunately not do anything further about your trip of the 9th of June as there was no strike going on at all on that day.
    We really hope that you understand that from our part, we have done everything possible to assist you and even managed to offer you a full refund that you were not entitled to.
    We always remain at your disposal for any further clarification.

  • This agency is not responsible if you ask me!

    They know to charge you only, if you have trouble with the trip they will not refund. The know to charge fees only.

    Answer by
    Thank you for your feedback.
    As per the email communication that you have had with our reservations department, we would like to clarify, that the refund you were requesting was the ticket rate of a ferry that you missed because you entered the wrong ferry with a totally different name than the one that was written on your booking confirmation and belonging to a totally different ferry company.
    Due to this fact and as is in accordance to the terms and conditions that you accepted before proceeding to this booking, it is not possible to get refunded for tickets after the departure time.
    We are really sorry that you misunderstood and boarded the wrong ferry and hope that you kindly understand that we are fully charged by the ferry company for your non-used tickets and thus cannot proceed to any refund as from our part no mistake has been made.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Excellent service

    [Translated from Greek]
    Excellent service, immediate and without hassle.

  • Excellent service

    Excellent service

  • Great Experience

    Loved it!

  • Very good service

    [Translated from German]
    Everything went well! You always get information when something is wrong, perfect!

  • Good

    [Translated from French]
    First booking on this site for three trips. We are generally satisfied.
    Note however that our ferry (Minoan Lines company) from Santorini to Naxos was canceled for technical reasons (departure scheduled for 11:15 am) and that we were not notified before the time of departure (email received from FerriesinGreece at 11:40 am). We were able to get seats on another ferry during the day but would have liked to have been warned earlier.
    Apart from that nothing to say, everything was perfect.

    Answer by Ferriesingreece
    Thank you for your kind feedback. It is appreciated.
    Concerning the cancellation of your trip with "Santorini Palace" on the 15th of June, we would like to inform you that it was due to a mechanical problem on the vessel which happened on the same day and could not have been predicted in advance.
    Minoan lines delayed a few hours to inform us as is quite usual in such last-minute cancellations. From our part, we informed you right away when we received their notification both via email and SMS and we are happy that they served you at the central office of Minoan lines on Santorini and offered you seats on the next ferry in exchange for your initial tickets.
    Always at your disposal.

  • Route Skiathos - Volos

    Personnel very kind and professional; good travel condition and shipping according plan.



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